Purana Hanuman Mandir Aliganj Lucknow

aliganj ke hanuman mandir lucknow
Purana Hanuman Mandir Aliganj Lucknow

Purana Hanuman Mandir Aliganj is among the top Hanuman temples in Lucknow. It is the most popular Hanuman Ji temple of Lucknow. It is the oldest Hanuman temple of Lucknow, that why it also famous as the old Hanuman Mandir of Lucknow. There is a Moon shaped circle installed at the top of the temple so it's also called Chand Tara temple.

Aliganj of Lucknow has two Hanuman Ji temples one is Naya Hanuman Temple and the other is Purana Hanuman Mandir. Both are famous in Lucknow. Purana Hanuman Mandir is the least commercial temple and the perfect place for peace.

It is only approx one and a half kilometers far away from the Kapurthala Circle of Lucknow. Temple is very crowded during festivals and during the Bada Mangal festival of Lucknow. Daily lots of devotees and tourists come here to get blessed by Lord Hanuman Ji here.

Actually, it is the oldest or Purana Hanuman Mandir of Aliganj but some people called Naya Hanuman Mandir to Purana Hanuman Mandir. This confusion is due to both temples are situated at nearby places in Aliganj.

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Architecture of Temple

Temple Architecture is very beautiful and there are three entry gates to getting the Darshan of Hanuman Ji. The main entry gate is very beautiful and there are many carved statues of famous Rishi Munies (Sage) built on the main gate. Lord Ganesh Ji and Bharat Mata carved statues also built on the top center of the entry gate.

hanuman ji temple Aliganj Lucknow
Lord Hanuman Ji Statue at Purana Hanuman Mandir

Inside the temple, a beautiful Saffron-colored statue of Lord Hanuman Ji established. The temple top is like the Mosque tomb, which shows its Islamic architectural styles. This Hanuman temple is north-faced.

History of Purana Hanuman Mandir

The exact date of this temple built is not found but it is more than 500 years old temple. During the 14th century, the name of this place was changed from 'Hanuman Bari' to 'Islam Bari' by the rulers. This Hanuman temple was built by Nawabs. Begam Rabiya, the wife of Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah played an important role in building this temple.

As per saying, Begam Rabiya had dreamed a night of an idol of Lord Hanuman that hidden in a garden. She got advice to establish this idol in the temple. After some time Begam Rabiya was blessed by Hanuman Ji and she gave birth to a baby boy. Then Nawab gives the order to build this beautiful temple. After the renovation of the temple, the crescent and star were installed on the temple tower in the period of Begum, and there is written evidence of which is also available. You can also saw a Moon shaped structure on the Kalash on the top of the temple.

tourist Places in Lucknow
 Chand Tara shape on top of the temple.

Again reconstruction and improvement in the temple were done by the Lucknow local person named Banarsi Das Kapoor Chand Agarwal in the Vikram Samvat 2023 year (1966 English year), who was a very devotee to Lord Hanuman Ji.

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Mythologies Related to Purana Hanuman Mandir

Even today local Lucknow and nearby city devotees come more to Purana Hanuman Mandir than New Hanuman Mandir and believed Hanuman Ji fulfilling their wishes.

Best Time to Visit Purana Hanuman Mandir

To go to any temple, all days are the best day and all time is the best time. As per the season of Lucknow, March to May and September to October is a good time. Morning is the best time for going to start a better day with the blessing of Hanuman Ji.

During Hindu festivals like Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, etc are also good times to visit the temple. Bada Mangal in May is popular in Lucknow that time all Hanuman Ji devotee comes here to get blessed.

Timing of Temple

Purana Hanuman Ji temple of Lucknow opens daily for the devotees and is more crowded on Tuesday and Saturday. The timing of the Old Hanuman temple is from early morning to late night.

  • Temple Open Time: Morning 05:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Temple Close Time: Afternoon 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm

Visiting Time Duration

Hanuman Ji Temple is not so big but there are other temples are also there like Shani Dev Maharaj, Ganesh Ji Temple, etc. So visiting all these temples takes almost one hour. It depends on you how much time you want to expend here, lots of Hanuman Ji devotees sit inside the temple and read Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman Ji Aarti.

Facilities at Purana Hanuman Mandir

  • Temple has all the basic facilities.
  • In front of the temple, there are a few small sweet shops also.
  • Temple has a good space for various activities.
  • Parking space for vehicles is also there.
  • Drinking water and washrooms are also there.

Fair and Festivals

At the temple, all the Hindu festivals like Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, Diwali, etc. are celebrated by the temple people and nearby people.

Every year there is a grand fair of Lucknow organized at this place known as Bada Mangal. Every Tuesday in the Hindi month Jeth (May), a grand fair is organized by both the Hanuman temple's committee and devotees come from far and wide and the recognition of this Hanuman temple is also very high.

Bada Mangle fair organizes from Kapurthala square to New Hanuman Mandir to the Old Hanuman Mandir area.

How to Reach Purana Hanuman Mandir

hanuman mandir near aliganj Lucknow

Purana Hanuman Mandir is situated in the popular area of Lucknow so reaching it is very easy from any part of Lucknow.

From Lucknow Charbagh railway station, it is only about 9 km far away. You can get a direct bus to the Aliganj or Kapurthala Square from the railway station. You can choose an Auto, taxi, Vikram, or cab also from any point in Lucknow to reach here.

You can go directly on foot from Kapurthala Square or can take a Rickshaw or e-Rickshaw both are available at the square.

If you are coming from your own vehicle then there is no issue for two-wheelers but four-wheelers can get some traffic here.

Roads are narrow near the temple for about 200-300 meters but at the temple, there is sufficient space for vehicle parking.

Reaching Lucknow from various cities and states is very easy. There are lots of trains and buses available for Lucknow. You can also come directly to Lucknow by airplane also.

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Address of Temple

This Hanuman temple is located in Aliganj, Lucknow, and is the oldest and most famous temple. If you ask someone at Aliganj, then anyone can easily guide the temple's direction.

Purana Hanuman Mandir
Aliganj, Purani Khadra Chungi,
Sector L,
Uttar Pradesh

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TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you visited Lucknow for any work or for traveling then we recommend that you should visit Purana Hanuman temple, it will be worth visiting for you and you will get blessed by Hanuman Ji.
  • If you are living in Lucknow and have not visited the oldest Hanuman Ji Temple of Lucknow then you should visit once.
  • There is a beautiful park near the temple where lots of people come for morning and evening walks. You can also rest here for some time from the crowded city area.

Nearby Places to Visi

Lucknow has lots of tourist places to visit but here we listed only nearby tourist places to Purana Hanuman Mandir. The nearest tourist places are Naya Hanuman MandirGulacheen Mandir, and Anchalik Vigyan Kendra. Both are situated in Aliganj Lucknow.

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