Hanuman Garhi Temple Ayodhya-Hanuman Ji Guarded Shri Ram Janambhoomi

Ayodhya- The Ram Janam Bhoomi
Hanuman Garhi-Ayodhya

Ayodhya is a divine place for every Hindu and it is very famous worldwide due it is the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram. Ayodhya is the city of Lord Rama and is known as Ram Janambhoomi. Where Lord Rama lives, Hanuman Ji also always resides. Ayodhya has lots of Hindu God, Goddess temples. Hanuman Garhi is a very famous temple of Ayodhya. Hanuman Garhi is the temple of Lord Hanuman. Every devotee or tourist who comes to Ayodhya always visits the Hanuman Garhi.

Hanuman Garhi Temple is one of the most prominent temples present in Ayodhya which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is situated on a mound in the center of Ayodhya. An idol of Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman is enshrined in the Hanumangarhi temple. It is believed that by visiting here and offering red Chola to Hanuman Ji one gets freedom from all kinds of faults and by blessing Hanuman Ji one gets success and prosperity in life.

Shri Hanuman's idol is seated in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Behind them is the court of Lord Rama. That court has the statues of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Mata Sita. At Hanumangarhi mandir, the idol of Pavanputra Hanuman Ji is always adorned with flowers and garlands. Chaupaiya of Hanuman Chalisa is adorned on the walls of the temple.

Daily thousands of Shri Hanuman's devotees visit Hanuman Garhi Mandir to offer prayers and seek Lord Hanuman’s protection from evils and blessings for happiness and prosperity. You can feel peace and relaxation here. Lord Hanuman devotees sit here for hours. Devotees reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and the Sundar Kand here.

Hanuman Garhi Temple Architecture

Hanuman Garhi is a very ancient temple in Ayodhya that is situated at a height. The temple of Shri Hanuman Ji known as Hanuman Garhi is located within the fort located at the western gate of Ram Kot. In fact, Hanuman Garhi is a cave temple that is reached by 76 stairs. Hanuman Garhi Mandir is in rectangular shape that has four circular bastions at each corner.

The manner in which this temple has been constructed is very memorable. After climbing the stairs comes the place where Shri Hanuman Ji used to reside. Hanuman Garhi is a huge structure that is a four-way fort shaped with circular bastions in each corner. Just beneath the temple, there is a big hall where you can see the various ceremony in process.

There is a huge Lord Hanuman statue with a nice golden umbrella adjacent to the temple. Temple has also a statue of Baal Hanuman with his mother Anjani. Hanuman Garhi temple is the tallest building in Ayodhya which can be seen from all four sides. This huge temple and its residential complex are spread over 52 bighas. Hanuman Garhi temple is a very colorful temple and looks so beautiful.

Hanuman Garhi Mandir Ayodhya
Inner View of Hanuman Garhi Temple

Hanuman Garhi Mythology

Lord Hanuman is an extreme devotee of Lord Shri Ram. So he lives with Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. According to religious beliefs, this is the place where Lord Rama gave his beloved devotee Hanuman to come to Ayodhya after the victory of Lanka. Lord Hanuman Ji used this place for watching and protecting Ayodhya.

Along with this, Shri Rama also gave the right that whoever will come to Ayodhya for darshan him, he has to first, worship Lord Hanuman at Hanumangarhi Mandir.

Hanuman Garhi History

Hanuman Garhi Ayodhya temple history is linked with Lord Shri Ram. Shri Hanuman Ji is considered the Kotwal of Ayodhya city because Ayodhya is the birthplace of Shri Ram and Shri Ram was the King of Ayodhya. Shri Hanuman Ji lived in Ramkot which is situated in the west direction from the Shri Ram's birthplace in Ayodhya. It was considered that Shri Hanuman Ji supervised the city of Ayodhya from here.

Firstly King Vikramaditya revived the city of Ayodhya to its original glory and collected followers of the Sanatana religion and built a temple of Sri Hanuman at the same place which was near Ramkot in Ayodhya. Hanuman Garhi temple was constructed near the 10th century.

Renovation and rebuilding of Hanuman Garhi were done during the time Ayodhya was under the Nawabs of Awadh and Faizabad was their capital. During the reign of Nawab, he built a fort around this temple.

It is said that, once the only son of Nawab of Awadh suffers from the disease then Nawab asked to wish at Hanuman Garhi for the protection of his son. Sankatmochan Hanuman cured the Nawab's son, after which the Nawab not only renovated the Hanumangarhi temple but also wrote on this copperplate that it would never claim any king or ruler over this temple and no tax will be collected from the offerings here.

Nawab gave a huge form to this dilapidated temple and provide land for Hanumangarhi. The temple construction was completed under the cooperation and direction of Saint Abhayaramdas who was a disciple of the Nirvani Arena.

Lord Hanuman Aarti

At Hanuman Garhi temple, Shri Hanuman's regular worship is done by Archana, Aarti, and Abhishekam. It would be an amazing experience for you during Ram Naam Kirtan and Aarti of Lord Hanuman. If you have some time you must attend.

