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Lumbini Park of Visakhapatnam has situated in a very beautiful place near the sea. There is a very big statue of Lord Buddha which is centrally located inside the park and is the main attraction of the park. It is a very good place for local visitors for spending some time with family and friends and also a great location to take selfies with friends or family.

This is actually a new renowned urban park located in the vicinity that promises you to offer the best of both leisure and recreational worlds with amazing surroundings around the place. Due to its convenient location and near to famous tourist places of Visakhapatnam like Kailash Giri, and R K Beach it is crowded with tourists and local people. It is actually best for the children because there are lots of things for kids and young ones.

The seaside of the park provides a mesmerizing view of the sea during sunset and sunrise with the cool sea breeze. All these make the perfect place for relaxing with friends. Park is full of lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

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Facilities at Lumbini Park

Lumbini Park Ticket Price

  • Lumbini Park has all the basic and major facilities that are required at the park.
  • It has free open Gym equipment for everyone for developing fitness practices in everyone.
  • One small food shop is also there that has a few food items like ice-creams, chocolate, biscuits, etc. but they take payment in cash only.
  • For small kids, swings are also there where they can spend some time.
  • Lots of calm and peaceful space is available inside the park to sit and enjoy the beauty of the sea from the park.
  • A vehicle parking facility is available for two-wheelers and four-wheelers near the entry gate of the park.

Things to do at Lumbini Park

  • This park is best for relaxing and enjoying some time with family or friends.
  • Good Park for the small kids to play with swings.
  • Young and old ones can use the free open gym for healthy fitness.
  • Photographers can click some photos during sunset or sunrises here.

Lumbini Park Vizag Timings

Lumbini Park of Visakhapatnam opens daily for visitors and local tourists so visitors can come here any day of the week to visit it. Park is open on normal day timing from 09:00 am to evening 07:00 pm.

Lumbini Park Ticket Price

Lumbini Park entry ticket price is only 10 rupees per adult person and for children, it is only 5 rupees. For kids below 5 years old, there are no tickets for entry. You can purchase Lumbini Park Ticket cash or by online payment mode also at the entry gate of the park.

Best Time to Visit Lumbini Park

According to the weather conditions of Visakhapatnam city, winter is the best season to visit this place. After 04:00 pm to evening till closing is the best time to visit Lumbini Park Vizag. During this time park is filled with a good number of visitors. Summer season and daytime especially afternoon time avoidable to visit this place.

How to Reach Lumbini Park

Visakhapatnam is a major city of Andhra Pradesh which is situated on the Chennai-Howrah railway and roadways route. So it is very well connected to the various cities of India directly.  Every day lots of buses come to Vizag from various cities. Vizag railway station is very big and almost for every destination direct trains are available from here.

There is an international airport also available and visitors can come here directly from the various metro or big cities directly by plane also.

To reach the Lumbini Parks lots of direct buses are available from the RTC Bus complex. Since it is situated near the Kailashgiri and R.K Beach road route so lots of local autos are also available from various places and they will take 10 or 20 rupees from both places.

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TouristBug's Recommendations

  • This park is best for local visitors only. If you come here to visit Vizag tourist places then you can avoid this because this is not a historical or very popular tourist place.
  • Lumbini Park is good for high photography angles if you wish to take selfies here from various places. You can enjoy here photography with your loved ones.
  • Park is neat and clean so please keep it neat and clean by using various dustbins placed throughout the park.

Places to Visit near Lumbini Park

Visakhapatnam has lots of tourist places and Lumbini Park is situated near the very famous tourist places of Visakhapatanum Like Kailasagiri Park, INS Kurusura Submarine Museum, Ramakrishna Beach, Tenneti Park, etc.

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