Jai Maa Daat Kali Manokamna Siddh Peeth Mandir Dehradun

Daat Kali Mandir Dehradun
Jai Maa Daat Kali Manokamna Siddh Peeth Mandir Dehradun

Jai Maa Daat Kali Manokamna Siddh Peeth Mandir is popularly known as Daat Kali Mandir in Dehradun. Daat Kali Mandir is among the popular temples of the Dehradun. Daat Kali Mandir is dedicated to the Goddess Kali. Goddess Kaali is the avatar of Goddess Shakti. Maa Daat Kali Mandir is considered as the Sidh Peeth temple. Every devotee of Maa Daat Kali comes here to get blessings before starting new work. It is situated outer of the city on the National Highway Number 72 A Dehradun Saharanpur road. Maa Daat Kali is situated in a beautiful forest area near the mountains.

History of Daat Kali Mandir Dehradun

The history of Daat Kali temple is about 220 years old. As per information, this temple was initially situated in the middle of the forest. Later this temple was established on 13th June 1804, during the construction of the Dehradun Saharanpur highway. At the time of temple construction, there was no tunnel. After 20 years of Daat Kali temple establishment, the first tunnel of Dehradun on the Dehradun-Saharanpur highway was built. Then more devotees of Maa Kali started to come to the temple who were unable to come before the tunnel and the temple becomes more popular.

Mythologies of Daat Kali Temple

Jai Maa Daat Kali Temple Ashkrodi Dehradun Uttarakhand
Maa Daat Kali Temple Dehradun

As local peoples saying, during the construction of the National Highway 72 a project engineer dreamed of Maa Kali and decided to build the temple of Maa Kali. Then this project engineer gives a Maa Kali statue to a priest Mahant Sukhbir Gusain for establishing the Maa Kali temple.

During the British ruling period, Britishers want to make a way to enter Dehradun. After lots of tries, they were unable to make a tunnel then they go to Maa Daat Kali temple and request Maa Kali for the tunnel. There is also another temple of Maa Kali known as ‘Bhadrkali Mandir’ which was established by the Balbhdra Thapa.

As per Maa Daat Kali devotees, the person who reads the 'Daat Chalisa' for 11 days with full faith in Maa Daat Kali his all troubles vanished.

Worship of Maa Daat Kali

Near the temple, there is many sweets and worship items shop where you can purchase many things to offer Maa Kali. Devotees offer oil, ghee, flour, coconut, sweets, etc. If you want to offer more things you can also offer it, all things related to worship are available in nearby shops.

Ghat Kali Temple to Daat Kali Temple

As per very old local peoples of Dehradun and nearby area Daat Kali Temple was previously known as Ghat Kali temple. Mountains are called Ghat in Hindi and since this Maa Kali temple was situated in the mountains so this temple is known as Ghat Kali temple. Daat meaning in Hindi is 'a thing use to close the mouth of anything' such as cork'.

Daat Kali Mandir Importance in Dehradun

Local peoples of Dehradun, if they purchase a new vehicle, car, bike, etc. then they go to the Daat Kali Mandir for the blessing of Maa Kali to protect from the accidents, evil eyes, and other problems. They believe that they and their vehicle will remain safe. Maa Daat Kali Mandir priest also conducts special worship for the safety of vehicles. The priest uses coconut, black thread, and Vahan Durga Yantra. Maa Daat Kali is considered as Goddess of Uttarakhand. Dehradun and nearby cities peoples use to tie the 'Chunari' of Maa Daat Kali in the vehicle.

What to See at Daat Kali Mandir Dehradun

For the last 100 years continuously there is a divine flame burning inside the Daat Kali Mandir, so Maa Daat Kali Mandir becomes more attractive for the devotees. This Daat Kali temple is a Siddh Peeth and devotee comes here for fulfilling their wishes and desires.