Hanuman Garhi Temple Timings

Hanumangarhi mandir opens daily for the devotees. So you can come to any day here to visit Lord Hanuman and get blessed.
  • Hanuman Garhi Temple's opening time is at 05:00 am in morning every day.
  • Hanuman Garhi Temple's closing time is at 10:00 pm in the evening every day.

Hanuman Garhi Temple Visiting Time Duration

It purely depends on the time when you go to the temple. If you go temple during festivals or any special occasion then you have to spend more time getting Darshan of Lord Hanuman Ji.
On normal days 1 to 2 hours is sufficient to see the temple completely and get blessed by Lord Hanuman.

Prasad at Hanuman Garhi Temple

At any Hanuman temple, yellow-colored sweets are offered to Hanuman Ji such as Basan or Boondi Ladoos. At Hanuman Garhi Mandir Besan Ladoos are offered prominently as offerings.

Hanuman Ji is regularly offered with the Deshi Ghee Poori with Vegetables. On Tuesday and Saturday, Halua is offered to Hanuman Ji.

Festivals and Fairs at Hanuman Garhi Temple

At the Hanuman Garhi, various fairs are organized during Hindu festivals such as Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, Dussehra, Deepawali, etc. During various festivals and fairs, there is a flow of devotees in the temple.

At Hanuman Garhi even today, the birthday of Sankatmochan is celebrated at midnight on the day of Chhoti Diwali.

Facilities at Hanuman Garhi Mandir

  • There are lots of sweet and prasad shops available for the devotees.
  • Some food and snack shops are also available.
  • Drinking water is available inside the Hanuman Garhi temple campus.
  • Parking space is available for vehicles.

Best Time to Go Hanuman Garhi Ayodhya

You can go any time to Hanuman Garhi temple in Ayodhya to get blessings and see this historical place related to Lord Ram and Hanuman. There are a lot of pilgrims who come on Tuesday and Saturday to Hanuman Garhi temple, as those days are considered to be special for Hanuman Ji worship.

But the best time to go to Hanuman Garhi is during any Hindu festivals such as Ramnavmi, Diwali, Dusshera, Hanuman Jayanti, etc when the Hanuman Garhi Mandir is beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. Temple is so crowded and lakhs of devotees come here to see Lord Hanuman.

If you want to see the Hanuman Garhi temple relaxing and get meditated here then the best time for you to avoid any Hindu festivals period and go on normal days.

As per the season, the best time period would be February to March and September to November. At that time environment of Ayodhya would be pleasant.

For any temple, the best time to go is morning so if you reach in the morning to Hanuman Garhi temple then you can spend some more time here and get meditate here.

How to reach Hanuman Garhi Temple

Hanuman Garhi temple is nearest to the main road so easy to reach there. It is only 2 km far from the Ayodhya Bus stand. Hanuman Garhi Mandir is located only 1km away from Ayodhya railway station and is situated on the banks of river Saryu. 

You would easily get an e-Rickshaw, auto, and tempo for Hanuman Garhi temple from the bus stand and railway station. You can go directly to the temple on foot also. There are many temple direction signboards available on the road so you will easily reach Hanuman Garhi.

Ayodhya is well connected to nearby cities such as Lucknow, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, etc by railway and bus services.

You can reach there within 3 to 4 hours from Lucknow by train or Bus. It is only 135 km from Lucknow. There is no airport in Ayodhya, the nearest airport is in Lucknow.

By Airway: Nearest Airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport at Amausi Lucknow that far away about 150 km and about 177 km from Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Shahganj, Varanasi.

By Roadway: Ayodhya is about 150 km far from Lucknow Alambagh bus stand. Ayodhya is well connected by roadways and buses with nearby cities.

By Railway: Ayodhya is well connected to various popular cities of India by rail network. You will easily get direct trains to Ayodhya from various cities. You will easily get trains for Ayodhya from Lucknow.

Hanuman Garhi Temple Address

Sai Nagar,
Ayodhya, 224123
Uttar Pradesh

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • At Ayodhya, you can see monkeys everywhere. Beware of monkeys. Monkey’s bunch can climb up the stairs and snatch Prasad and food items from you.
  • Hanuman Garhi temple does not allow photography inside the temple campus.
  • Please remove your slippers before entering the temple campus.
  • The elderly people can face difficulties to reach the temple inside through the stairs so go slowly and must use the railing on the stairs of the temple.
  • Be careful with pocket pickers. At such a divine place some bad people misuse the crowd.
  • If you visit Ayodhya, I would recommend you must visit the Hanuman Gari temple once. It is the ultimate peaceful place in Ayodhya.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit from Ayodhya

Ayodhya is the most popular pilgrim place of Hindus due to the birthplace of God Shri Ram. So there are lots of places to visit related to Shri Ram like Saryu River, Shri Ram Janam Bhumi, Kanak Bhawan, etc. 

There are lots of tourist places in the nearby cities of Ayodhya. Barabanki has historical tourist places related to Mahabharata like Parijaat tree and Lodheswar Mahadev Mandir. There are lots of tourist places in Lucknow for the tourists like Chandrika Devi temple, Bhoolbhulaiya, etc.

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