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nookambika temple

Nookambika Temple of Aakapalle is a very popular local temple in the Visakhapatnam city. Anakapalle is situated at a distance of 34 km from the Visakhapatnam. Nookambika Devi Temple's actual name is Sri Nookambika Ammavari Temple, which is situated in Gavarapalem village of Anakapalle near the bus stand. Nookambika Temple is so much famous in the Anakapalle that tourists and visitors can see the carved temple picture at the railway station building also.

Sri Nookambica temple is dedicated to the goddess Nookambika popularly known as Sri Anagha Devi in the ancient days. Sri Nookambika Devi temple has religious and as well as historical significance in the Anakapalle town.

Goddess Nookambika is one of the 9 forms of Goddess Durga and is famous as Sri Nookalamma Ammavari also. Nookambika temple is situated at a very calm place in the Anakapalle where devotees can stay some time and get meditation there.

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Nookambika Ammavari Temple History

Nookambika temple is about 570 years old and renovated by different rulers and local devotees. Currently, the state government maintaining the temple. This temple is initially built by the local king of that time.

In the year 1450 AD, Kakarlapudi Appalaraju the king of the Sarpavaram region. Appalaraju built this temple to install his family deity Kakatambika. Later this temple Kakatambika populated as Nookambika temple.

Nookambika Temple Mythologies

Local devotees of villages believe that the Sri Nookambika Goddess always protects villagers from problems and diseases. They believe that devotees of Sri Nookambika get cured of the diseases such as chicken pox and measles, etc.

Nookambika Temple Festivals

The biggest festival at the Nookaminka Devi Temple in the year is Nookalamma Jathara. Nookalamma Jathara is celebrated on Kottha Amavasya which comes before the Ugadi festival in the time period from Phalguna Bahula Amavasya to April. This Nookalamma Jathara festival starts on Kottha Amavasya, a day before the Ugadi, and is held for a month-long. To perform puja of Sri Nookambika Ammavaru, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are considered auspicious days.

Best Time to Visit Nookambika Temple

The best time to visit Nookambika Temple is during the Nookalamma Jathara festival at the temple. At that time temple is fully decorated and lots of devotees come here from the nearby cities to get blessed. Also at that time Telugu New Year, the Ugadi festival is also celebrated by the local people.

As per season and pleasant time summer season can be avoidable and the winter season is preferable to visit this place and devotees can visit the temple peacefully. So the best time to visit Nookambika Temple would be the winter season when no crowd is there and the weather is also pleasant.

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Nookambika Temple Timing

Sri Nookambica Temple opens in the early morning and closes in the late evening. There is no holiday temple open all days of the week so devotees can go any day to the temple to get blessed by Sri Nookambica Devi.

  • Temple Opening timing: Morning 5:30 AM
  • Temple Closing timing: Evening 8:00 PM
  • Evening: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • Darsanam Timing: 5.30 am to 12.00 Noon and 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Sri Nookambica Ammavari Poojas with Timings:

  • Aradhana – 5:30 AM
  • Balabhoga Nivedyam – 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM
  • Raja Bhogam – 11:30 AM to 12:00 Noon
  • Bhogam – 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM
  • Veda Parayanam – 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Visiting Time duration

If there is no crowd then you can visit this temple within half an hour but if there is a crowd and any festival is there then you have to wait more time to get the Darshan of Sri Nookambika Ammavari Goddess.

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Nookambika Temple Entry Fees

Nookambica Ammavari Temple has a ticket system for the Darsanam but visitors can also visit the temple free of cost but they can't visit the idol from near. For special darshan and fast visiting devotees can take tickets so they do have not to stand in a queue. There is a 100/- rupees ticket price for a special darshan.

At the temple for the variety of sevas and poojas (worship), there are different fair and ticket prices that devotees have to pay as per their choice of pooja. The list of various types of poojas is given below.

1) Anthralaya Darsanam
2) Kesakhandana
3) Kumkuma pooja
4) Return saree
5) Seeghra darsanam
6) Visista darsanam
7) Special Darsanam
8) Two Wheeler Pooja
9) Four Wheeler Pooja
10) Heavy vehicle Pooja
11) Saswatha pooja
12) Dasara Navaratrulu kumkum Archana
13) Dasara kumkum Archana
14) Oonjal Seva
15) Mahalakshmi Dhana Pooja
16) Return of decorated saree of Goddess
17) Panchamrutha Abhishekam

Facilities at Nookambika Temple

  • Temple has lots of space for functioning all rituals and festivals.
  • Worship items shops are available at the entry gate of the temple.
  • There are many rooms are available at Kalyan Mantap.
  • Cottages are also available inside the temple premises.
  • Rooms are available at Sri Nookambica Complex, Sri Anagadevi Complex, Sri Kakathamba Complex, and Sri Pothu Raju Complex.

How to Reach Nookambika Temple

Nookambika Temple is easily accessible from any place in Anakapalle. Sri Nookambika Ammavari Temple is only 1-2 km far away from the Anakaplalle railway station and the APSRTC RTC bus stand so visitors can go by foot also and reach the temple in 20 minutes only. Auto and Ricksha are also available in Anakapalle so tourists or visitors can also use them to reach the temple.

Anakapalle is about 43 km far away from the Visakhapatnam city and lots of regular trains and APSRTC buses are available for the Anakapalle from Visakhapatnam city railway station and bus stand.

Nookambika Temple Address

  • Sri Nookambica Ammavari Temple,
  • Gavarapalem,
  • Anakapalli,
  • Visakhapatnam,
  • Andhra Pradesh – 531002

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • Nookambika Temple is a very popular local village deity temple so if are in Anakaplalle then you can visit this temple.
  • Devotees can visit this temple during winter that time there is no crowd and the weather is also pleasant.
  • Devotees can visit this temple free of cost there is no ticket requirement during normal days.
  • Keep maintaining the temple's purity and neatness.

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Nearby Places to Visit in Anakaplalle

Places to visit in the Anakapalle area are Kanaka Durga Temple and Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple both are situated at the same place about two km far away from each other.

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