Mahamaya Maa Bala Sundari Mandir Sudhowala Dehradu

Mahamaya Bala Sundari
Maa Bala Sundari Mandir Sudhowala Dehradun 

Hindu Goddess Maa Vaishno Devi’s ‘Baal Roop’ called Maa Bala Sundari. There are lots of temples of Maa Bala Sundari Devi in India and the most famous Maa Bala Sundari Mandir is situated in Tirlokpur, Himachal Pradesh.

One of the popular temples of Maa Bala Sundari is situated at Sudhowala in Dehardun. This temple is situated inside the lush green dense forest which is approximately 3.5 km from Sudhowala in the South-West direction. Temple has other God's statues also such as Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, etc.

Mahamaya Bala Sundari is an infant state of Goddess Vaishno Devi. This Maa Devi has three main ‘Roops’ which are Maa Lalita Devi, Maa Bala Sundari Devi, and Maa Tribhavini Devi.

This temple is considered as Sidh Peeth Mandir of Maa Bala Sundari and it is believed it a very old temple and the actual Pindi form of Maa Bala Sundari is in the small old temple where devotees go for worship since time immemorial.

Bala Sundari Dehradun
Jagran at Balasundari Sudhowala Dehradun

During the Hindu festival Navaratri every year there is a very big function is organized by the Maa Bala Sundari Trust, Sudhowala. Lots of devotees of Maa Bala Sundari came here to celebrate and participate in this function.

Sharada Navaratri and Vasanta Navaratri celebrated here annually. During the festival, lots of cultural activities organized by the Maa Bala Sundari Trust and students study in a nearby place of Sudhowala.

There is also an arrangement of the feast for all devotees who come here during this period. The Mahamaya Bala Sundari Mandir annual function is celebrated at a huge level at the temple.

Mythologies of Mahamaya Bala Sundari Mandir

Mahamaya Bala Sundari
Mahamaya Bala Sundari

As per local devotees saying that a King who was the devotee of Maa Bala Sundari was traveling with the Maa Bala Sundari statue and a burning lamp traveling. That king and his troop were stopped here during in night for resting. The next day when the King starts the journey again then he was unable to lift the Maa Bala Sundari statue. Then the king decided to build the Maa Bala Sundari temple here.

Maa Bala Sundari Temple Timing

Bala Sundari Mandir opens daily in the early morning and closes in the late evening.

You can go there any time to see Maa Bala Sundari and get blessed. Temple is not so big so you can easily get darshan and see the whole temple in half an hour.

Best time to go Maa Bala Sundari Mandir

Navratri and the annual function of the temple will be the best time to see the temple's beauty and getting blessed by Maa Bala Sundari. March and April's months are the best time as per seasons.

Facilities at Maa Bala Sundari Mandir

  • Temple has a good space for organizing various functions during the festivals.
  • Lots of vehicle parking space is available.
  • Drinking water is available for the devotees.

Mahamaya Maa Bala Sundari Mandir How to Reach

Balasundari Mandir Sudhowala Dehradun
Jai Maa Balasundari Yatayat Sahkari Samiti Ltd

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand so reaching Dehradun is very easy by railways, Bus, and Aeroplanes. Maa Bala Sundari Mandir is situated at Sudhowala in Dehradun which is approximately 11 to 12 km from Dehradun Bus stand ISBT and railway station. You can go there by private auto, taxi or cab as per your choice.

There is also direct service from Premnagar to Mahamaya Maa Bala Sundari Mandir Suddhowala. There is a taxi stand called Jai Maa Bala Sundari Yatayat Sahkari Samiti Ltd. in the Prem Nagar bus stoppage where you can get direct vehicle Tata Magic at a nominal charge of Rs. 20/- per person that will go up to the temple at the main gate.

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TouristBugs Recommendations

  • Mahamaya Bala Sundari mandir is situated in the forest area so there are lots of monkeys in this area so beware of them.
  • It is a beautiful and peaceful place so if you live nearby the area of Suddhowala then you can go once here with your family or friends to see Maa Bala Sundari and relax.

Nearby Places to Visit

There are many nearby places to visit near the Bala Sundari temple. I mention some of them here. You can visit as per your time availability and choice.
I mentioned these names because I personally traveled to all these places.

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