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writing contests 2022 no entry fee

We are a small group of travel bloggers who try to provide more real and genuine details than the available on the internet about the tourist place. We also continuously support the creative writing of travel writers who want to publish their content on our platform. So we organize writing contests with no entry fee once a year with closing dates at the end of June. Our main aim is to encourage newcomers to develop their skills in this field.

We are very happy to announce once again we organizing the free writing contests for travel posts non-professional travel bloggers who want to express their views on the tourist places in their own words.

TouristBug had already organized a travel writing competition in 2020 and got very good responses from our readers and travelers who want to share their traveled places memories with us and our readers. Participants can write anything related to travel in India like adventure travel, Travel story, Travel destinations, Tourist places reviews, Travelogues, Shrine details, family travel trips, bad trip experiences, funny travel, etc.

We are organizing this competition for non-professional travel bloggers and new travel content writers those who show their skill and share their travel experiences with the world on our platform. Newcomers writers who want to be popular in the digital world can also share their travel experiences with us.

It is not necessary to send travel posts after visiting the place. You can send as possible the latest last visited places reviews also. Travelogue is an art that brings out your hidden writing skills. During school days, you have to write various essays, articles, and stories on different topics. Through travelogue writing, you write down the amazing travel experiences that you want to share with the world.

Rules for Writing Competition

Important points to be noted before writing and sending your travel posts to us.

You have to share only your travel experiences not others' travel experiences so don't send copied content from other websites to us without traveling to that place. Your content must be unique and not copied from other websites.

We especially prefer content that is not available on the internet so by this travelers also know about that place and it increases awareness about that place in travelers’ communities. 

The minimum number of words in the post should be 1200. But post up to 1500 to 2000 words is preferable. Use 3 to 4 line paragraphs, heading and subheading, and use points to describe details in your post. Use slogans or similes to make your post interesting.

Send posts related to at least one copyright-free image or picture either in JPG or PNG format as an attachment. If it is taken by you then it is highly preferable. The image must be your own and not downloaded from any other website

The submitted article/post should be plagiarism-free or unique writing. Please check your post before sending it to us by the plagiarism checking tool. The plagiarized post/ article will not be accepted for the contest.

One person can send multiple articles for increasing the chances to win the prizes. There is no limit for a single person.

We accept articles/posts in MS Word format only. Any other modes PDF screenshots are not acceptable.

You should write your name, age, gender, and city name, in the footer notes of your article.

  • Article Language: English
  • Nationality: Indian citizens only.
  • Age Category: Minimum 14 years old. There is no upper age limit.
  • Registration: There is no registration and fee required.
  • Post-Publication Charges: Free of cost

Only good and qualified articles or posts will be published on the TouristBug website with the name of the participants.

The last date to send your travel experience by email is 30th June 2022. So please send as soon as possible to avoid last moment situations.

We have also needed time to review each post manually so if you send it earlier your post will be published earlier. For more detailed guidelines on how to write a travel post please read 'travel guest post guidelines'.

Guidelines to Select Best Posts for Prizes

After receiving your post in the email TouristBug Content Writing Team will review it on various parameters and proofreading. Only good-quality posts will be eligible for publishing on our website. 

Our team will review each article or post it manually for publishing on our website. If our team found your article publishable then our team can do some minor changes also for the SEO of your articles as per requirements. After publishing our social media team and the analytical team will check your post's popularity on the website. Those top-10 performing posts will be selected for the cash prize distributions.

Pro Tip for Travel Post Selection

Try to explore that place details that are famous in your city but only local people know about that place is important and why it so famous. All major and important tourist places are already written and explored by many travel bloggers so if have information about any places that are not known by others your post will be definitely rank in the number one position and chances to win.

If your post is genuine and unique then your post will be definitely published and rewarded. We share some unique keywords of our website that rank on top without much SEO and social media uses. So ready and study why they rank on top.

If you search "Ashwathama Birth Place" then we rank on top because we explored that place. Local peoples know about that but maximum Indians don't know about it.

Prizes for Travel Writing Winners

First Prize: Rs 1000/-
Second Prize: Rs 900/-
Third Prize: Rs 800/-
Fourth Prize: Rs 700/-
Fifth Prize: Rs 600/-
Sixth Prize: Rs 500/-
Seventh Prize: Rs 400/-
Eight Prize: Rs 300/-
Ninth Prize: Rs 200/-
Tenth Prize: Rs 100/-

We check your post popularity by various factors such as comments on a post, social media sharing of posts, and views on the post. But it is not the whole sole criteria because there are chances of spamming.

The name of the winners will be published on the website on 1st September 2022.

The TouristBug team has full authority to select the winners with our criteria. No one can claim that their post or article is more suitable for winning the prize.

Note: We fix the time limit for every post's performance check is 60 days from the date of publishing. For example, your post published on 1st April then on 30th June will be the last day to check its performance.

Travel Writing Competition Queries

Regarding all queries, you may contact us or comment below with your email our team members will reply to you as soon as possible.

You have to send your entries or posts with images to

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