Chakrata Rush Free Tourist Place to Visit in Dehradun

Chakrata in winter
Beautiful view of Chakrata

Chakrata is one of the most popular tourist places in Deharadun. Chakrata is about 92 kilometers from Dehradun city. Chakrata is the best place for tourists, nature lovers who want to expend some quality time with nature.

Chakrata is a hill station that is popular for treks, waterfalls, snowfalls, caves, ancient temples, and the forest of conifers and oaks. The long list of Chakrata tourist places includes, Tiger Falls, Kimona Falls, Kanasar, Deoban, Deoban Forest, Chilmiri Neck, Budher Caves and many more.

Chakrata is actually a cantonment town of Dehradun where entry of civilians restricted and foreigners not allowed to enter this area. Civilians have to keep the Identity card for entry in this area and foreigners have to take permission from the competent authority for entry in Chakrata.

Chakrata is situated between the two rivers Yamuna and Tons River. Chakrarta is located at the elevation of 2118 meters or 6948 feet above sea level. Chakrata is not much popular as Mussoorie or other hill stations so it is far from the tourist's crowd and noises.

Chakrata famous for its calm environs and the pollution-free atmosphere is situated at a distance of 73 km from Mussoorie. It is also a budget honeymoon destination for couples.

History of Chakrata

Chakrata was mainly divided into two regions Jaunsar and Bawar so Chakrata was previously known as Jaunsar-Bawar. As per belief Jaunsar and Bawar are the descendants of the Pandavas of Mahabharata.

In both regions Jaunsar-Bawar people's traditions, cultures, and beliefs are the same. The lower half region is called Jaunsar and the snow-covered upper region is called Bawar. Kharamba Peak comes under the Bawar region.

Jaunsar and Bawar region was incorporated in Chakrata Tehsil in 1829. British Indian Army established a cantonment here in 1866. Up to the 20th century, this area was known as Jaunsar-Bawar.  After the year 2001 census, Tyuni and Kalsi have been created from the Tahsil Chakrata.

Tourist Places of Chakrata

Chakrata is a good place for tourists, travelers, and nature lovers who want to do trekking, mountain climbing, camping, and see the biodiversity of nature. Britishers were used Chakrata during the summer season to avoid heatstroke of the plain areas.

Chakrata the area has an abundance of amazing flora and fauna such as conifers, oaks, Chir, Kail, Deodar, Cypress, Fir, Sprucer, rhododendrons, panther, spotted deer, wild-fowl, etc.

Tourist Places in Chakrata
The direction for Tourist places of Chakrata

The long list of tourist places of Chakrata is listed below with details where you can go as per your choice.

1. Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls of Chakrata. This is the first choice for tourists to visit. Tiger falls is about 20 km far away from main Chakrata and you have to trek about 2 km for viewing it. It is among the highest waterfalls in Dehradun. It falls from 312 feet in height. During summer it is a good place for a picnic here. The area is neat and clean. Tiger fall is not so much commercialized like Kempty Fall of Mussoorie. For photographers and nature lovers it is a good place. Water Falls sounds like the roar of the tiger. If you go there you can take a set of dresses for bathing. Change rooms for dress available here.

2. Chilmiri Neck

Chilmiri Neck is the highest point of Chakrata. It fully covered with snow during the snowfall in Chakrata. Chilmiri Neck is only 4-5 km far away from main Chakrata. This the second choice tourist place of Chakrata. You can see Himalayan Peak from here easily. You can see its natural beauty during the spring season. It is a good place for photographers during sunrise and sunset. You will be relaxed here and find peace of mind.

3. Devban

Deoban (Daweban) has situated about 16 km from the Chakrata. You will reach from Chakrata to Devban in one hour only. From here you can see the Himalayan Belt Mountains such as Nanda Devi. Deoban is located at 2300 to 3000 m altitude from sea level. Deoban remains the cold and foggy maximum time of year. Devban fully covered with snowfall during the winter and there is heavy snowfall. As the name, Devban suggests it is God (Dev) of Forest (ban). Here you can see various types of trees such as Deodar, Pine, Fir, Oak, etc.

4. Kanasar

Kanasar has situated about 28 km from the Chakrata. Kanasar is popular for trekking, camping and river rafting. Kanasar has significant rainfall during the year. Kanasar is located between 2100 to 2500 m altitudes from sea level. It is a good place for a picnic and a honeymoon. It is surrounded by very green lush meadows. Kanasar is also popular for Asia's biggest Deodar tree.

5. Budher Caves

Budhar is situated between 2400 to 2600 m height from sea level. Budher remains foggy always in the year. Budher is famous for caves known as Budher caves. As per mythology, Pandavas created these caves. Budher Caves or Bhuder Gupha situated 30 km from the Chakrata. These caves are also popular with his discoverer name Miola Caves. These caves are very long and believed that it was up to 150 km long during Mahabharat times and used by Pandavas.

6. Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

Ram Tal Horticulture Garden is situated on the beautiful hilly route of Chakrata to Mussoorie. Ram Tal Horticultural Garden is 9 km far from Chakrata. Ram Tal Horticulture Garden is the best place for celebrating a picnic with family or friends. You can see here the green lush lawn, apple garden, big natural pond, various types of plants such as ferns, lichen, conifers, etc.

7. Mahasu Devta Temple

Mahasu Devta Temple is situated in the small village Hanol of Chakrata. Lots of devotees come from the nearby villages to get blessed in the Mahasu Devta Temple. Hanol is about 100 km from Chakrata. Mahasu Devta Temple is very famous in Jaunasar and bawar region.

8. Thana Danda Peak

Thana Danda Peak has situated about 16 km from the main Chakrata. During winter it is fully covered with snow so if you want to enjoy snow here then you can go there. But if you want to do trekking and enjoy the place fully then you have to go in summer. You can see the Himalayan Belt Mountains from here.

7. Mundali

Mundali is about 45 km from the Chakrata and completely covered with full of snow during the winter.  You can do skiing here during winter. There is a Skiing school for learning it. Mundali Slopes are good for Skiing lovers.

8. Lakhamandal Temple

Lakhamandal Temple is situated 100 km far away from the Chakrata. It is a very ancient Hindu temple of Lord Shiva. Lakhamandal Temple is a religious and archeological site. As per mythology, this temple is created by Pandavas, and Shivling is established by them.

9. Lokhandi

Lokhandi has situated about 2500-2700 m height from sea level. Heavy snowfall occurs during the winter in the Lokhandi. It is situated 17 km far away from Chakrata.

10. Kimona Falls

Kimona waterfall less popular than Tiger Falls and also the height of Kimona waterfall is less than Tiger Falls. Kimona Fall is only 115 feet and it is only 2 km from the Chakrata.

11. Bairat Khai

It is situated 25 km from the Chakrata. During winter there is heavy snowfall.

12. Kalsi

Kalsi is situated at the junction point of Yamuna and Tons River at the height of 527 m from the sea level. Kalsi has situated at Herbertpur- Chakrata road.  Kalsi town has historical importance. Kalsi is related to great Indian Emperor Ashoka. Famous Ashoka Piller Rock Edicts present here. The Rock edict is about 10 feet in length and 8 feet in breadth and the language used for writing the message is Pali. This Rock Edict is about 250 BC years old. This Rock Edict is preserved by the National Archaeological Department of India.

Things to Do in Chakrata 

  • Chakrata is good for trekkers who want to climb on the mountain. Chakrata has a Kharamba Peak which is in 10000 feet in height. So the professional mountain climbers can do practice here.
  • It is a good place for professional photographers so you can do photography here.
  • You can enjoy the snowfall in winter.
  • Nature lovers can see various types of flora and fauna here.
  • Take a natural water bath in the waterfalls here.
  • Chakrata is also good for campers who want to spend some time with nature.
  • You can see the beautiful Sunrise and Sunset in Chakrata which is a memorable view and you will never want to forget.

Best Time to Visit Chakrata

Chakrata Dehradun images
Snow-covered hills of Chakrata

Chakrata is a good tourist place where you can go any time of year. The Winter season is good for seeing snowfall and the spring season is good for visiting other tourist places of Chakrata.

Chakrata is a hill town like Mussoorie. The environment of Chakrata will be very cold during the winter from November to February. During the summer from April to October, the environment is pleasant for visiting Chakrata.

If you want to see snowfall then you have to go to Chakrata from December middle to January middle. This is the best time to see snowfall in Chakrata.

If you want to visit tourist places in Chakrata then you have to come here from March to June. The summer season from March to June is the best time to visit Chakrata. Since Chakrata is a hilly area so you must avoid the rainy season from July to September for visiting Chakrata.

Chakrata Visiting Time duration

It depends on you that is how many tourist places of Chakrata you want to visit. It depends on the season also if you come in winter and there is snowfall then roads can be block and your time for visiting places can be increased. But in summers road blockage is no issue. Then in summer, you can visit many tourist places in Chakrata.

Chakrata Entry Fees

Chakrata hill station
Notice of Tourists at the Entry gate of Chakrata

There is no entry fee for any Indian civilian. But this area is a restricted area so you have to show your Identity cards when demanded. There is a vehicle parking charge for two or four-wheel vehicles. For a two-wheeler, you have to pay 50 Rs and for a four-wheeler, you have to pay 100 Rs at the entry gate of the Chakrata.

Facilities at Chakrata

  • Chakrata is not only a tourist place it a subdivision of Dehradun then it has all facilities available.
  • It has a vehicle parking stand.
  • Small Chakrata market for shopping.
  • Washrooms and Restroom near the entry gate of Chakrata.
  • Chakrata Police station.
  • Petrol and Diesel are also available in general shops at extra cost.
  • Hotels, small restaurants, Dhabas all are available.
  • SBI, PNB, and Axis Banks with ATMs are available in the Chakrata market.
  • The government hospital is also available in Chakrata.

How to Reach Chakrata

Chakrata is a hilly area so it can be only reached by road. There is no railway station and the airport in Chakrata. Dehradun is well connected by railway and airway to other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Kolkata, etc.

