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dog friendly vacation ideas

Do you have a furry friend? Well! If you have a pet, we understand your problem with traveling across the country. Oftentimes, you might find it difficult to decide whether to travel or not. We all love our furry friends too much to leave them at home when we are traveling. So, people either delay their plans or find an alternative to ensure someone is looking after their pet. But, you don't have to. Why? There are many travel destinations, ideas, hotels, cafes, and other options that you can try to enjoy, explore, and travel with your pet. These pet-friendly travel ideas not only provide a chance for your furry friend to indulge in new adventures but also ensure a memorable vacation experience for the entire family. Let's find out more:  

Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations in India

India is not only a hotspot for stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures, but it is also a haven for pet-friendly vacation ideas. Many places in India have destinations that allow you to travel along with pets. So, if you are planning to travel with pets and create unforgettable memories with your beloved four-legged companion by your side, let's find out some destinations:


Have seen the stunning mountain drops of Bhimtal? Now, it's time for you to pack your bags and travel with your pet to Bhimtal. The stunning destination is pet-friendly and is a great option for those who love nature. If you are looking for something around nature, calm, and away from hustle & bustle. You can take your pets to hike or enjoy camping overnight. In addition, there are various hotels in Bhimtal where pets are allowed.


The pink city always brings a smile to travelers' faces; it can surely bring a smile to your pet's face. Visit the beautiful pink city with your furry friend without worrying about your pets. The busy streets of Jaipur, royal palaces, and many other dreamy destinations welcome pets as much as they welcome human travelers. You enjoy desert camping, jeep safari, and roaming around Jaipur city with your pets. You can find many pet-friendly cafes and resorts to enjoy your meals and stay.


Whether you are from Mumbai, or Pune, or visiting these Maharashtrian cities, Lonavala is a must-visit. Beautiful vibes, breathtaking sites, many popular tourist destinations, and a lot more. Let your furry friend explore the beauty of mountains and hidden gems in Lonavala while traveling during beautiful weather. Check out some pet-friendly cafes, hotels, and explore the beauty of Lonavala.

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Have you ever seen this coastal beauty? No? You missed out on one of the most beautiful coastal areas in India. Travelers seeking a calm atmosphere, beautiful landscape, and love beaches should visit Pondicherry. The beautiful town wholeheartedly welcomes pets for exploring. You can enjoy water rides, swim on the beach with your pets, and go on long drives with stunning roads surrounded by natural beauties. Visit colonial buildings, French colonies, evening walks, and more.


pet friendly travel ideas

Not many people think about Manali when it comes to pet-friendly destinations to travel. However, unlike popular belief, Manali is a pet-friendly destination. You can enjoy camping, visiting some beautiful mountain areas, going on evening walks, enjoying long drives, and more in Manali. Despite being a popular travel destination, Manali welcomes various pet owners for traveling and enjoyment.

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You might have heard of one of the popular hill stations Ooty. From beautiful destinations to stunning mountain backdrops, the hill station is high power for anyone. You can enjoy captivating evening walks, runs, and hikes along with your pet in various locations. Moreover, there are many cafes and hotels in Ooty welcoming pets.


vacation ideas with a dog

Goa is undoubtedly a popular destination for traveling, but is it a good place for pet owners? Yes! If your pet loves water, beaches, and swimming, it's a must-visit place with your pet. You will make tons of memories of enjoying your pets with water activities at the beach. Pet owners can enjoy evening walks, go on long drives, visit forts, and spend time at the beach without hassle.

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Pet-Friendly Hotels or Cafes

If you are looking for some time away from your work, you need a few days off with your pet. There are some pet-friendly hotels, resorts, or cafes where you can enjoy with your pets. Let's check out some of the cafes, hotels, or resorts you can check in India:

Presa Di Goa Country House

Located in Calangute, the beautiful house with coconut trees all around, an Arabian sea view, and Portuguese colonial architecture, this house gives you vintage vibes in the beach city. Pet-friendly house with a nice Portuguese owner who is ready to help you whenever required. You can rent this stunning house for the weekend and enjoy your time around beauty.

