Naya Hanuman Mandir Aliganj Lucknow

Naya Hanuman Mandir Aliganj Lucknow
Naya Hanuman Mandir Aliganj Lucknow

Naya Hanuman Mandir Aliganj Lucknow is the most popular temple in Lucknow. Naya Hanuman Ji temple of Aliganj is always filled with devotees of Lord Hanuman. It is the New Hanuman temple of Aliganj, Lucknow.

Aliganj of Lucknow has two Hanuman Ji temples one is Purana Hanuman Temple and the other is Naya Hanuman Mandir. Both are famous in Lucknow. Naya Hanuman Mandir is very big and spacious and also has other Gods' small temple-like Lord Shiv, Ram Darbar temple, etc.

It is only approx. 250 meters far away from the Kapurthala Circle of Lucknow. Temple is very crowded during Hindu festivals like Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, etc., and during the Bada Mangal festival of Lucknow. Daily lots of devotees and Hanuman Ji come here to get blessed by Lord Hanuman Ji here.

Architecture of Temple

The Naya Hanuman Mandir architecture is very beautiful and there are two rows of entry gates to get the Darshan of Hanuman Ji. One for men and one for women.

The main entry gate building is very beautiful and on which there are many carved statues. Inside the temple, a beautiful Saffron colored statue of Lord Hanuman Ji is established.

There is a small Lord Shiva temple on the left side of the Hanuman Ji and on the right side of the Hanuman Ji temple, with lots of small temples of Gods and Goddesses situated.

Just the backside of the Hanuman Ji temple exit gate is situated which is mainly used during heavy crowds in the temple. The Temple campus has a pond also. It is said its water was used for building the temple.

At the front gate of the New Hanuman temple, there are two small temples also situated. One of the Shivling temples and the other is Navgrah and Shaninidev Mandir. Navgrav temple has all idols of nine Grah (planets) like Budhdev, Shanidev, Shukradev, etc.

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History of Naya Hanuman Mandir

According to some facts and priests, Naya Hanuman Mandir's history is linked with the Ramayan time story. When Mata Sita was leaving Ayodhya with Laxam and Hanuman Ji. They stayed for some time here near a park. Later, a temple was built in the same garden, in which the idol of Hanuman Ji was installed and that garden came to be called Hanuman Bari. Later, 14th-century Muslim rulers kept this place's name Islambaari.

During 1792 and 1802, the then Nawab of Awadh, Muhammad Ali Shah's Begum Rabia, had no children for many years. Then some people advised him to go to Baba of Islamabadi and pray to wish.

It is said that she went to Islamabad and wished for a child. His wish was fulfilled. There is a legend that when she was pregnant, she had a dream again in which she saw that the idol of Hanuman Ji is buried at the same place in Islamabadi and should be removed and set up in a temple.

As a result, after the birth of the child, Rabia Begum went there and the servants of Nawad dug the mound and the idol was taken out from below. Later, the Hanuman Ji idol was cleaned and placed on an elephant by a Nawabi order so that he could be built a temple near the large Imambara of Asaf-daulah.

When everyone was going through the road of the present Aliganj the elephant refused to proceed at the end of the road. The Mahavat made a million attempts, but the elephant remained unmoved.

In the end, Begum Sahiba took the Houda off her back, then he started walking, but later when the Houda was again placed on the elephant, he sat down again. Finally, when the sage of that fence said that 'Begam Sahiba Hanuman Ji does not want to go beyond Gomti River because that is the area of ​​Laxman Ji'.

Then Begum Sahiba installed the idol on the side of the road, near Gomti-shores, and built a temple on it. At that time Gomti River flows near Aliganj.

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Mythologies Related to Naya Hanuman Mandir

Today Naya Hanuman Mandir is more popular in Lucknow than the Purana Hanuman Mandir and believed that Hanuman Ji fulfilling the wishes of those who come here. In this Hanuman Ji temple, the devotee's wishes are fulfilled. After wish fulfillment, devotees hang bells, offer Sindoor Chola, new clothes, flags, etc. here.

There is a legend. During the time of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, Jatmal, a Marwari merchant of saffron musk, came to Lucknow and stayed for several days at the Chowk, but due to its high price, no buyer was also found.

The Marwari businessman was very disappointed and said to the people that 'I had heard a great name of the Nawabs of Awadh, but that all turned out to be a lie'. Even after coming so far, he became very sad at the thought of returning empty-handed and went towards Ayodhya. On coming to this Naya Hanuman temple on the way, when he stopped for rest, then at the behest of people, he asked Hanuman Ji to sell his goods.

