Shri Mahakali Mandir Kalsi Dehradun

Kali Mata Temple Kalsi Dehradun

Shri Mahakali Mandir Kalsi Dehradun is popular as Kali Mata Temple, which is situated on the Kalsi - Chakrata road. If you are going to Chakrata from Vikasnagar then on you will see a beautiful Kali Mata temple on the roadside. After the Yamuna river bridge the first temple of Maa Kali you will see. This Kali Mata temple is situated in the Kalsi village boundaries. Many Maa Kali devotees after getting the blessing from the Maa Kali start their journey of Chakrata hilly roads.

From the Chakrata road, Kali Maa the temple is situated downwards so you have to go down for the temple by stairs. On the backside of the temple, there is a beautiful river flowing which makes the temple location very beautiful.

Kali Mata temple has lots of space for the devotees. They can sit and relax here. For organizing the Bhandara or Jagran also there is lots of space available.

Temples on Chakrata Kalsi road
Devotees tide Chunari on the tree

There is a tree of Peepal on which devotees tide the Chunari for their wish fulfillment. During the Hindu festivals like Navratri, Kali Mata temple is full of devotees. After the wish-fulfillment, Maa Kali's devotee organizes the Bhandara for common people in the Mahakali temple.

Every year on 6th May annual function is organized by the temple committee. Maa Kali Jagran runs overnight and devotees’ awake overnight singing Maa Kali bhajan. At the time of Shri Maha Kali Mandir's annual function, the Kali Mata temple's committee organizes Bhandara for all the devotees.
During the annual function, lots of Maa Kali devotees come from Vikasnagar, Kalsi, Chakrata, Herbertpur, Selaqui, Sahaspur, Dehradun, Dharmawala, Sahiya, etc.

During the Annual function, Maa Kali is newly decorated with a new dress and done well makeup. Then Mata Kali temple priest Pt. Bharat Bhusan Sharma does special worship of Maa Kali. Shri Maha Kali temple is well decorated at this time.

Notice for the Shri Mahakali Devotees

Mata Kali Mandir Kalsi Dehradun
Notice for the Shri Mahakali Devotees
  • As per the priest of Shri Mahakali Mandir, there are some rules to follows by the Maa Kali devotees.
  • Please remove Shoe, socks, sandals and leather items before entering the Maha Kali temple.
  • Don't burn dhoop, Agarbatti tec on the entering gate of the Maha Kali.
  • Don't put prasad on the temple statues inside the temple.
  • You are responsible for your goods or items' safety.
  • Photography inside the temple and its statues are fully prohibited.
  • If you want to organize Bhandara in the temple then you have to prior contact the temple priest.
  • Keep neat and clean the temple and maintain its spirituality.
  • Sit at the given place in the temple. Don't sit another place in the temple.

Best Time to Visit Shri Maha Kali Mandir

For a temple, there is no special best time. Every time is the best time. But going to Maa Kali temple during Navratri is good for every devotee.

Timing of Shri Maha Kali Temple

Shri Mahakali Temple opens in the early morning and closes in the late evening. There is no specific time mentioned in the temple for open and close.

How to Reach Shri Maha Kali temple

Shri Mahakali temple is situated in Kalsi so if you want to go there then you have to first reach Vikasnagar then you get a Bolero for Chakrata by which you can go to the temple. Maximum devotees come here by own vehicles because of the limited means of transport is available here.

Facilities at Shri Maha Kali Temple

Facilities at Mata Kali Mandir Kalsi Dehradun
Inner view of Kali Mata Mandir Kalsi
  • Drinking water is available.
  • There are no Prasad shops inside or outside of the temples.
  • Seats available for sitting the devotees.
  • Temple has lots of space for Bhandara and Jagran.

Address of Shri Maha Kali temple

Shri Maha Kali Mandir
River Range,
Vikasnagar Barkot Road,
Kalsi, Dehradun - 248158

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you are going to Chakrata for traveling then it is good to take Maa Kali blessing before starting the hills journey.
  • If you are living in nearby areas like Vikas Nagar, Kalsi, and Chakrata then going to this temple during Navratri and other holy festivals would be good to get blessed from Maa Kali.

Shri Mahakali Mandir Kalsi Dehradun Video


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