Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple Dehradun

Tapkeshwar Temple Dehradun
Tapkeshwar Temple Dehradun

Tapkeshwar Mahadev Mandir is the most famous Lord Shiva's temple of Dehradun. It is popular by various names as Tapkeshwer Dham, Tapkeshwer mandir, and Tapkeshwer temple in the Dehradun. During Mahashivratri very long queue of devotees waits for visiting the Tapkeshwar Shivling. 

Tapkeshwar Shiv temple is a natural cave which is situated near the Tons River. This cave is also famous as 'Dron Cave' because Guru Dronacharya did 'Tapasya here. There is a Swayambhu Shivling inside the cave on which water drops fall naturally and regularly. That’s why this Shiv temple called Tapkeshwar. Around the temple, greenery, river, and springs make this place naturally beautiful.

It is the most famous Shiv temple of Dehradun where the Mahashivratri fair is organized at a grand level. It is always full of devotees.

Tapkeshwar Temple History

The history of the Tapkeshwar temple starts with Guru Dronacharya. Guru Dronacharya came here for doing Tapasya of Lord Shiva. They did twelve years of Tapasya for Lord Shiva. Guru Dronacharya wants to learn archery from Lord Shiva.

Guru Dronacharya's wife wanted a child then they again start Lord Shiv worship. After some time, Guru Dronacharya's wife gives birth to a baby boy. Guru Dronacharya named the child Ashwathama.

Ashwathama does not drink the milk since birth so he doesn't know about the milk. Once he knows about the milk from his friend. So he demanded the milk from his mother. Ashwathama’s mother was unable to give him milk.

Then Ashwathama goes to his father, Guru Dronacharya for milk. His father was also unable to give him milk because he had no cow. Guru Dronachrya suggested to Ashwathama to do Tapasya of Lord Shiva for the milk.

Ashwathama started the Tapasya of Lord Shiva. He did very hard Tapasya for Lord Shiva by standing on a single leg. Lord Shiva very happy with Ashwathama Tapasya and came in front of him. Lord Shiva asked to Ashwathama for demanding his wish. So Ashwathama demanded milk. Then the stream of milk started from the cave and dropping on Shivling.

Ashwathama drinks this milk from the Shivling's feet. Later on in Kalyug due to misuse of this milk, this milk turns into water.

Tapkeshwar Temple Dehradun Popular for Many Reasons

  • Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple has self-manifested (Swayambhu) Shiva Linga.
  • Tapkeshwar temple is popular as Guru Dronacharya Tapasthali and Dron Gupha.
  • Tapkeshwar temple is also famous for Ashwathama's birthplace.
  • Natural cave Shiv Temple of Dehradun.
  • Ancient Shiv Temple of Dehradun.

Tapkeshwar Mahadev also famous as Dudheshwar Mahadev

After Ashwathama's Tapasya, Lord Shiva blessed him in the Tapkeshwar temple. So there was continuous milk dripping on Shivling. So that time this temple was popular as Dudheshwar.

Tapkeshwar temple another ancient name before Dudheshwar and Tapkeshwar was Deveshwar Mahadev Mandir.

6000 Years Old Prachin Shiv Mandir of Dehradun

There are many Shiva temples in Dehradun such as Shri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir. Tapkeshwar temple of Dehradun is Prachin Shiv Mandir because the temple is old than the Mahabharata times.

‘Prachin’ is a Hindi word used for very old and historical things. The description of Shri Tapakeshwar Shivling found in the Kund Puran Kedar section as the name of Deveshwar and Tapakeshwar. So it is believed that this temple is about six thousand years old.

Tapkeshwar Dham

Tapkeshwar Mandir Dehradun
Tapkeshwar Dham Dehradun

Tapkeshwar Dham means where Tapkeshwar God stays. Both side areas of the Tons river of Tapkeshwar temple known as Tapkeshwar Dham.

