Regional Science City (Anchalik Vigyan Kendra) - A Scientific Place to Visit in Lucknow

आंचलिक विज्ञान केंद्र लखनऊ
Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

If you are in Lucknow and want to know about science, how things happen on our Earth. Then you will get each and every question answer related to science either physical, chemical, biological or advance sciences such as Biotechnology and Nanotechnology at the Regional Science City. Regional Science City, which is more popularly known as Anchalik Vigyan Kendra in Lucknow.

Anchalik Vigyan Kendra is a very good place for science students and common peoples for understanding the basics of science and understanding science roles in our daily life. Here daily school students come in the group for understanding the basics of science practically with their teachers. You will easily understand the basics of science with lots of practical models.

Regional Science City (Anchalik Vigyan Kendra) History

Science City Lucknow was designed and developed with a clear conceptualized idea by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) and stabilized on 7th September 1989. At that time it was the Regional Science Centre when started and work under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Later it has been upgraded and inaugurated on 21st September 2007 as Regional Science City. The built cost for it was approx. ₹ 9.7 crores and it is spared over 4000 square meters.

Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
A Lucknow City Model

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Regional Science City Main attraction

Vigyan Kendra Lucknow is full of entertaining places where we can learn lots of scientific knowledge. The main attractions of Lucknow Science City listed below.

1. Regional Science City Scimax Shows

It is the main attraction of the Anchalik Vigyan Kendra. Scimax movie theatre has modern world-class facilities for the film projection with the fully air-conditioned hall. The Scimax shows are changed after every six months. So you can check the latest show on its website. Scimax show is full of thrilling experiences. You can’t forget Scimax’s amazing and wonderful experience.

SCIMAX Show Timings are 12:00 pm, 02:15 pm, and 04:45 pm.

2. Regional Science City Lucknow 3D Show

Another attraction of the Science City is 3D Show. You will get 3D viewing glasses for watching a short 3D film.

3D Show Timings are 11:30 pm, 12:15 pm, and 01:00 pm.

3. Regional Science City Lucknow Taramandal Show 

The best way to learn about the Galaxy and space things. Here you will learn many things about space and stars.

Taramandal Show Timings are 11:00 pm, 01:30 pm, and 03:30 pm.

Regional Science City Lucknow Exhibition Halls

There are ten exhibition halls showing lots of things about the topic by working models, posters, audio-video visuals.
  • AquaMobile: There is a working model in the entrance of the science gallery to demonstrate the principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics.
  • Biotechnological Revolution: This gallery shows all aspects of biotechnology in our daily life. From Genetic code-DNA to biotechnological applications in our life and future of it.
  • Being Human: This gallery based on the human mind and its behavior.
  • Fluidics: Fluid means which can flow such as air, water, oil, etc. So understanding these fluids with working models and posters is full of fun.
  • Fun Science: This gallery is full of entertaining models such as Aqua-Mobile in which water passing through various channels of transparent pipes create a vortex, rotating turbine, make fountains, etc.
  • Meri Anokhi Duniya: This gallery is fully dedicated to children. There are lots of models to explain the basics of shape, size, sound, and colors to kids.
  • Popular Science: This gallery has lots of educational and entertaining science models.
  • Underwater Exploration: As the name suggests there are lots of models and aquariums for explaining life in the water such as in oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc.
  • Water- Our Life: This gallery is fully dedicated to rivers. Rivers are the main source of sweet water on earth. Humans and all living things grow and flourished near river valleys.
  • Wonder World of Materials: This is a new open gallery showing the different worlds of materials such as polymers, plastics, electronic materials, industrial materials, fundamental materials, and many more. 

Science City Lucknow (Anchalik Vigyan Kendra) Parks

Regional Science City Lucknow timing and ticket cost
The Prehistoric Park

  • Science Park: It includes various models related to science like Eco-Tube, levers, Acrobatic ball, musical pipes, optics models, machines, etc.
  • The Prehistoric Park: As the name suggests in this park there are models of animals and human which found millions of years ago on earth.

