Tea Garden Dehradun Uttarakhand

Dehradun tea garden
Arcadia Tea Garden Dehradun

Dehradun is famous for its tourist places in the current time but once Dehradun was also famous for its tea. Arcadia Tea Garden of Dehradun is spread over the 1100 Acre land area in Dehradun. Near Prem Nagar Dehradun DTC Arcadia Tea Estate is situated that is popularly known as Dehradun Tea Garden.

The Dehradun Tea Company (DTC) is 150 old company that is the owner of Arcadia Tea Gardens of Dehradun. The company sells organic green tea in nearby states to Uttarakhand like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, and Jammu & Kashmir.

Tea flower of Tea plant in Dehradun
Tea Flower in Tea Plant at Dehradun Tea Garden

Once the tea of ​​Doon was once famous in the country and abroad for its taste and flavor but after the tea factory closure, the tea gardens of Dehradun also gradually reached the verge of ending. Now there is nothing just a green garden of tea plants that are not well maintained and lots of other plants also inside the tea garden.

Dehradun has various tea estates like Arcadia Grant, East Hopetown, Gudiyabagh, and Herbutpur. There are now only a few operational like Arcadia Tea Garden and others like Sirmour, Kargi, Banjarawala, etc. are now get converted into residential colonies.

Tea Garden Dehradun History

Tea Garden Dehradun History
DTC Ltd Dehradun

Arcadia Tea Estate of Doon Valley was established in 1860 near Prem Nagar Dehradun. Dehradun tea garden plantation work was done by Britishers from the imported tea plants from China that were at that time famous for their flavor, aroma, and also medicinal quality.

During the golden period of the Dehradun tea garden, Dehradun tea was on top of Assam and Darjeeling. Current time areas Vasant Vihar, Rajendra Nagar, Kargi, Panditwadi, and Harbanswala were all once tea gardens.

After the 1940s, when the handling of tea gardens goes to the hand of Zamindars, tea gardens lose their quality.

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Tea Gardens Dehradun Renovation

Tea Garden Dehradun Renovation
New Tea Plantation for Renovation of Dehradun Tea Garden

Now the tea gardens of Doon Valley will smell again with the help of Assam tea plants. DTC India Limited plans to expand and rejuvenate the Dehradun-based Harbanswala and Arcadia Tea Estates. For this, the company has brought 15 thousand Assam species tea plants from Siliguri, West Bengal. DTC India Limited also has 30 thousand saplings being prepared in their own nursery. The company soon will be planting these tea plants in tea gardens.

How to Reach Tea Garden Dehradun

tea in uttarakhand
Way to go for Tea Garden Dehradun

You can reach the Dehradun tea garden very easily from any point in Dehradun. You can come here by either Shimla bypass road or by Chakrata road of Dehradun. Arcadia Tea Garden is situated near Prem Nagar.

Tea Garden Prem Nagar Dehradun
Tea Garden Starting Point from Prem Nagar Dehradun

Dehradun tea garden starts from Martyr Surendra Singh Negi Marg in Prem Nagar and spread from Shyampur to Gorakhpur chowk. You can reach easily Prem Nagar directly from the railway station Prem Nagar. There are many direct city buses from the ISBT bus stand and from the railway station for Prem Nagar.

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TouristBug Recommendations

Tea Plants in Dehradun
Tea Plants in Tea Garden Dehradun

  • Now Tea Garden of Dehradun is not a very attractive tourist destination for travelers and tourists. Local people come here for morning and evening walks, exercise, Yoga, meditation, and rest for some time.
  • If you have not seen a tea garden or tea plants then here you can see them. Not so beautiful but at least you can see the tea garden.
  • If you are nearby Prem Nagar or in Dehradun city, you can once visit this place. It will provide you cool fresh air free of cost which is tough to get in metro cities.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit in Dehradun

Dehradun has lots of tourist places to visit some of the most popular tourist destinations are Sahastradhara, Tapkeshwar temple, FRI, Buddha temple, Chakrata, Gucchu Paani, Lacchiwala, etc.

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