Shri Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir Dehradun Uttarakhand

Prithvi Nath Mahadev Temple
Shri Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir Dehradun Uttarakhand

Dehradun is a place full of tourist places and various historical temples. Dehradun, the city of Uttarakhand, situated amidst the Shivalik hills. The natural beauty of Dehradun and the history of many ancient temples attract thousands of devotees. The mythological significance of the city of Dehradun, famous as the Taposthali of the Sage Muni, is revealed due to the famous ancient temples located here.

Shri Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir of Dehradun one of the very ancient Lord Shiva temple. It is said the Shivling emerged from the ground itself so this is the Swambhoo Shivling. Prithvi Nath is one of the names of Lord Shiva. Prithvi Nath means Lord of Earth.

The temple is called Shri Prithvi Nath temple because the Shivling established here is in the form of the earth that is filled with water always. At Prithvi Nath Mahadev temple trinity is established at the one place in the form of Pindies. One Pindi is for Lord Brahma, one for Lord Vishnu and the Shivling is under the water-filled form in the earth's shape. There is a brass snake around the Shivling.

There are not the only Shivling in this temple. You can see other God's statues here. Such as Lord Ganesha, Radha Krishna, Maa Kaali, Laxminarayan, Maa Gauri, and Panchmukhi statue of Hanuman Ji.

There is a very old two bael tree on the campus of Shri Prithvi Nath Mandir is not easily seen in any Shiv temple. One of the Bael trees is male and another is a female tree that provides fruits always in the year. Devotees who come to this temple always worship these Bael trees and tide thread around the stem of trees and wish.

Prithvi Nath Mandir History

According to the Puranas, this temple was established by Guru Dronacharya, the guru of the Kauravas and Pandavas. Guru Dronacharya was live at Tapkeshwar Dham Dehradun and worshiped Lord Shiva. He had learned Archery here by Lord Shiva.

Once Guru Dronacharya dream that Lord Shiv telling about this place. Then Guru Dronacharya search for this place. Lord Shiva tells Guru Dronacharya there is Shivling that is in the form of Earth and at that place always water will be filled. The shape of the Shivling is round. After searching this place the huge temple of Lord Shiva built here.

Mythologies of Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir

Devotees believe that if you wish here by heart and worship Lord Shiva by true hear then your wish will be fulfilled early.

Once the temple priest wanted to shift the Shivling from the original place to a different place in the temple then Lord Shiva came into his dream tells me not to do this.

Festivals at Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir

The annual function of this temple is celebrated at a very grand level in the temple. Every year during the annual function, an Akhand Jyoti brings from the very famous Balaji temple of Rajasthan here. This Akhand Jyoti is always kept burn during the year.

Lots of festivals such as Maha Shivratri, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shri Krisna Janamastmi etc. celebrated here. It also organizes many religious activities, and programs every year by the contribution of thousands of devotees and the temple committee members. Temple also organized Bhandara for the devotees at various festivals and occasions. Every year thousands of Lord Shiva devotees come here to worship Shri Prithvi Nath.

During Mahashivratri temple is very crowded with local and nearby city devotees. Sri Prithvi Nath Mahadev Ji is given a grand adornment of Mahakaleshwar form on the lines of Ujjain. During Navratri huge Jagran of Matarani is organized every year. Kal Bhairav Astmi also celebrated here at a good level.

Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir Timing

Prithvi Nath Mandir opens daily in the early morning and closed late in the evening.

Every day there are two times Lord Shivling worship is done by the temple priest in the early morning and in the evening.

You can easily visit the temple and worship every God and offer Prasad on normal days. But during the festival, the temple is crowded and it may take time.

Best Time to Visit at Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir

Mahashivratri is the best time to go to any Shiv mandir but due to the heavy crowd devotees unable to get darshan easily of Shivling. If you will go early morning then you can get darshan easily.

As per the season of Dehradun, February to April and September to October would be a good time to go to the temple.

At any Hindu festivals such as Navratri, Hanuman Jayanti, Janmashtami, etc also a good time to go to the temple.

Facilities at Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir

Temple has every facility for the devotees. Actually, the temple is situated at Saharanpur Chauk so outside the temple, so every facility is available here.
  • Temple has a good space for religious activities and functions like Jagran and Bhandara.
  • Drinking water is available for the devotees.
  • Parking space is not available outside the temple. So you have to park your vehicle another place near the temple.
  • Outside the temple many sweet shops and Prasad shops available.

How to Reach Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir

Prithvinath Mandir is situated at the Saharanpur Chowk in Dehradun. If you reach the Saharanpur Chowk and turn to Jhanda Mela market road then you can see the Shri Prithvinath Mandir at the main road.

Temple is situated only half a kilometer from the Dehradun railway station. The ISBT Dehradun is situated only 5 km far away from the temple. You can reach here from anywhere in Dehradun. You will get easily Vikram, Auto, and city bus easily in Dehradun for Saharanpur Chowk.

You can get a city bus easily from the ISBT Dehradun and railway station. From ISBT bus will charge a maximum of 15 only per person and from the railway, station bus will charge 5 only.

Address of Shri Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir

Shri Prithvi Nath Mahadev Mandir
Saharanpur Chowk,
Jhanda Bazar,
Jhanda Mohalla,
Dehradun, 248001

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you belong to Dehradun or nearby cities then you must visit this temple once. You will not see this type of Shivling temple anywhere.
  • If you come to Dehradun and you have only one hour of free time then you can easily visit this place from the bus stand or railway station.
  • Maintaining any religious place's purity and cleanliness is our main duty. So please support the temple in this work.

Nearby Places to Visit 

Jhanda Mela Bazar and Guru RamRai Darbar Sahib are the nearest places to see here. Both are good places and related to the history of Dehradun.

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