There are also other God's temples and statues on the other side of the Tons River. You will find Guru Dronacharya’s temple also here. Other than the Tapkeshwar temple, other God's temples are listed below.

Mata Vaishno Devi Mandir Tapkeshwar
Mata Vaishno Devi Gupha Mandir Dehradun

  • Mata Vaishno Devi Gupha Mandir
  • Santoshi Mata Mandir
  • Maa Durga Temple
  • Shri Bhadrakali Sanya Shidh Sakti Peeth
  • Hanuman temple
  • The very large statue of Lord Hanuman

Tapkeshwar Swayambhu Shiv Lings

There is two Shiv Linga in the Tapkeshwar temple. Both are believed as self-manifested (Swayambhu). There will be continuous water dripping on the main Shiv Linga.

The other Shiv linga covered with the Rudraksha. To cover the Shivling there was 5151 Rudraksha used. Shiv devotees can see both Shiv linga and worship them.

Lord Shiva Linga Worship and Shringar at Tapkeshwar Temple

  • Rudrakshmay Shringar of Shivling occurs on every Trayodashi of the month. Rudrakshmay form of Shivling called Deveshwar Shiv.
  • Shivling's special Shringar (makeup) called Tapeshwar Mahadev occurs every Sunday and Thursday.
  • During Sawan month special worship of Lord Shiva every day.
  • Special worship of Shivling with Shringar on Monday.
  • On Mahashivratri magnificent worship of Shivling.
  • Grand worship with decor during Navratri.

Tapkeshwar Temple River

Tapkeshwar Temple River
Tons River at Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapkeshwar temple is situated on the side of Tons River. Tons river is a tributary of Yamuna River which flows through the Garhwal region. Tons river in Mahabharata times called as Tamsa.

Its other name was Devdhara. There is a small bridge on the Tons River for going to another side of the river. During the summer the water level of this river becomes low. But during the rainy season, the water level becomes so high and temple maximum parts go under the river water.

Except for the rainy season, you can take bath also in the Tons River. Many Shiv devotees go for Shiv Darshan after taking bath in Tons River.

There are lots of fishes in the River. So you can feed them here. Foods for Fish is also available here. There are also sulfur-water springs near the temple.

Flood at Tapkeshwar Temple 

Dehradun is a hill city so during the rainy season water level of rivers going suddenly so high. So avoiding such places for traveling during in rainy season is a better option.

In 2017 many pilgrims were trapped in the Tapkeshwar temple during the rainy season when the temple sunk in the Tons River water.

Tapkeshwar temple is situated near the banks of the Tons River so the sharp rise in the water level of the Tons River due to the heavy rain causes the get sink of surrounding stairs of the temple and devotees could not get out of the temple.

Tapkeshwar Temple Dehradun Timings

  • Tapkeshwar temple is open on all days of the week.
  • The temple opens in the morning at 06:00 am and closed in the evening at 07:00 pm.
  • For visiting this naturally beautiful, calm and nice place you have to spend almost 2-3 hours

Tapkeshwar Temple Entry Fee

There are no entry fees for entry into the temple. From the main entrance to the temple, there are 106 stairs from the entry gate of the Tapkeshwar temple.

If you want to go to Tons River, you have to walk more than 30 stairs. It is difficult for elderly people to go up or down using stairs.

There is a new electric lift is started for the elderly people and incapable peoples who want to visit Tapkeshwar temple. For the lift using there are minimal charges of Rs. 50/-.

Best Time to Visit Tapkeshwer Mahadev Mandir 

As per the climate of Dehradun's the best time to visit Tapkeshwar from March to May and from August to November. From December to February, very Dehradun becomes very chilled. As per the festival time, you can go there to Mahashivratri.

During the Hindi Sawana month, lots of Lord Shiv devotees come to Tapkeshwar temple. Tapkeshwar temple is situated near to the river so you have to avoid a visit here during the rainy season.