Incidentally during those days, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was constructing Kaiserbagh in the name of his Kaiser Begum. Someone gave them a suggestion that if the building of this Kaiserbagh is painted with saffron-musk, then the whole area will become smell. And all the musk from Jatmal was bought at the cost of his mouth. Jatmal's happiness did not stop, he spent his heart openly for the Hanuman Ji temple. Even today, the parasol inscribed on the idol inside the temple is built by this merchant. He built the entire temple anew. The present stupa (dome) is also from that time.

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Best Time to Visit Naya Hanuman Mandir

To go to any temple, all days and all-time are the best. As per the weather of Lucknow, March to May, and September to October is a good time. Morning is the best time for going to Hanuman Ji temple to start a better day with the blessing of Lord Hanuman Ji.

Occasions of Hindu festivals like Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, etc are also good times to visit the temple. Bada Mangal in May is popular in Lucknow. At that time all Hanuman Ji devotees come here to get blessed by Lord Hanuman.

If you want to avoid the crowd then you should come here for visiting on normal days. During festivals and the Bada Mangle festival temple is heavily crowded.

Timing of Temple

Naya Hanuman Ji temple of Lucknow opens daily for the devotees and is more crowded on Tuesday and Saturday. The timing of the Old Hanuman temple is from early morning to late night.

  • Temple Opening Time: Morning 05:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Temple Closing Time: Afternoon 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm

Visiting Time Duration

New Hanuman Ji Temple is very big and spacious and lots of other Gods' small temples are also there like Lord Shiv Ji, Ardhnarieswar, Shani Dev Maharaj, Ganesh Ji temple, Navgrah temple, etc. Visiting all these temples takes almost one hour. It will depend on you how much time you want to expend here, lots of Hanuman Ji devotees sit inside the temple and read Hanuman Chalisa or Aarti.

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Facilities at Naya Hanuman Mandir

The New Hanuman temple has all facilities for devotees and visitors.

  • Outside the temple, lots of sweets shops and Puja items shops are available for visitors.
  • Temple has a good space for organizing various activities.
  • You can easily park your two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles here easily. Here good parking space for vehicles at the front and backside of the temple.
  • Drinking water and washrooms are also there.

Fair and Festivals

At the new Hanuman temple, all the Hindu festivals like Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, Diwali, etc. are celebrated by the temple people and nearby people.

For decades every year, there is a grand fair organized at this place known as Bada Mangal in Lucknow. Bada Mangal festival of Lucknow is a famous thing of Lucknow and many devotees and visitors come here to see it.

Every Tuesday in the Hindi month Jeth (May), this grand fair is organized by Aliganj Shri Mahavir Ji Trust, Lucknow of Naya Hanuman Mandir with Old Hanuman Mandir.

The Bada Mangle Fair of Lucknow organizes from Kapurthala Square to New Hanuman Mandir to the Purana Hanuma Mandir area.

How to Reach Naya Hanuman Mandir

How to Reach Naya Hanuman Mandir
Kapurthala Square of Lucknow

From Lucknow Charbagh railway station, it is only about 8 km far away. You can get a direct city bus to Aliganj or Kapurthala Square from the Lucknow railway station. You can choose an Auto, taxi, Vikram, or cab also from any point in Lucknow to reach here. Naya Hanuman Mandir is situated in the well-known area of Lucknow so reaching it is very easy from any part of Lucknow.

You can go directly on foot from Kapurthala Square or can take a Rickshaw or e-Rickshaw both are available at the square. New Hanuman Mandir is only 250 meters far away from Kapurthala Square.

If you are coming from your own vehicle then there is no issue for two-wheelers but four-wheelers can face some parking issues. The New Hanuman temple's main entrance gate is inside the main road in Aliganj.

Lucknow is the capital of Lucknow so reaching Lucknow from the various cities and states is very easy. There are lots of trains and buses available for Lucknow. For Lucknow, there are lots of direct Aeroplanes available from various cities.

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Address of Temple

The New Hanuman temple is located in Aliganj, Lucknow, and is a famous temple in the Aliganj area. If you ask someone at Aliganj, then anyone can easily guide the temple's direction.

Naya Hanuman Mandir
C-8, Shivani Plaza,
Near ITI Chauraha,
Uttar Pradesh

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you come to Lucknow for any work or for traveling then we recommend that you can visit Naya Hanuman temple, it will be worth visiting for you and you will get blessed by Hanuman Ji.
  • If you are living in Lucknow and have not visited this famous Hanuman Ji Temple of Lucknow then you should visit it once.

Nearby Places to Visit

Lucknow has lots of tourist places to visit but here we mentioned only nearby tourist places to Naya Hanuman Mandir.

The nearest tourist places are Purana Hanuman MandirGulacheen Mandir, and Anchalik Vigyan Kendra. All are situated in Aliganj Lucknow.

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