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Chandrika Devi Temple Lucknow

Chandrika Devi Mandir is among the top places to visit in Lucknow. Chandrika Devi Temple is a very famous spiritual place in Lucknow where Maa Chandrika Devi is prayed in the ‘Pindis Roop’ (a rock having three Pindis or heads). This temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Chandi a form of Hindu Goddess Maa Durga. During the Navratri days, it is very crowded and lots of people come here from nearby cities to visit Maa Chandrika Devi.

The Chandrika Devi Temple and its nearby areas have very significant religious relevance to Ramayana and are called Mahi Sagar Teerth. There are details of this Chandrika Devi temple in the blessed books of Skand and Karma Puran.

Chandrika Devi Temple is approximately 300 years old and it is about 28 km from Lucknow. About 6 km away from the main road on Sitapur Road Chandrika Devi Temple, is established between distant forests. The temple site is surrounded by the river Gomti from three sides. This place can also be called a small island. There is a very beautiful big statue of Lord Shiva in the middle of Chandrika Devi Kund.

At Maa Chandrika Devi temple devotees come here and tide a Chunari for their wish fulfilled. After the wish fulfilled they offer Prasad, Churi, Bindi, and Sindoor to Devi Maa and donate a bell in the temple.

Mythologies of Chandrika Devi Temple

It is also believed that the moon, which was affected by the curse of Dakshaprajapati, had to come to Chandrika Devi Dham to take a bath in the water of this Mahisagar Sangam Tirth to take relief from the curse of Daksha Prajapati.

There is one more legend of the period of Dwaper Yug or Mahabharata time. Lord Shri Krishna advised Barbreek who was the son of Ghatotkach or grandson of the Bheem for the worship of Maa Chandrika Devi for acquiring powers. So Barbreek worshiped continuously for 3 years Maa Chandrika Devi at this place.

Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir History

In the Treta era, Chandrika Devi Temple's history is related to Lord Ram’s younger brother Laxman’s elder son Rajkumar Chandraketu. Once he was going with Ashwamegh's horse through the Gomti River. In the way, it wound up dull or dark, and thus he decided to take a rest in the very dense forest. Then he prayed to Goddess Durga for his well-being. Instantly there was cool moonlight and the Goddess Durga appeared before him for assuring Rajkumar Chandraketu. After this, the grateful Prince established this temple There was a grand temple that was established at that time was later destroyed by the foreign invaders in the 12th century.

In the Mahabharata time, the five Pandavas’ son with his mother Kunti came here to this shrine during his exile. Maharaja Yudhishthira performed Ashwamedh Yagya Yajna, whose horse was stopped by the then King Hanshdhwaj. Then near Chandrika Devi Dham, he had to fight with the army of Yudhisthira, in which his son Surath joined.

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Lord Shiva at Chandrika Devi 

But the second son Sudhnava was busy in the worship of Goddess Navdurgas. Due to their absence in war, he was treated by putting into a pan of boiling oil in this Mahisagar area. Due to the grace of Maa Chandrika Devi, there was no effect on his body. From then on, this shrine started to be called Sudhwanva Kunda. The army of Maharaja Yudhishthur lived here, then this village was called Katkavasa. Today this place is called Kathwara.

As per saying there is no shortage of water in the Mahisagar Sangam Tirtha and it is directly related to the river. Even today, crores of devotees came here for the worship of Lord Maharathi Barbaric.

Renovation of Maa Chandrika Devi Temple

Approximately 250 years back some nearby villagers during walking in the forests found this beautiful place and locate the statue of Devi. It is said that near the Gomti River, on the banks of the Mahisagar Sangam Tirtha, there is a very ancient tree of Neem in which Maa Durga with their nine forms and Vediya kept safe from immemorial time.

Later on, the landlord of Kathwara village saw a dream of Maa Chandrika Devi so he decided to build the temple at this place. Since then people continuously visit this temple and arranged a huge fair on each Amavasya.

Maa Chandrika Devi Temple Mela

At Maa Chandrika Devi temple there is a huge fair that is organized every month on Amavasya and during Navratri. During the Shardiya and Chaitra Navratri, there is a huge crowd of devotees. Nearby cities Maa Chandrika Devi devotees come here at that time to get blessed and pray. At the fair, every type of shop is organized by the Maa Chandrika Devi temple committee. Lots of Jhoolas would be also there for kids at that time.

Every Amavasya and Navratras lots of Maa Chandrika Devi devotees came here from the nearby cities for the various types of religious activities such as Mundan Sanskar (full hair cutting), Janeu Sanskar, Hawan or Yagya, etc.

At that time it is very tough to visit Maa Chandrika Devi due there is the very long queue so it is better to go temple early morning time. You would have a better experience and get easily darshan.

At that time lots of cultural and religious activities were also organized by the committee such as Kirtans, and Satsang. Such as in the year 2017, there was under the Swachh Bharat Mission a cultural activity organized in which very famous singer Malini Awasthi came here to aware peoples about the cleanliness in the people through singing various beautiful songs of Maa Chandrika Devi in her melodious voice.

Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir Timing

Chandrika Devi Mandir's opening and closing times are changed as per the season. So, please check the exact timing before reaching there.

In summer Chandrika Devi Mandir's opening time is from 04:00 am morning to till night at 11:00 pm.
In winter Chandrika Devi Mandir's opening time is from 05:00 am morning to night at 10:00 pm.

