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Revupolavaram Beach is one of the excellent beaches on the way to Vizag. Revupolavaram Beach distance is just 8.5 km from NH16 (Nakkapalli Adda Road). It's one of the unexplored & undeveloped beaches on the Bay of Bengal coastline.

Revupolavaram Beach is the most underrated beach in Vizag. The beach is situated near the village called Revupolavaram. It is a very pleasant and scenic beach that has full of white sand. Has beautiful green forms surrounding are great places to hang out. The beach needs attention from the Vizag tourism department in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

It is must visit place for photographers and beach lovers. This beach looks more gorgeous during the Sunrise and Sunset and that time is the most beautiful time for this place. Revupolavaram Beach is still unexplored due to the lack of facilities and proper transport. Tourists and visitors mostly came here by own vehicles or by booking private taxis.

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There is Sri Lakshmi Madhava Swamy Vari Temple and the Shiva-Parvati Statue similar to Kailashgiri is situated on a small hill near Revupolavaram Beach. During the Karthika Masam Festival Season, this place is full of a number of tourists and devotees.

Revupolavaram Beach is a very good tourist destination for celebrating picnics here with friends or family members. That's why it is crowded during weekends with couples and youngsters.

Best Time to Visit Revupolavaram Beach

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Revupolavaram Beach attracts lots of tourists throughout the year but the best time to visit Revupolavaram Beach would be the winter season from October to February that time Vizag weather is very pleasant and tourists can enjoy it there the whole day. During summer the evening time would be good because in day time very hard sunlight is there. Tourists should avoid the rainy season.

Revupolavaram Beach Timing

The beach is always open there is no opening and closing timing. Tourists can enjoy the whole day there. There are not many places for sightseeing at the beach so visitors can visit this place within two hours easily.

Facilities at Revupolavaram Beach

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Revupolavaram Beach has very limited facilities and the AP tourism department should do some work on it.

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  • Small vehicle parking place is there but at own risk.
  • No food restaurants are available, near to beach area.
  • Boating or sea sports-like activities are not available here.
  • Small local shops are there.

How to Reach Revupolavaram Beach

revupolavaram beach distance from anakapalle

Revupolavaram Beach's distance from Anakapalle RTC bus stand is about 56 km and Revupolavaram Beach's distance from Vizag is about 90 km.

If tourists came from places like Visakahpataum, Narsipatnum, Kakinada, etc. by RTC buses then the nearest place to Revupolavaram Beach is Nakkapalli Addu Road Junction situated at NH-16 which is only 8 km far from the beach and the RTC Buses stoppage is there. Visitors have to book taxis from there if they come by RTC buses.

Revupolavaram Beach can be reached easily via RTC buses or trains that have a stoppage at the Narsipatnam Road bus stand or railway station. Revupolavaram Beach to Narsipatnam distance is only 40 km so visitors can also come from there very easily.

There are no direct RTC buses or taxis available so visitors or tourists have to use their own vehicles to reach there. Tourists can book private autos or taxis for this place.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

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  • Revupolavaram Beach is the best visitable place in Vizag so we recommend visiting this place if you came to Visakhapatnam or a nearby city.
  • It is a very beautiful place so don't miss the sunrise and sunset view from this bridge.
  • It's a wonderful place for photo shoots so must take selfies or group photos with your loved ones.
  • You can pack your lunch or snacks to enjoy a full-day picnic here. Good place for a family picnic.  Amazing place and it gives us a Goa feeling
  • Don't make this place dirty by spreading garbage or liquor bottles this destroys the beauty of sea beach.
  • Be cautious during cyclones as there may not be beach patrolling available.
  • You should keep with you a good Casual Backpack bag that has all the necessary things that require at the beach.

Revupolavaram Beach Nearby Tourist Places to Visit

Near Revupolavaram Beach are Sri Lakshmi Madhava Swamy Vari Temple and Shiva-Parvati Statue. During the Karthika Masam Festival Season, this location attracts a large number of tourists.

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