Functions Celebrated at Daat Kali Mandir

Navratri is the main function of the Maa Daat Kali Mandir. Temple organize the huge worship of Maa Daat Kali during this festival. Temple also organizes a huge feast for the Maa Daat Kali devotees. Temple also distributes Prasad to every devotee. Before the new tunnel, during the festivals, there was a huge crowd of Maa Daat Kali devotees, and then for some time highway had to stop to avoid accidents but now the highway is totally free and there is no rush of vehicles.

Maa Daat Kali temple was established on 13th June 1804. As per the Hindu calendar, on the Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Aashad month. Since then every year's annual function is organized. The annual function of Maa Daat Kali Mandir is celebrated very joyfully by the Maa Kali devotees.

Daat Kali Mandir Tunnel Dehradun
Inside pic of the Daat Kali temple Dehradun

Every year six days temple annual function is organized by the temple committee and the nearby local people at a very hugely level. They organize a huge feast for the devotees of the Maa Daat Kali every year and also distributed the Prasad to every devotee. They also organize the Jagran in which lots of peoples participate actively.

Maa Daat Kali Mandir Samiti always organize feast (Bhandara) for Maa Kali devotees every Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

Best Time to Visit Daat Kali Mandir Dehradun

Before the new tunnel started, there was heavy traffic of vehicles. So devotees were unable to visit the temple properly. Now, this road is traffic-free and no roadways and heavy vehicles pass from the road. You can go to Maa Daat Kali Mandir anytime in the year. But going during the Navratri will be more beneficial.

Since Dehradun is a hill city temperature goes very down during winter so the best time will be from March to June for visiting the Maa Daat Kali temple. For visiting the temple the best time will be from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Timing of Daat Kali Mandir Dehradun

Maa Daat Kali Mandir opens in the early morning at 05:00 am and closed late at night at 09:00 pm.
Maa Daat Kali Mandir is not so big so you can visit the whole temple within an hour. But if you are going for some special purpose then the time may be increased. On the highway near Maa Daat Kali Mandir two other small temples also. So you can also go there.

Facilities at Daat Kali Mandir

  • There is a big hall inside the temple where you can sit and rest.
  • Washrooms and drinking water available.
  • The vehicle parking facility is there but at your own risk.
  • Sweets, worship items, and refreshment shops are available there.

How to Reach Daat Kali Mandir

Before starting the new tunnel on the Dehradun Saharanpur highway anyone who went outside the Dehradun by State transport bus or private bus to Saharanpur side always saw the Maa Daat Kaali Mandir. Because it is situated near the tunnel on the main highway can be easily visible. But after starting the new tunnel, this road becomes optional and now only Maa Daat Kali devotees go to this road for visiting Maa Daat Kali. The new tunnel has a two-way road and easily transport buses and private vehicles can go to Saharanpur and come to Dehradun without waiting for their chance near the tunnel.

Reaching to Maa Daat Kali is very easy from the Dehradun. There are many direct city buses that go to Maa Daat Kali. You will get these city buses from ISBT and Clement Town stoppage. You can get also Vikram, Auto, and a taxi to the temple.  You can also get Vikram from Clement Town for Maa Daat Kaali. Maa Daat Kali temple is approximately 8 km from the ISBT Dehradun and more than 12 km from the Dehradun railway station. The distance between the Airport and Maa Daat Kali Mandir is approx. 39 km. You will not get a direct city bus or Vikram from the railway station and from the airport, you have to book a private taxi or auto. Going to Maa Daat Kali by own vehicle also a good option for those who have vehicles.


Jai Maa Daat Kali Manokamna Siddh Peeth Mandir
NH 72A, Near Dehradun Saharanpur Tunnel,
Ashkrodi, Uttarakhand.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • Photography inside the temple is not allowed. Especially where the Maa Daat Kali statue is established.
  • Maa Daat Kali temple is situated in the forest area so there are lots of monkeys. So be careful from them they can snatch food items from you and can harm your kids.
  • There are two small temples also so you can also visit those temples.

Nearby Places to Visit 

If you are going to Daat Kali Temple from Dehradun then two popular places Lachhiwala and Laxman Sidh temple would be on the way that can you visit.

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