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Lucknow Residency

British Residency
Lucknow Residency
There is a famous historical monument in the Lucknow called Lucknow Residency or British Residency. British Residency now ruins but has a special place among the colonial monuments of Lucknow. Since it is a historical landmark, Archaeological Survey of India kept it under the reserved and protected monument and it under the maintenance of Government of Lucknow.

History of Lucknow Residency

British Residency construction started in 1775 by the Awadh’s Nawab Asaf-Uf-Daula and completed in 1800 by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan for the residence of British General. Residency building is spread over 33 acres of land in Lucknow near the Gomti River.

In Indian history year, 1857 will be always be remembered due to the first war of Indian Independence against the British kingdom. During the world famous Indian first revolt in 1857 Lucknow sieged from 1 July 1857 to 17 November 1857 then British Residency becomes the center of all British activities and operations. Almost every British and European who lived in Lucknow at that time took shelter in this Residency. 

British Residency is very spacious and large that why during this Seige of Lucknow for more than 140 days it served as a shelter for approximately 3500 British peoples. British Residency walls full of cannon balls marks and damaged badly at that time. Till date walls have scars of the cannon balls showing Indian Independence revolt symbol. 

Lucknow Residency
Lucknow Residency presences of cannon balls mark
Lucknow Residency Museum
Now British Residency is known as Lucknow Residency or Residency and converted into a Museum. It serves as a monument of the First Indian Independence war and consists that time Residency model, photographs, paintings, guns, swords, cannons, etc. It shows the story of 1857 in chronological sequence. It is also popular as 1857 Memorial Museum.

Visiting Time of Lucknow Residency

It opens at 10:00 am to 05:00 pm and closed on Monday. There is an entry fee for all visitors. It has all facilities such as food stalls, washroom, drinking water, etc. So it is overall a good place if you go to Lucknow and want to see such a famous monument.

How to Reach Lucknow Residency

It is situated at Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Qaisebagh, Lucknow. Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh so reaching to Lucknow from anywhere no problem. You can reach Lucknow easily by railway, bus or Aeroplane.

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