Jai Shri Laxman Siddh Baba Mandir Dehradun

Char sidh in Dehradun
Jai Shri Laxman Siddh Baba Mandir Dehradun

There are four very famous and old Siddh temples in Dehradun. Among all four Laxman Siddh Temple is very famous than others. Every local person of Dehradun knows about these temples and goes there during the fairs organized and festivals. Laxman Siddh Temple is situated in the dense, beautiful, cool forest of Lachhiwala where you can feel the solitude and pray to God easily. There is a Shiv temple also where Lord Shiv Shivling is established.

There is no statue inside the Laxman Siddh temple. There is a big brown marble Chabutra on which a beautiful Om is established which is made of brass metal. There is a small Trishul near the OM which is also made up of brass. Laxman Siddh considered Lord Shiva Swaroop. That's why we worship Lord Shiv.

Laxman Siddh temple has very religious value in Dehradun that's why former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Harish Rawat Ji in November 2016 and current Chief Minister Shri Trivandra Singh Rawat Ji visited this temple in April 2017 for the bright future and economic prosperity of Uttarakhand state.

History of Laxman Siddh Temple

History of Laxman Siddh related to Lord Dattatreya. As per the Hindu religious story during Treta Yug, when the Trinity- Bramha, Vishnu, and Shiva, come down to Earth to test the penance of Maharshi Atri and Sati Anasuya. They were happy with Mata Anasuya and give the promise to born to her baby from his womb. Trinity born as Lord Dattatreya. Lord Dattatreya trained 84 of their disciples for human welfare. These disciples went all over India and started 'Tapasya' and human welfare. All these 84 places where Lord Dattatreya disciples did Tapasya and human welfare work are today known as Siddh Peeth. Laxman Siddh is among these 84 Siddh Peeth.

As per legends, Lord Laxman came here for did penance for getting rid of the blame of 'Brahmahatya'. That's why this place is known as Laxman Siddh. As per another legend, Lord Dattatreya's disciple Saint Swami Laxman did penance here and taken Samadhi here.

There is a well about 400 meters far from the Laxman Siddh temple. The story is about the well is that initially in the well, milk came out but later Lord Laxman by his power started the water to came out in this well.

Four Siddh Peeth Temples of Dehradun

Dehradun city has four Siddha Peeth among the 84 Siddha Peeth. These Siddh Peeths are very popular in Dehradun as ‘Char Siddh of Dehradun’. All these are situated in the outer of the city. All four Siddha Peeth listed below.
  1. Laxman Siddh
  2. Kalu Siddh
  3. Madu Siddh
  4. Manak Siddh
As per the belief of local peoples a person who visits all 'Char Siddh of Dehradun' in a single day without eating food, his wish will be completed. Among all 'Char Siddh Peeth of Dehradun', Laxman Siddh is more popular than others.

Laxman Siddh Fair at Laxman Siddh Temple

Every year on the last Sunday of April month there are huge fairs and Bhandara for devotees is organized by the Laxman Siddh Mandir Samiti. The Laxman Siddh fair is so popular in Dehradun and nearby cities. During the festival, lots of devotees come from different states also. You can see the traditional culture of the local people during the Laxman Siddh fair.

You can also see the various types of local food items during the festival. Laxman Siddh Mela is a local religious fair that is awaited by local devotees to celebrate with joy. Laxman Siddh temple has lots of space and facilities for the devotees for resting and spending time during the festival.

Things to Remember of Laxman Siddh Temple

  • Laxman Siddh temple not allowed to Marriage for anyone.
  • You can contact the temple committee if you want to organize the feast or Bhandara for devotees.

Best Time to Visit Laxman Siddh Temple

Laxman Siddh temple opens every day and you can visit it any day this temple. You can go any Sunday to visiting the Laxman Siddh temple it will be good. Every Sunday there is a fair organized by the temple and a feast or Bhandara for devotees also organized. Every Sunday there is a huge crowd and the rest of the day you also get the crowd but due to fair and Bhandara, Sunday is the most crowded day in the temple.

