Mahavir Mandir Top Religious Tourist Place to Visit in Patna Bihar

Patna hanuman mandir
Mahavir Mandir Patna

Mahavir Mandir Patna is the top religious tourist place to visit in the Patna city of Bihar. Mahavir Temple is also famous as Hanuman Mandir and Manokamna Mandir in Patna.

Lord Hanuman is also famous as Mahavir's name that's why this Hanuman Mandir is famous as Mahavir Mandir. Mahavir Temple is one of the most sacred Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Mahaveer Mandir is the most famous Lord Hanuman temple in North India. You can just imagine its popularity by the data that Mahavir Mandir Trusts' budget listed in the top ten temples of India.

Tourists or devotes who comes Patna they must visit Mahavir Temple of Patna. North India Hanuman temple of Patna is the second most popular temple after the Hanumangarhi temple of Ayodhya.

During the Ramnavami, Patna railway station is fully filled with devotees and there is a long queue of devotees for getting the Darshan of Lord Hanuman.

In the temple, there is a stone kept from the Ram Setu that weights are about 15 kg and it is floating in the water. This is called here temporary Ramsetu.

History of Mahavir Mandir

Patna Mahavir Temple is not a historical or any type of ancient pilgrimage temple but now it is the top-most popular religious place of the Patna.

As per records, Hanuman Mandir's historical detail was found in the year 1730 when the temple's establishment was carried out by Swami Balanand that was a Ramanandi sect ascetic. At that time this temple was built by collecting donations from the common public on a bullock cart to the fund.

Then this temple was under the Ramananda sect till 1900 AD. After this temple was under the sect of Gosain Sanyasis till 1948 AD.

This temple gained popularity during India's independence year. Lots of refugees came from Pakistan to India during the partition. At that time lots of refugees taken shelter in Patna city railway station near the Hanuman temple.

Then this temple's boundary was built with cement and concrete. The next year in 1948 Patna High court declared this Hanuman temple as a public temple and open for all.

After 35 years, the Hanuman temple's new and grand construction started by Honorable Acharya Kishore Kunal and his devotees. During the years 1983 and 1985 old building was broken and renew the temple with a marble finished building.

Now the present temple is spread around ten thousand square feet area and has sufficient space for many activities.

Mythologies Mahavir Mandir

It is said that, if any devotee prayed to Lord Hanuman with a pure heart then Lord Hanuman always fulfill his wish. That's why this temple is also popular as Manokamna Temple.

Mahavir Mandir Patna Architecture

Patna Mahavir temple architecture is the Nagara style that is popular in Northern India. Temple's main gate is towards to north direction.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has two idols of Lord Hanuman. While there is a statue of Lord Shiva in the corridor of the sanctum sanctorum.

Temple's building has two floors. There are four Sanctum Sanctorum on the first floor of the Mahavir temple. Among all these four one of the Shri Ram temple then Lord Shri Krishna temple, then Goddess Durga temple, and a Lord Shiv temple.

Lord Rama's temple has idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman. At the Krishna temple, you can see idols showing Lord Krishna teaching Arjuna the Gita.

There is a meditation hall and idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Saraswati.

On the second floor, rituals are performed such as Sanskar, Satyanarayan worship, chanting, etc. You can see Sanskar mandap also on the second floor. On the second floor, you can also see the pictures of various scenes of Ramayana is displayed.

There is a large statue of Tulsidas inside the campus of the temple. Temple's walls are filled with various pictures of Ramayana. Temple campus floor is marble finished with beautiful designs.

You can see there are sacred shining brass Kalas on the top of the temple that is seen from the nearby areas easily.

Lord Hanuman's two Idols at Mahavir Mandir

Normally you can't see two idols of Lord Hanuman in the temples sanctum sanctorum but at the Patna Hanuman Mandir, you can see two idols of Lord Hanuman at the same place that are the same in size and shape. The main Attraction of the Patna Mahavir Mandir is the two Idols of Lord Hanuman.

There is Shloka in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita in chapter 4, where Lord Shri Krishna said "Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinasaya Ca Duskrtam Dharma-Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge" that means 'to save sage men, to destroy those who sin, and to establish religion well, I advent myself in every ages after ages.

It is said that pairs of idols of Lord Hanuman works differently for their devotees. One idol is Paritranayya Sadhunam that means it protects good peoples. The second idol is Vinaashaay Ch Dushkrtaam means to remove the evil of evil persons.

Mahavir Mandir Patna Prasad

Mahavir Mandir Patna is also famous for its Naivedyam Prasad. Actually Naivedyam laddus of Tirumala Tirupati Temple is famous for decades. Other famous temples such as Jagannatha Temple, Lord Muruga, etc also offers Naivedyam Prasad.

Initially, Patna Mahavir temple was not sold the Naivedyam laddus as Prasad. But later temple started preparing Naivedyam Laddus for offering to Lord Hanuman. Mahavir temple has experts for the Naivedyam Laddus that come from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

They prepare the Naivedyam laddus that include gram flour, green cardamom, Kashmiri saffron, sugar, cashew nuts, raisins, flavors, and other items in the fixed ratio. Naivedyam Laddus are cooked in pure fresh ghee and make like a small ball shape and size.

Naivedyam is a Sanskrit word that means to offer food to the deity.  Naivedyam Laddus are first offered to Lord Hanuman then distributed to the devotees. Mahavir temple administration runs only a single shop of Laddus which is situated on the temple campus that sells more than 25 K laddus daily.

Maximum devotees purchase the Prasad from the temple's shop. Patna Hanuman Mandir Naivedyam's price would be around 250 to 300 rupees per kg only. When I purchased the Patna Hanuman mandir laddu price was 256 rupees per kg only.