Regional Science City Facilities and Features

  • Auditorium: There is a fully air-conditioned auditorium that is well equipped with audiovisual equipment having 150 seating capacity.
  • Conference Halls: There is also a conference hall for up to 20 peoples with similar facilities in the auditorium.
  • Cafeteria: There is a nice cafeteria with all facilities and serving Indian, Chinese, and continental snacks and foods. So it is good for relaxing and refreshing with light snacks or lunch.

Parking Facility at Science City Lucknow

There is a very spacious parking facility for two or four-wheelers. Up to 30 cars and 50 bikes can be easily parked in the parking area.

Parking charges at Anchalik Vigyan Kendra for two-wheelers is ₹ 20/- and for four-wheelers, it will be ₹ 40/-.

Regional Science City Visiting Timing

Lucknow Science City opens daily so you have not to think about when it open or when it closes. Just plan and go there to explore it and enjoy it here.

Science City opens at 09:30 a.m. and closes at 5:30 p.m. daily. It closed only two days a year on Holi and Diwali.

Science City Lucknow Visit Duration

For a complete visiting the science city, you have to spend some time here and it will be a minimum of 5 to 6 hours. I would suggest you should reach there in the morning and enjoy it there till the closing.

Regional Science Center Lucknow Ticket Price

Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow ticket price for the general visitors will be ₹ 105 which includes Science Centre, Scimax Show, 3-D Show, Taramandal Show, and SDL.
  • For the group (25 or more) of the general visitor’s science city, Lucknow ticket rates will be ₹ 85 per person.
  • For the group of students (25 or more), Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow's ticket price will be ₹ 60 per student.
  • For the Government or Municipal School (Students 25 or more) Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow's ticket price will be ₹ 30 per student.
Note: The total ticket price does not include the Science Demonstration Lecture (SDL) fee which is only ₹ 10/- visitor.

Best time to go Lucknow Science City

Early morning on Sunday or any public holiday would be the best time.   If you want to see the science city in less crowded days then you have to avoid Sundays and public holidays.

Children get vacation leave in summer but in Lucknow, during summer it is very hot. So plan as per weather in Lucknow. March to April and September to October are good as per season.

Regional Science City How to Reach

Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow is situated in Aliganj. Aliganj is a main area of Lucknow and well connected to the city buses and Vikram. You can easily reach any part of Lucknow. Anchalik Vigyan Kendra is situated approx.  8 km far from the Charbag railway station.

To reach Science City you can take a private taxi, auto, and cab from the railway station, Bus stand or from the airport. It is a good option to go to Anchalik Vigyan Kendra is book a cab or private taxi. You can go there in your own vehicle which is the best option.

Lucknow is well connected to other cities and states by airways, railway, and roadways buses. Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh so there is no transport convenience problem.

Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow Address

Purania Road Ekta Vihar,
Aliganj Extension, Sector E,
Lucknow, 226024
Uttar Pradesh

TouristBug’s Recommendations

Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow Location
Park inside the Anchalik Vigyan Kendra Lucknow

  • Science City is full of fun and entertainment for kids and adults. It is a full family entertaining place. So you can plan to visit this place with the whole family.
  • There are lots of things to see so it will consume your full day so plan accordingly and must be reached at science the city before 09:30 am to avoiding delay.
  • There will be a huge crowd at the ticket counter on weekends and public holidays.
  • If you are interested in more scientific things to see then you can go to Nakshatrashala or Indira Gandhi Planetarium in Lucknow.

Nearby Places to Visit in Lucknow

Lucknow has lots of tourist places to visit such as Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Residency, Lucknow Zoo, Indira Gandhi Planetarium, State Museum, Chandrika Devi Mandir, etc. I mention these names because I personally traveled to all these places.

The nearest places to visit in the Aliganj are two famous temples of Lord Hanuman. Naya Hanuman Mandir and Purana Hanuma Mandir both are situated in Aliganj. Both temples have very crowded during the Bada Mangal fair of Lucknow.

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