The best time to visit this temple will be the last Sunday of April month when the Laxman Siddh temple fair is organized. You can go there from March to April when the environment of Dehradun is good for visiting tourist places. The best timing will be from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm for visiting the temple. On Mahashivratri Laxman Siddh temple is also very crowded and a huge queue of devotees are there for visiting the Laxman Siddh and Lord Shiv Shivling.

Timing of Laxman Siddh Temple

Daily in the morning at 08:00 am Arti of Laxman Siddh is started by the priest. If you reached before 08:00 am you can see it. Laxman Siddh Temple is opened in the morning at 07:00 am and closed at 09:30 pm in the night. For the Laxman Siddh temple visiting time will be 1-2 hours. You can visit the complete temple within 2 hours.

Worship in Laxman Siddh Temple

All 'Char Siddh temple of Dehradun' has worship method is the same and mainly you have to offer Jaggery (Gud) to Laxman Siddh. Other than Jaggery, devotees also offer Ghee, Curd, and Gram (Chana). There are Prasad shops which mainly sell Jaggery, flower, Dhoop, etc. The priest kept half part of Jaggery and return you the remaining part of Jaggery.

There is a very ancient 'Akhand Dhuna' inside the Laxman Siddh. Devotees and priests offer woods or 'Hawan items' etc in the Dhuna. Devotees keep the ashes of Dhuna as the Prasad of Laxman Siddh. Before starting the Bhandara, the first plate of the food items always offered in this Dhuna. After this, the Bhandara starts.

Facilities of Laxman Siddh Temple

  • Parking space is there but at its own risk. There is no parking stand for vehicles.
  • Drinking water is available for the devotees.
  • Washroom facilities are also available.
  • A big resting hall also available for devotees.
  • There are many Prasad shops where you can purchase Prasad.
  • Food and snack shops are available on the Laxman Siddh temple campus.

How to Reach Laxman Siddh Temple

Address of Laxman Sidh Temple Dehradun
Directions of Laxman Siddh temple at Dehradun Haridwar road

Laxman Siddh Mandir is situated near Harrawala on Haridwar-Rishikesh National Highway 7. Laxman Siddh Temple is about 13 km from the Dehradun railway station. From the ISBT bus stand, it will be approximately 14 km. The Jolly Grant Dehradun Airport is about 12 km far away from Laxman Siddh Temple.

If you coming from the train to Dehradun then you can go to the Harrawala railway station. It is the nearest railway station to Laxman Siddh Temple and about 2 km from the temple. You will be reached in the temple within 10 to 15 minutes.

From Dehradun, you have to take a bus for Harrawala which will you drop at the main road of the Haridwar-Rishikesh highway. From there temple is only one km. On Sunday you will get Vikram also for the temple. It will be better to book a private taxi or cab for the temple if you are new in the city and don't know the exact address of the temple.

Address of Laxman Siddh Temple

Jai Shri Laxman Siddh Baba Mandir,
Lachhiwala Range, Doiwala Road,
Near Harrawala, Dehradun,
Uttarakhand 248005, India

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • Photography is allowed so you can take lots of pics with dear ones. Temple location is good so you can enjoy photography also.
  • I will recommend going to Laxman Siddh temple on any Sunday because every Sunday fair and feast organized. You will get Vikram easily and the temple will be crowded on Sunday.
  • Laxman Siddh Temple is situated in the forest so there are lots of monkeys. Don't carry food items in your hands, monkeys can snatch these items and can harm you.
  • As a good tourist and a person, we should respect all these places and help and support the cleanliness of these places. So don't throw garbage here and there, use dustbins.

Nearby Places to Visit from Laxman Sidh

Near the Laxman Siddh Temple, you can also visit Lachhiwala and Daat Kali Mandir that would be the nearest tourist places from here for tourists.

The other famous Kalu Sidh temple is also situated in this area of Dehradun that can you visit easily from here.

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