Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda Buddhist Caves Anakapalle Vizag

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Bojjanna Konda and Lingala Konda are fourth-century Buddhist caves in Visakhapatnam near Sankaram village. Bojjanna Konda has more caves than the Lingala Konda and these caves are famous for mainly Buddha sculptures, stupas, and their historical importance. This is an Archeological site with Buddha statues that's why this site is under the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India.

It is a very good site for history lovers and students to understand Buddhism. This place is full of natural beauty with nearby hills, farms, parks, and a calm place. This place is not a picnic spot instead a very good place for visiting with family or friends and spending some time with them.

Anakapalle to Bojjannakonda distance is about 6 km only and also entry is free that’s why at weekends lots of family, friends, and couples come here to enjoy their weekends at the naturally beautiful places from Anakapalle and nearby areas. This place with an average footfall of 100 people per day and this number increases to double during weekends.

To reach the main site of Bojjannakonda, one has to climb up at least 100 steps. Visitors can see so many umbrella-shaped rocks statues and several brick ruined structures. There is no official or local guide available on the campus to guide the visitors and also historical details mentioning boards are also not available at any place.

Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda History

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Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda Buddhist caves establishments during the period from the 4th to the 9th Century CE. The name of the village Sankaram is also a mispronunciation of Sangharam whose actual meaning is Boudha-arama, i.e., vihara.

During the Britisher's rule in India, it was excavated in 1906 by Alexander Rea, who was an archaeologist. They found lots of very historical things here like a gold coin from the reign of Samudra Gupta (340-375 AD), copper coins from the Chalukya dynasty (633 AD), a lead coin with the impression of a horse that might belong to the Andhra Satavahanas, Inscribed terracotta tablets, etc.

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Main Attraction of the spot

The main attractions of this site are two caves carved from a single rock, with four pillars and Buddha statues, and another has nine pillars. There are mainly two small hills, the east side situated hill is Bojjannakonda and the other is situated on the west side called Lingalakonda. Both are situated only 200-300 meters far away from each other. Around the hills paddy fields, and coconuts trees are spread which look so beautiful from the hills.

Things to be See Here

Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda History

  • Tourists can enjoy here the panoramic view of the location from the top of the hills.
  • There are about six rock-cut caves that were used by Buddhist students for prayer and concentration.
  • Visitors can see Prayer halls to understand how Buddhists and devotees used them to offer their prayers.
  • BojjanaKonda houses have a Vihara, which is around two-thousand-year-old that was used by monks and students to learn about the religion and could reside.

Best Time to Visit Bojjannakonda

The best time to visit Bojjannakonda would be the winter season. Vishakhapatnam is situated in south India and near to sea so there is no chilly environment during the winter season here like north regions of India. Visitors can feel a very pleasant environment during the winter season and can travel in the daytime without sweating. November to February months will be the best time to visit Bojjannakonda.

Summers are very hot in South India and visitors can burn their skin with high UV radiation here so in the summer season visitors can plan to visit this place only in the evening time.

This place is a hilly area so the rainy season should be avoidable. Visitors can slip during the trekking on the stairs or on rocks.

Bojjannakonda Visiting Timing

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Bojjannakonda opens only during the daytime and entry closes in the evening for visitors. Bojjannakonda visiting timings are from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm. After 5 pm entry is not allowed. So visitors can visit this site up to 05:30 pm only.

  • Opening Time: 09:00 am
  • Entry Allowed: Upto 05:00 pm only
  • Closing Time: 05:30 pm

Visiting Time duration

Bojjannakonda visiting time duration depends on the visitors and how much time they want to spend here. Normally this place can be fully visited in two hours easily. So if you're coming here to visit this place plan accordingly.

Entry Fees for Bojjannakonda

There is no entry fee for Bojjannakonda site visiting. There are no ticket counters also for it. At the entry gate, there is only an ID card and Mobile number required for the visitors. Without a valid ID card and mobile number, entry is not allowed inside the premise. The security guard will check the visitor's ID card and then allow him to enter.

If you have a professional camera then you have to pay 25/- rupees for it to take photographs inside the campus.

Facilities at Bojjannakonda

Bojjannakonda Visiting Timing

There are very basic and limited facilities available at this historical site because the government not charging any entry fee or any other fees for this place.

  • Drinking water is available with a water cooler.
  • Separate washrooms are also available for ladies and gents.
  • A few sitting benches are also available for resting.
  • A vehicle parking area is also available but at your risk only.
  • Outside the entrance gate, there are small vendors of food items.

How to Reach Bojjannakonda

anakapalle to bojjannakonda distance

Bojjannakonda is situated in the Sankaram village of Anakapalle. Anakapalle to Bojjannakonda distance is almost 6 km. Bojjannakonda's distance from the Anakapalle railway station is 5 km only. If you are at the RTC complex bus stand of Anakapalle then Bojjannakonda's distance will be more than 6 km.

If you coming from Visahakapatanum to visit the Bojjannakonda then the Vizag to Bojjannakonda distance will be almost 50 km.

There is no direct bus or auto facility for this place. You have to either use your own vehicle or book a private taxi or cab to go to this place. If you start your journey from Anakapalle then you will reach there only in 15 minutes by bike or car.

Visakhapatnam is a very popular city in India and is well-connected to other cities by trains, roadways buses, and airways. Anakapalle railway station is a small railway station so not all trains stop there. Anakapalle's nearest airport is in Visakhapatnam, which is also 30 km far away from Anakapalle.

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Things to be Remember

  • Visitors can't bring any food items, drinking items, alcohol, etc. inside the campus.
  • Entry will be allowed with a government-issued ID card.
  • Workouts, playing games, and racing activities are also prohibited.
  • Filmography and Documentary are also not allowed, you have to take permission for them.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • It is a very good place for the nearby local visitors and also for those who want to understand Buddhism in India and believe in Buddhism.
  • Local visitors came here to spend some quality time with family and friends.
  • We recommend that if you came to Vishakahpatan or Anakapallle for any work then you can visit this historical place situated here.
  • Visitors should come in the winter season which would be the best time to visit this place. During summer, it can be visited in the evening time.
  • Avoid writing anything on the rocks of this historical place, it makes dirty our historical things.
  • Keep helping the place neat and clean and use dustbins.

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Nearby Tourist Places to Visit

Visakhapatnam is full of tourist places and lots of places to see here like Kailasagiri, Yarada Beach, Rushikonda Beach, Rama Krishna Mission Beach, INS Kursura Submarine Museum, Araku Valley, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Simhachalam Temple, Borra Caves, Katiki Falls, etc. But here we listed some of the nearest to Anakapalle places that can be visited. Nookambika Devi temple is a very famous temple of Anakaplalle which is situated 2km far from the RTC Bus Complex of Anakapalle.

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