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Shri Balaji Dham Jhajra Dehradun

Shri Siddh Hanuman Mandir 

Balaji Mandir Dehradun
Shri Balaji Dham
Shri Balaji Dham- Shri Siddh Hanuman Mandir is situated at national highway 72, Jhajra, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This temple was established by Baba Ram Kishan Das Barfani in Jhajra in 1957. Balaji is a very famous name of Hindu God Hanuman. Balaji's name is famous in north India. Balaji means Baal Hanuman or the childhood form of Lord Hanuman.

Balaji Mandir Dehradun
Shri Siddh Hanuman Mandir
The most famous Balaji Mandir is Mehandipur Balaji Mandir in Dausa, Rajasthan. Shri Balaji Dham temple is established with the same theme as the Mehandipur Balaji Mandir. Prayer of Balaji and worship methods for the Balaji is the same as in Mehandipur Balaji Mandir. There are the main statue of Shri Balaji, Bhairav Baba and Shri Pretraj Sarkar are established in the Shri Balaji Dham. Other than these God, Lord Shiva, Shivling, Radha Krishna, Durga Mata, Lord Shani, etc statue also there.

Persons who suffer or affected by several types of bad or evil spirits, ghosts come here for getting relief from them by the prayer methods followed by here such as Arji, Sawanani, and Darkhast. In the Balaji Dham, they give special Prasad to offer the Gods. We have to offer Boondi or Boondi k laddu to Shri Balaji and rice with urad daal to Bhairav Baba and Shri Pretraj.

Bhandara (Feast distribution) at Balaji Mandir

Balaji Dham is full of devotees daily but on Saturday and Tuesday there a huge crowd of devotees in the temple because these days are special for the Shri Balaji. Every Tuesday and Saturday there is a feast for all devotees. Bhandara starts in the afternoon after the Prasad or Bhog offered to Shri Balaji.
Since the 16th April 2003 in the Shri Balaji Dham, each and every year Shri Balaji Jayanti or Lord Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on large scale. So there is a huge crowd of Balaji devotees in the temple which is very well managed by the temple authorities. 

Balaji Mandir Dehradun
Bhandara- Feast distribution to every devotee
Shri Balaji Dham Temple facilities

Temple has enough space for all arrangements and all facilities are there such as drinking water, hand or foot-washing water, washroom, meditation area, storage room, shoes or sandal stand, etc. Temple is well managed by the patron, Baba Balram Das Hathyogi.

Shri Balaji Dham Timing

Shri Balaji Dham is open for devotees in the early morning and closes the late night. So you can easily visit the Balaji Mandir during the day period.

Prasad for Balaji

Inside the temple, there is a counter where the special Prasad is distributed for the Balaji offering. The cost of Prasad is Rs. 10 only. This prasad is only offering for Shri Balaji, Bhairav Baba, and Shri Pretraj Sarkar.

There many shops outside the main gate of the temple that sell various types of Prasad for offering other God and Goddess inside the temple. Such as Boondi for Hanuman Ji, Mustered oil Deepak (oil lamp) for God Shani Ji, etc.

How to Reach Shri Balaji Dham

Shri Balaji Dham is on the main road of national highway 72, Jhajra in Dehradun, so its easy to reach there by private car, auto or Bus. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to reach Shri Balaji from the ISBT Dehradun. The total distance is approx. 15 km from ISBT Dehradun to Shri Balaji Dham.

Shri Balaji Dham Temple video

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