Chandrika Devi Mandir's closing time is in the afternoon for one hour only from 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm.  Mandir also closes for half an hour before the Aarti starts.

Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir Aarti

Before six o'clock in the morning, the court of Matarani is decorated with flowers. Maa Chandrika Devi is decorated with jewelry. Maa Chandrika Devi Aarti is performed after the offering of halwa and Panchmeve to Mata Rani. Aarti of Maa Chandrika Devi starts at 7 am every morning.

Maa Chandrika Devi Aarti is always performed with 101 Jyoti. After the morning Matarani Aarti, the Havan program starts in the Yagyashala. The grand Aarti of 108 Jyoti is organized at 08:00 pm in the evening of Navratri.

Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir Aarti Timing

At every temple, there is commonly a two-time morning and in the evening Aarti of God and Goddess occurs.
  • At Chandrika Devi Mandir Aarti timing is in the morning at 07:00 am and at 08:00 pm in the evening.
  • During Navratri time morning Aarti is performed at 06:00 am instead of 07:00 am. But evening Aarti time would be the same.

Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir Travel Time Duration

Reaching Maa Chandrika Devi temple will take approx one hour from Lucknow. After reaching the temple you would easily get Maa Chandrika Devi Darsan in half an hour on normal days. If the crowd is more then, more time you have to spend. There are many things to do at the temple and see many things. The maximum time would be two hours but it depends on you how much time to spend at the temple.

Best Time to Visit Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir

The best time to visit Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir would be on the day of Amavasya. Amavasya comes in every month once in the Hindu calendar. If you go to Maa Chandrika Devi temple during the Navratri then it would be more fruitful and wishful for you. So Navratri is also the best time to go to Maa Chandrika Devi for getting blessed and do any religious activities.

Morning is the best time for going there many temples but you can also go in the evening also. If you go to in the evening you should participate in Maa Chandrika Devi Aarti. Actually, many Maa Chandrika Devi devotees reached the temple in the early morning and take a holy dip in the pond near the temple and then get Darsan of Maa Chandrika Devi.

If you consider the season then February to March is a good and pleasant environment to go to the temple. You can also go from September to November it would also be the best time.

If you want to visit Maa Chandrika Devi temple in a peaceful and less crowded environment then you must avoid the Amavasya, Navratri, and any Hindu festival. It would be the best time for you Darsan of Maa Chandrika Devi and getting blessed.

Prasad of Maa Chadrika Devi

There are lots of sweets and Prasad shops near the temple which offer Prasad at a different price range. You will get easily Prasad from 11 ₹ to 100 ₹ and it purely depends on you what you want to offer to Maa Chandrika Devi. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness devotees can offer only dry Prasad such as dry fruits, Misri, dry sweets, etc.

Facilities at Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir

There are lots of facilities developed by the committee for the devotees.
  • There are lots of shops for taking sweets or dry fruits for offering to Maa Chandrika Devi with other items such as Sindoor, churi (bangles) Bindi, Chunri (cloth), etc.
  • There is a facility to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner also.
  • You can purchase here CDs, cassettes, religious books, and other many items related to Maa Chandrika Devi.
  • There is also a CCTV facility so no one can involve in wrong activities like pocket-picking, misbehaving, etc.
  • Drinking water is available for devotees.
  • You can take also here holy dip in Mahi Sagar. The bathing facility is there also.
  • Temple campus has good space for vehicle parking.

How to Reach Chandrika Devi Temple

Maa Chandrika Devi Mandir is situated in the village named Kathwara near Bakshi ka Talab in Lucknow. Temple is situated on the bank of the waterway Gomti River at the north-west of National Highway No.24 which is popularly called Lucknow-Sitapur road in Lucknow.

Temple is approximately 28 km from the main city and 45 km from Lucknow Airport. Maa Chandrika Devi mandir is almost 22 km from Lucknow Engineering College Chauraha and about 11 km from the Bakshi ka Talab town.

You will get easily prepaid Taxis, autos, cabs, and Buses from the Lucknow railway and bus station. You can go there by private or your own vehicle which is a better option, it will be a 40 to 45 minutes journey which ends up in a calm and peaceful environment.

Lucknow is well connected to nearby cities and other states so reaching Lucknow is very easy. You can reach Lucknow by Airway, railway, and roadways.

By Rail: Lucknow Charbag railway station and Lucknow Junction is well connected to many cities in India. Bakshi Ka Talab (BKT) railway station is the nearest railway station to the Chandrika Devi temple. There are many local trains that run frequently from Lucknow to Sitapur that halt at Bakshi Ka Talab railway station.

By Air: Lucknow Amausi airport also has good connectivity and is connected to New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Dehradun, etc.

By Bus: Lucknow Alambag bus stand has every facility and is connected to Uttar Pradesh cities. There are also many interstate buses running from here such as Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh, etc.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If Amavasya falls on Saturday then Darshan of Maa Chandrika Devi is more beneficial.
  • If you would like to get Darshan of Maa Chandrika Devi easily then avoid festival and Amavasya days to go temple.
  • We will recommend to you, please avoid the use of polythene bags and don't carry them inside the temple campus. Polythene bags are not allowed inside the temple.
  • Don't spread garbage here and there and help in the cleanliness of the temple, use dustbins.
  • We advise you to be careful and keep your luggage, purse, mobile, etc. safe.
  • Photography is allowed here so you can take beautiful pictures here with your loved ones.

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