Mahashivratri Mela at Tapkeshwar Temple

Annually there is a huge fair that is organized on the holy festival Mahashivratri. On this day lots of devotees of Lord Shiva come from various places of Dehradun and from nearby cities to visit here. So if you want to visit this place on this day you have to come as soon as possible in the early morning. There will be a long queue of men and women devotees’ separately.

Various types of’ shops arrange during this festival. Various types of Jhula for kids and youngsters will be here. During this festival, you will found various shops offering Bhang laddu, bhang sharbat, Bhang Pakode, etc.

You will also found Kandamool fruit also during this festival. Free Prasad and food distributions are arranged by the temple committee during the Mahashivratri for all devotees.

Facilities at Tapkeshwar Temple for Tourists and Devotees

  • Parking space is available for two and four-wheeler vehicles but there is no parking stand. So parking is at your risk.
  • There is an electric lift for the elderly people and incapable peoples who unable to go temple through stairs.
  • Drinking water facility for the devotees.
  • There are many chairs inside the temple campus for sitting or relaxing inside the temple for devotees.

Prasad and Refreshment Shops

There are lots of shops selling Prasad near Tapkeshwar temple's main gate. They offer you Prasad at different rates such as Rs. 21/- to 151/-. You can take milk or water for pouring on Shivling.

After the worship of Lord Shiva, you can take snacks here. There are small refreshment shops which offer you a lot of food and drink items.

How to Reach Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapkeshwar temple is situated in the Garhi Cantt, Dehradun. It is approximately 6 km from the main city of Dehradun. You can get a direct city bus service from the ISBT bus stand for the Garhi Cantt.

The Tapkeshwar temple is approximately 2 km far away from the city bus stoppage of Garhi Cantt. You can also go there without any vehicle. It will be 15-20 minutes walkable distance if you are single.

You can book a private taxi or cab it will be a good option for going to Tapkeshwar temple from anywhere in Dehradun. If you have your own vehicle it will be best.

From Dehradun Railway station: It is only approximately 7.5 km from the Dehradun railway station. There is a city bus stoppage at the railway station so you can go direct to Garhi Cantt or Ballupur chowk. From Ballupur chowk you will get a Bus or taxi to go to Garhi Cantt.

From Dehradun Bus Stand: The distance between the ISBT bus stand and the Tapkeshwar temple is 9 km. There are direct bus and taxi services for the Garhi Cantt from the ISBT bus stand in Dehradun.

From Dehradun Airport: The distance between Jolly Grant Dehradun airport and the Tapkeshwar temple is 35 km.  So booking a private taxi or cab is the best option from the airport to visiting the Tapkeshwar temple.

Tapkeshwar Temple Address

Tapkeshwer Mahadev Mandir
Tapkeshwar Colony,
Garhi Cantt, Dehradun,
Uttarakhand 248001

TouristBug's Recommendations

  • Camera is allowed in the temple. So enjoy photography at a naturally beautiful location with your loving ones.
  • Slippers or shoes are not allowed in the main temple so keep outside the temple or keep it at Prasad shops.
  • There is less space in the cave and it may be slippery. So move slowly inside the temple.
  • There will be snakes in Tons River or sides of the river so keep it in mind.
  • Keep kids with you. Kids can move here and there in the temple.
  • There are many monkeys inside the temple campus so don't carry food items in your hand. Monkeys can snatch food items from your hand and can harm you.
  • Don't spread garbage here and there on the temple campus and use dustbins.
  • Avoid going to Tapkeshwar temple during the rainy season.

Tapkeshwar Temple Dehradun Video

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit from Tapkeshwar Temple

There lots of tourist places to visit in Dehradun but here we mentioned only those that are near to Tapkeshwar temple. Near the Tapkeshwar Dham, there are many tourist places to visit such as Gucchu Paani, FRI Dehradun, Santala Devi temple, etc.

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