Kalpavrisha plant or Kalptaru
Parijat Plant
There is a very famous and historical plant called the Parijat tree in the Kintoor village, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India. Parijat tree is a unique type of plant of its kind found in India. It is about more than 5000 years old tree and peoples believes it as living proof of Mahabharat because of many mythological stories related to its mention in Mahabharata.

Parijaat Plant also called by various names such as Kalpavrisha plant and Kalptaru which means a tree who can fulfill your wishes. It is considered a Divine plant due to various mythological stories related to God.

Touching and harming this religious tree is fully prohibited by the local governing bodies and this very large tree is covered by the boundary to restrict the entry near to the Parijaat tree and touching or damaging anything there. This tree looks like Lord Ganesha in an angle and on other angle looks like an elephant. 

Parijaat Plant
Kalpavrisha plant or Kalptaru
According to modern science- Botany, this tree is called Baobab which is found in dry and arid regions such as Africa, Madagascar, Australia, and Arabia. Parijaat plant is a unisex male. It has five petals white color very beautiful flowers which turn into golden color after drying but there is no seed or fruit produced by the tree. It is also unable to produce another plant. Due to uniqueness kind of tree, the Indian Postal Department issued a stamp on the Parijaat tree showing it with flowers.

Mythological Stories

According to local people saying and temple priest Parijaat tree is brought by the Arjun from heaven for his mother Kunti, who wants to use this tree flowers for offering to Lord Shiva during the prayer.

How to Reach to Parijat Plant

Barabanki is a small district of Uttar Pradesh which is fully connected by train and public or private bus facility. But for going to Kintoor you have to take a private taxi or cab. I visited this place with my own car. It is the only two-hours journey from Lucknow and distance between Lucknow and Kintoor is only 72 km.

Nearby places to visit in Barabanki

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