Santala Devi Temple (Santaurgarh) Dehradun Uttarakhand

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Santala Devi Temple (Santaurgarh) Dehradun Uttarakhand

Santala Devi Mandir is a very popular and ancient hilltop temple of Dehradun. The temple is also famous as Santora Devi temple among the devotees. The Santala Devi temple is situated in the village Jahariwala. Temple is situated at the hilltop and at the bottom of the hill there is a very beautiful river Nun which makes it a very beautiful location for the tourist who comes to visit this temple. 

Santala Devi temple is at about 2083 m height. There are other Gods statues also in the Santala Devi Temple such as Gauri Sankar Statues, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shani Dev, Maa Kali, etc. Santala Devi Temple is located in the green dense forest at a beautiful location. From the Santala Devi temple, view of Dehradun, Mussoorie, and nearby area, the river looks so mesmerizing. 

It will be a memorable visit for everyone. The Santala Devi temple is also considered a symbol of brother and sister's unbreakable relation. There is a Manokamna fulfills tree at Santala Devi temple. Devotees tie the thread on the tree for their wish fulfillment.

Santala Devi Temple Pics
Santala Devi Temple Dehradun Main Gate

The Santala Devi temples come under the 5/1th Gorkha rifles army area. The Santala Devi temple management and maintenance are also are taken care of by maximum Gorkha peoples. You can see the many construction works in the Santala Devi temple done by the Gorkha army persons. Their name mentioned at the entry gate of the Santala Devi temple.

Maa Kali Temple at Santala Devi Temple

At the Santala Devi temple, there is a Ma Kali temple also. At the Maa Kali temple, devotees came to gives Bali of small animals such as cock, goat after the fulfillment of their wishes. But due to Supreme Court orders, the killing (Bali) of animals at temples is fully banned. So devotees just for symbolism offer these animals in the temple of Maa Kali.

History of Santala Devi Temple

The history of the Santala Devi temple is about 400 years old. The Santala Devi temple was established by the Mahant Shri Patiram. As per legends, Santala Devi was the daughter of Nepal's King. During the Islamic rule in India, a Mughal emperor Aurangzeb wanted to marry Santala Devi. 

When Santala Devi know about Mughal emperor Aurangzeb wish then she moved from Nepal with his brother Santor and started living at Doon's hill at Panjabiwala. At that time this place is known as Santore Garh. Both Santala Devi and his brother lived in their fort which was known as Santore Garh Fort.

Mughal emperor Aurangzeb started searching to Santala Devi and found that she was living at the hilltop of Santore Garh. Then the Mughal emperor attacks them. Mughal emperor attacked with a good number of soldiers and war continued for a long time. So Santala Devi and his brother felt that they will defeat definitely. 

Santala Devi and his brother both were very devotees of Goddess Maa Durga so he started praying to God. God blessed both and suddenly a bright light comes then all soldiers of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb get blind and fell down from the hill. Finally Mughal emperor Aurangzeb get defeated in this war.

After the bright light fell down on both, Santala Devi and his brother Santore turned into stone statues. Later Santore fort converted into Santala Devi temple. Santala Devi devotees started to come and see their status. The day was Saturday on which Santala Devi turned into stone. So devotees come on Saturday especially.

Mythologies of Santala Devi Temple

There is a story, a British officer who had no child. When he knows about the Santala Devi temple, he came to Santala Devi temple and done worship with full faith. Within a year he became a father of a baby boy. The British officer also gave a Hindu name to his child. So peoples who wish the kids come here to worship Santala Devi. Devotees of Santala Devi also offer Silver Chhatra to Santala Devi when their wish fulfilled. You can see lots of small Silver Chhatra in the Santala Devi temple.

Best Time to Visit Santala Devi Temple

Santala Devi temple is much crowded during the Navratri. The best time to go to Santala Devi temple will be early morning. In the morning everyone fresh and energetic so the trekking the way of the temple easily complete. You can go to Santala Devi temple any time except the rainy season but the best time will be from March to April and from September to October.

Timing of Santala Devi Temple

  • Santala Devi temple opens daily. Temple is crowded more on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Santala Devi temple opens in the morning at 06:00 am and closed in the evening after 06:00 pm. 
  • For one hour in the afternoon, the Santala Devi temple is closed due to lunchtime. 
  • Santala Devi temple is closed for one month during the rainy season from 15th July to 15th August.

Visiting Time Duration of Santala Devi Temple

From the Dilaram Chowk, Santala Devi temple is about 11 km far away and about half an hour's time will be consumed. In the trekking, about 30 to 40 minutes of time will be taken by a normal person. But when you return from the temple it will take only 20 minutes. The total time depends on you. An average for reaching, trekking, and visiting the Santala Devi temple will consume about 2-3 hours.

Facilities at Santala Devi Temple

  • Drinking water is available at the temple.
  • A washroom is available.          
  • Prasad shops are available near the temple.
  • Snacks shop also available near the temple at the hilltop.
  • There are many shops for food and snacks at the starting point of the temple trek.
  • Vehicle parking is available near the main road of the temple.
  • Within two-three months the new cemented roads and stairs construction started by the local leaders. So the trekking road is in some good condition.
  • Resting benches for rest are available on the trekking temple way. So you can rest for some time there or can take selfies or photos from there.

How to Reach Santala Devi Temple

Santala Devi temple is about 12 km from the Clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) Dehradun and 13 km from the Dehradun railway station. If you are at ISBT Dehradun then it is about 15 km far. There is a direct bus service for Jaitunwala from the Dilaram Chouk. So you will easily be reached Santala Devi temple foothill. From the base, you have to trek about 1-2 km on foot to reach up to the temple.

Maximum devotees go to Santala Devi temple by own vehicle or by booking of private taxi or auto. Because they have to celebrate a picnic near the river at the Santala Devi temple.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • You must carry water and snacks with you during the trekking.
  • You must wear good footwear because the way is the steep walking road.
  • Avoid the rainy season from July to August by visiting the Santala Devi temple.
  • Peoples also come here to see Sunset during the evening. It looks so beautiful from the hilltop.
  • Photography is allowed outside the temple. So you can take many photos and enjoy the beauty of the location at the height.
  • The mobile network will not be available at the hilltop at the Santala Devi temple. You can see a weak mobile network on your smartphone.
  • Please wear helmets if you are going by two-wheelers to Santala Devi temple because it comes under the Army area and they didn't allow you to go there without a helmet. If two persons, then both have to wear a helmet.
  • The way to the temple is very steep so be careful during going there. There are no railings on the maximum way so you have to careful.
  • Don't spill garbage here and there on the way to the temple. You will spoil the natural hill beauty so use dustbins.
  • If you are in Dehradun then you must visit once the Santala Devi temple.

Nearby Tourist Destinations

The nearest tourist place from the Santala Devi temple is the Tapkeshwar Temple which is situated in Ghadi Cantt.

Santala Devi Temple Video

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