By road, you can easily reach Dehradun from nearby cities such as Saharanpur, Ponta Sahib, Chandigarh, New Delhi, etc. There are various types of buses available for Dehradun such as state roadways, private AC/ Non Ac buses, and tourist buses. So for reaching to Chakrata, you have to first reach Dehradun.

Chakrata's distance from Delhi is about 325 km if you come via Paonta Sahib from Delhi. If you come to Dehradun via Saharanpur from Delhi then Dehradun is about 260 km far away.

You will get buses and trains from Delhi easily for Dehradun. Chakrata's distance from Selaqui is about 70 km and you will reach Chakrata in around two hours only.

By Rail: Chakrata's nearest railway station is Dehradun railway station which is about 90 km far away from Chakrata.

By Air: Chakrata nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun which is about 120 km far away.
By Road: There is no Chakrata bus stand. So there is no way to reach Chakrata by bus. Only small four-wheelers go to Chakrata such as Car, Bolero, Sumo, private taxi, cab, etc. You can go easily to Chakrata by two-wheelers such as Bike, Scooty, etc.

The easy way to reach Chakrata is by booking a cab or private taxi from Dehradun. If you have your own four or two-wheelers then you can easily reach there and this the best way to reach Chakrata.

If you are going by your own vehicle then from Dehradun then you have to pick Chakrata road. From the Clock tower of Dehradun, you have to go to Ballupur then FRI then Premnagar then Selaqui then Herbertpur then Vikasnagar then Kalsi then Sahiya then you reached Chakrata.

Up to the Yamuna River Bridge, the road is plain and you will not face any problem in driving. After the Yamuna River Bridge, the hilly area and curvy road will start then drive carefully.

How to reach Chakrata
Some parts of Chakrata roads are dangerous

The third option, you can take the city bus from ISBT Dehradun for Vikasnagar, the bus fare will be approx 50 Rs. At the Bus stoppage of Vikasnagar, you will get many private four-wheelers bolero who will reach you Chakrata in 2 hours only at 120 Rs one-way cost. After reaching Chakrata you can also book a Bolero or four-wheeler in Chakrata for visiting tourist places of Chakrata easily.

You can also reach Chakrata from Mussoorie. You can get Dehradun to Mussoorie bus from the bus stand near Dehradun railway station. You have to take the bus for Kempty Fall. Mussoorie is only 35 km far away from here and within one hour you will reach Mussoorie. Then you have to take a private cab or taxi for the Chakrata which is about 73 km far away from Mussoorie. You will reach Chakrata within 2 hours from Mussoorie.

You can book a taxi or cab in Chakrata from Rs 2500 to 3000 for traveling nearby tourist places of Chakrata.

Where to stay in Chakrata

Chakrata images
Tourists Rest Room near Chakrata Gate

There are many hotels available for tourists. All types of rooms available here for the tourists. But there are fewer hotels in the Chakrata so you have to pre-book them in peak season. Forest Rest House in Chakrata is available only on pre-booking and food is also available. For the cheap staying option there is an Arya Samaj Temple in Chakrata is a good option for staying here.

TouristBug’s Recommendations for Chakrata

  • If you are going to Chakrata by your own vehicle then drive carefully. Due to the hilly area, some of the roads are dangerous to drive.
  • Some of the two-wheelers don't start their motorcycle and drive their bike in neutral mode during the return from Chakrata. Due to slop bikes runs easily without starting. But this is dangerous so avoid this.
  • If you are playing with snow then no problem, you have to just away from the thorn and leaves of small plants they cause itching on your skin.
  • Chakrata is plastic and a pollution-free area so don't spread garbage at the tourist places of Chakrata.
  • You can reach Chakrata from Dehradun via Mussoorie or Vikasnagar but both routes are mountainous so avoid going Chakrata in the rainy season there is frequently road blockage by landslides.
  • Keep a power bank for charging your mobile with you.
  • If you go to Chakrata by own the vehicle then you must keep the tank full petrol or diesel in your vehicle. After Vikasnagar there is no petrol pump on the way to Chakrata.
  • Staying in Chakrata for 2-3 days is a good option for seeing Chakrata tourist places.
  • If you plan for camping here you will have to take prior permission from the Forest Department.
  • There are no road lights on the Chakrata road after Vikasnagar so don't drive in the night on hilly roads and prefer to return in the daytime.
  • You should carry a DSLR camera for good photography and catch the beautiful moments of Chakrata tourist places.
  • If you plan to go to Chakrata in winter then you must wear heavy winter clothes such as jackets, gloves, a cap, woolen socks, and good grip shoes. During summer lite woolen clothes only needed at night.
  • Food items are not so costly so you can enjoy any type of food here. You will get a lot of shops in Chakrata Market.

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Nearby Places to Visit from Chakrata 

Dehradun, Mussoorie, Paonta Sahib, and Dhanaulti are the best tourist places that are nearest to the Chakrata. There are many tourist destinations in these places to see travelers and couples.

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