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Shree Laxman Siddh Mandir Dehradun

The famous Char Sidh of Dehradun situated in the corners of Dehradun in each direction. All four Sidh Peeths situated in very calm and naturally beautiful places near the river or forest. After visiting these places you will feel relax and peace in mind. These four Sidh Peeths very famous among the Dehradun and nearby city devotees. The famous Char Sidhs Peeth comprises four temples. These four temples are listed below.
  1. Laxman Sidh
  2. Kalu Sidh
  3. Madu Sidh
  4. Manak Sidh
Char Sidh of Dehradun is the Sidh places to visit in Dehradun. Tourists who come to visit Dehradun always try to go there because these places are so popular in the Dehradun. Local Doon peoples always go there during festivals and special occasions.

I give you very brief details here about all Char Sidh of Dehradun here, you can read more about each Sidh Peeth by click on the given links.

1. Laxman Sidh Temple

Laxman Sidh Temple is an ancient and popular temple that is located in Dehradun. Laxman Sidh Temple is only 13 kilometers from the Dehradun railway station. It is situated amidst dense forests during a very calm and picturesque environment on the Haridwar NH 72 highway. There are four very famous and old Siddh temples in Dehradun. Among all four Laxman Siddh Temple is very famous than others. Every local person of Dehradun know about these temples and go there during the fairs organized and festivals. For more details, please click here.

2. Shri Shri Kalu Sidh Baba Sidh Peeth

Shri Shri Kalu Sidh Baba Sidh Peeth in Kaluwala village is popularly known as Kalu Sidh and among the one the temple of famous Char Sidh Peeths of Dehradun. It is a local pilgrim place and famous in nearby city devotees also. It is situated in a very dense forest area near the river. There is a Shiv Ling also in the Kalu Sidh Peeth. It is believed that in the 15th century, the Shiv Ling was established in Kalu Sidh, which is under the open sky. Efforts to make the roof on this have always been failing. For more details, please click here.

3. Madu Siddh Temple

Madu Siddh Temple is in the very dense forest near the Nimi River near the village of Aamwala. The Madu Sidh Peeth temple is at a calm place very far from the city life. You can reach there by two ways, one way is from Chakrata road via Premnagar and another via Kaulagarh road. Actually, Madu Sidh temple is a Lord Shiv temple where you can see the Swayambhu Shivling. This Swayambhu Shivling is worshiped here from Treta Yug. Local and nearby city devotees regularly visit this Madu Siddh temple. For more details, please click here.

4. Manak Sidh Peeth

Manak Sidh Peeth temple is one of the famous temples of Char Sidh of Dehradun. Manak Sidh Baba Mandir is present in the Shimla bypass located in the Badowala area. Among all four Sidh temple, Manak Sidh Temple is near to the city. Dehradun and nearby city devotees know about this temple and always come here during the fairs and annual celebrations of the Manak Siddh Temple. For more details, please click here

History of Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

The history of all four Siddh Peeths is the same and started from the same place. The history of Char Siddh of Dehradun started from the Treta Yuga. At that time very famous Risimuni Shri Atri Ji and Mata Anusuiya Ji lived. Both were the very devotee of all three Gods (Trinity) and do hard penance. So Trinity (Lord Bramha, Vishnu, and Shiva) came to earth to test their penance. Trinity was very happy with the penance of Mata Anusuiya. Trinity promise to Mata Anusuiya that Trinity will take birth as a child from her womb.

Later Mata Anusuiya gives birth to a baby boy. That boy was very talented and the owner of multi powerful powers. The name of the child was Dattatreya. Lord Dattatreya earns knowledge and skills from the 24 different Gurus. In a very short period, they became experts in all arts. Later they were also famous as Guru Dattatreya Ji. For human welfare and distributing his knowledge and skill to others, they make 9 Naths and 84 disciples. These 84 disciples learn knowledge and did penance of God. When Lord Dattatreya became old and their disciple learns all skill and knowledge. Lord Dattatreya sends them all over India for human welfare and guides them to do penance of Lord Shiva and gain salvation.

The places where these 84 disciples did the penance and get salvation that places later famous as the Siddh Peeths in India. Among these 84 Siddh Peeths Dehradun has four Siddh Peeths where Shri Kalu, Laxman, Manak, and Shri Madu Ji did penance and take Samadhi there. These places are famous for these names for thousand years.

Mythologies of Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

Temples in Dehradun
Shree Manak Siddh Temple Dehradun

As per mythology and belief, it is said that visiting these four temples in a single day without taking food will fulfill the devotee's wish. So if you want to do so I will recommend that you start with Kalu Sidh then go to Laxman Siddh then Manak Siddh then finally Madu Siddh temple. In this way, you can visit all four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun in a single day. Shri Kalu Siddh and Laxman Siddh temple are near to each other. Similarly, Shri Manak Siddh and Madu Siddh are near each other. So you can also start visiting with Madu Siddh then Manak Siddh then Laxman Siddh and finally Kalu Siddh temple.

Things to Remember of Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

  • All four Siddh Peeth is basically Lord Shiva temple where we worship all Siddh Babas as Shiv Swaroop.
  • At all four Siddh Peeth of Dehradun, the main Prasad is Jaggery (Gud). Other than Jaggery you can offer Ghee, Curd, the gram as per your faith.
  • Photography is allowed in all four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun so you can enjoy photography.

Best Time to Visit Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

Tourist places in Dehradun
Shree Madu Siddh Mandir Dehradun
All Four Siddh Peeth opens daily. In comparison to other days Sunday is more crowded. During Hindu festivals such as Mahashivratri, Navratri, Basant Panchmi, Janmashtami, etc these temples are also more crowded. The best time to go there is on Sundays from February to June month every year. There are fairs and Bhandara is organized during this period for the devotees.

Timing of Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

All four Sidh Peeth open daily in the morning at 08:00 am and closed late at night after 06:00 pm.

So you can go there anytime at your convenience.

Facilities of Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

All basic facilities are available in all four Sidh Peeths of the Dehradun. Since all Four Sidh Peeth is situated in the forest and city outer the all these places are calm and beautiful. So relaxing and meditation can be done very easily.
  • There is drinking water available.
  • Lots of space is available for religious activities and Bhandara.
  • Parking space is also available for your vehicles.
  • Shops are also available for Prasad and snacks.
  • Washrooms are also available.

How to Reach at Four Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

Four Siddh in Dehradun

All Four Siddh Peeth is situated in the outer of the Dehradun so reaching there by a city bus, Vikram, and taxi is not possible directly. It will be best you book a cab or private taxi and within 3-4 hours in a day, you can visit all four Sidh Peeths of Dehradun. If you have your own vehicle then it will be best to visit all these four Siddh Peeth of Dehradun.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • I will recommend visiting all four Sidh Peeth in a single day. You plan accordingly for it and it will be more beneficial for you.
  • You can plan your visit accordingly to these Sidh Peeths locations in Dehradun. Laxman and Kalu sidh are situated near Haridwar Road in Dehradun. Manak and Madu Sidh are situated on the Prem Nagar side in Dehradun.
  • Beware of monkeys in these places because all four Sidh Peeth are situated in forests.
  • You should keep a Good Quality Multipurpose Tool Kit, it will be helpful in your trip.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit in Dehradun

Dehradun has lots of tourist places to visit for the tourist. I detailed reviewed my visited places in Dehradun. There Chakrata, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar are the most popular places to see from the Dehradun.  

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