Best Time to Visit Mahavir Mandir

The best time to go Mahavir Mandir will be during Hanuman Jayanti and Ram Navami festival, at that time temple looks so beautiful and lots of religious activities organized inside the campus by the temple committee. Temple also organizes Bhandara for Lord Hanuman devotees.

If you consider the season then the best time to go to the Mahavir temple would be March to April and October to November months. During that period Patna city's weather would be pleasant.

If you consider days in a week then Tuesdays and Saturdays are the most important days for any Lord Hanuman temple. Devotees prefer these days to go temple to worship Lord Hanuman. Manokamna Mandir Patna filled with lots of devotees on Tuesday and Saturday.

If you want to visit the temple when there is no crowd is then you should avoid above mention days.
Temple opens daily so you can go anytime to visit the temple. Morning time will be best to visit the Mahavir temple.

Mahavir Mandir Patna Timing

Patna Hanuman Mandir's opening time is in the morning at 05:00 am and the closing time in the evening is 11:00 pm.
Temple opens daily for the devotees so you can come here at any time to get blessed by Lord Hanuman.

Mahavir Mandir Patna Aarti Timing

Patna Hanuman Mandir does the Lord Hanuman's Aarti five times daily. Mahavir Mandir Patna Aarti timings are given below.

Morning Arti time: 05:00 am
Bhog Aarti time: 11: 00 am
Afternoon Aarti time: 04:00 pm
Evening Aarti time: 07:30 pm
Sayan Aarti time: 10:30 pm

mahavir mandir patna prasad
Daridra Narayan Bhoj for poor peoples at Mahavir Mandir Patna

Hanuman Temple also organizes the Daridranarayan Bhoj at 03:30 pm for the poor people daily in the temple's campus.

Visiting Time Duration

Temple is not spread in many areas so you can easily see the temple within one hour. On normal days you can get Darshan of Lord Hanuman very easily but on special days such as Tuesday, Saturday, and on festival days there is a long queue for the Darshan of Lord Hanuman then time can be increase and depends on the crowd in the temple.

Patna Hanuman Mandir Entry Fees

There is no entry ticket for entry in the temple. You can go there any time to get relaxed from the city's busy life. This place provides you peace of mind and you can do meditation here also.

Facilities at Mahavir Temple

Hanuman Mandir Patna has every facility for the devotees who come to get Darshan of Hanuman Ji.
  • There is a parking stand for vehicle parking but due to heavy crowd space becomes insufficient.
  • There are many free-of-cost slippers stand for devotees where they can remove their footwear.
  • Drinking water and washrooms are available inside the temple campus.
  • Temple has sufficient space inside the temple for various types of activities such as Jagran, Bhandara, and other religious activities.
  • There is Ram- Rasoi in the temple campus where daily food is cooked for the Lord Hanuman devotees who come to the temple. Ram-Rasoi is a community meal system that is run by the temple.
  • If you want to purchase a religious book then there is a book shop inside the temple campus.
  • There is also a religious items shop also.
  • There is astrologers and gems shop for religious activities. You can fulfill this type of need here.
  • Temple's activity and the campus are monitored by CCTV.

Shri Mahavir Sthan Nyas Samiti

Patna Mahavir Mandir is run by the trust Shri Mahavir Sthan Nyas Samiti. This trust also runs many other organizations such as Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Mahavir Vaatsalya Hospital & Mahavir Arogya Hospital, orphanages, and many more.

How to Reach Mahavir Mandir Patna

tourist place in Patna
Patna Junction Railway Station

Mahavir Mandir is situated just outside of the Patna Junction railway station in the north direction. If you come to Patna railway station you can easily see the temple from anywhere on the premises of the railway station.

Patana is the capital of Bihar so reaching Patna from anywhere in India is very easy by railway, airways, and roadways. Patna city is well-connected to major cities of India by air, road, and rail networks. In Patna city the local transports facility also very good you can get e-rickshaw, Rickshaw, Auto, Taxi, Vikram, city bus and private cabs also.

By Air: Lok Nayak Jayaprakash International Patna Airport has good connectivity between India's metro cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, and other top cities such as Lucknow, Vadodara, Bhopal, Indore, etc. Patna Hanuman Mandir is about 6.5 km from the Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport. At the airport, you will get various transport means to reach the Patna railway station or to the temple.

By Road: Patna city has good connectivity by the road network from different cities. You can reach here by road easily by your own vehicle or by roadways or private buses or cabs. Every city bus has a stoppage at the Patna railway station. ISBT Patna is about 10 km from the railway station of Patna. You get easily a city bus, taxi, Vikram, etc to reach the temple here.

By Railway: Patna Junction railway station is one of the busiest railway stations in north India that has connectivity to maximum parts of India's cities. So reaching Patna by train is the easiest way. To reaching the Mahavir temple you have to just come out from the railway station and you would reach the temple.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you go to the temple you should go to the third floor of the temple and see the mesmerizing view of Patna city from the temple.
  • Photography is not allowed inside at many parts of the temple.
  • Please remove footwear before entering the temple campus.
  • You can purchase sweets from anywhere near the temple from the sweets shop but it will be better if you purchase it from the temple's Naivedyam laddus inside the temple to offer the Lord Hanuman.
  • You should see Ram Setu's stone kept in the temple that is floating in the water.

Places to visit near Patna

There are lots of tourist places to visit in Patna for tourists such as Shri Patan Devi temple, Golghar, Gandhi Maidan, Patna Museum, Patna Planetarium, Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Funtasia Water Park, Kamaldah Jain Temple, ISKCON Temple, etc.

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