Mawi Infinity Villa

The beautiful villa overlooking Tungi Fort and Pawna Lake is the best option for enjoying a calming holiday. Villa is well-known for pet owners, and families with kids to enjoy near the lake. Villa offers you an infinity pool where you can enjoy barbecues and sundowners with your pets. And you know the best part? It also has a jacuzzi. So, you can enjoy the weekend or holidays while staying at a villa.

Casa Cottage

Do you love British-style architecture? If yes! This is perfect for you and your furry friend. With a stunning garden to play in and within walking distance from MG Road, and Brigade Road, you can enjoy evening walks and coffee in the garden with your pet. Treat your pet with amazing food and enjoy your time away from your work. And of course, click Instagram-worthy pictures.

Himachal Heritage Village

Located in Palampur, the captivating hotel with beautiful mountain views from your balcony, fresh air, calming environment, sounds dreamy? It is. The resort welcomes pet owners with their pets to enjoy their time in Palampur. You can enjoy barbecues, and bonfires, take a walk, explore mountains, and more while staying at this beautiful property.

Puppychino Cafe

Does this name sound interesting? Well! It is an interesting place. When you are in Delhi or traveling to Delhi with your pets, visit Puppychino. The cafe, as the name says, is a pet food cafe along with a bakery. They have a cute space for furry friends and a special dog menu created for them. So, treat your pet with yummy food while they enjoy and make friends, you can check out their bakery.

Graveyard Cafe

A beautiful cafe in Chennai where pets will have a dedicated space to enjoy with other pets under guidance. You can enjoy their dining space and relish your meals.

Similarly, there are many such cafes and hotels like a cat cafe, off the Leash, the love room, etc., where you can take your pets.

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Ways to Travel with Pets

When traveling with pets, the first and most important question is what are some ways to travel with pets, which one is best? To help you answer your question, we have enlisted ways to help you:

By Car: The best and most comfortable option to consider when traveling with pets. If the travel destination is connected with the road and you have a few days to travel via the road, choose a road trip. Your pets will feel most relaxed and enjoy being with you in a familiar and safe space. Moreover, it will allow you to handle your pets without hassle or trouble for others. If you cannot drive yourself for long or want to enjoy yourself without driving for hours, you can book any travel agency. So, you can stay with your dog in a more comfortable space.

By Train: Another option that pet owners have is train travel. One of the best ways compared to other transportation methods, trains are a great option. If you want to travel with your pet on the train, you need to book a first-class AC coach. Pets are allowed to travel by train in AC coaches only.  So, for long journeys you can opt for train travels with your pets and other group members if required.

By Air: Air traveling is also available for pet owners, but it's the least opted for. As pets are allowed via cargo. You can book a flight ticket for yourself, and weigh your luggage and cargo. The weight of the cage will decide the cost of traveling for pets. Compared to other ways of traveling, this is the most expensive. So, try to opt for other options.

Things to take care of when traveling with a Pet

Traveling with pets? It's not easy, we know. There are endless things that you need for your travel, on top of it pets will be a little more effort. To help you, we are here to provide you with information that you need to keep in mind when traveling with your pets:

Pet-Friendly Places

First of all, check out where you are traveling, where you will stay, and where you will eat. Make sure all these places are pet-friendly, use your social media to check out some pet-friendly places. Well! We have already listed some of them above, if you are traveling to these places you can definitely try exploring with your pets.

Pet Essentials

As much as you need your essentials, your furry friend needs theirs. So, make a list of pet essentials for your pet. Some essentials can vary as per your pet's habits and other factors. However, there's a common list of pet essentials to pack:

These can vary as per your pet's habits and requirements.

Book your accommodation and tickets: When traveling with pets, make sure you check out all the travel details. Recheck pet tickets for train or air as per your traveling. Book pet-friendly accommodation in advance rather than booking on the spot.

To Wrap Up

These are some of the important details for pet travel. From accommodation options to travel destinations, cafes, things to keep in mind, and more. You can find complete details for traveling with your pet under this guide. Who wants to leave their pets behind when traveling? No one! So often we cancel our travels for them, but why not check out this guide and let your furry friends explore the world without creating trouble for anyone? Apart from these, there are many destinations and hotels where pets are allowed, so if you use this guide to check out these options as well as explore social media you will find destinations to travel with your pets.

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