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A Click at Mussoorie

Honeymoon in Mussoorie is a very good option for just married couples in India. Mussoorie is a popular tourist place in India. It is popularly known as the "Queen of Hills" and nestled amidst lush green rolling valleys, this beautiful hill station feels like just out of the world.

In India, it is said that marriages are fixed in heaven, so what better place can it be than Mussoorie to celebrate your honeymoon after marrying? The exclusive view of snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges that surround the majestic town of Mussoorie is just beyond one's imagination.

It is just 35 km away from Dehradun city and stands proudly at a height of about 2003 meters. The enchanting beauty of the mounting hills at Mussoorie offering a breath-taking view is a remarkable opportunity for honeymoon couples to explore the real beauty of Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is around 7 hours from Delhi making it one of the easiest accessible hill towns in north India for the honeymoon. Mussoorie is a safe place for honeymoon couples. You can walk late at night with your partner on the mall road.

Mussoorie is also famous for the activities such as the New Year celebration, Christmas celebration, Honeymoon destinations, leisure, ropeways, sightseeing, shopping, weekend getaways, and many more.

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Things to Do at Mussoorie for Honeymoon Celebrating Couples

For the couple, there are many things to do, such as spend your evening at coffee shops, go to the library, and read your favorite books, leisurely strolls at the mall road, relax and watch the moving clouds crossover.

Mussoorie Library
Mussoorie Library

Couples can wear local attire at photography shops and click lots of beautiful photos. It will become a beautiful memory later.

  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Paragliding.
  • Skywalks

If you do not want to do anything then Mussoorie is also a good place for relaxing.

Restaurants of Mussoorie have a large variety of food items such as Chinese, Italian, Goan, Tibetan, Indian, Thai, Moroccan, and global cuisines. Couples can enjoy any of the food items as per their choice here.

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Tourist Places to Visit at Mussoorie for Honeymoon Couples

Mussooies have lots of places to see and celebrate their honeymoon here. Some of the most preferred sightseeing options are for the married couples listed below.

The Mall Road

Mall road is a famous road of the Mussoorie for shopping. It is like a lifeline of the Mussoorie that has restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

It connects the Kulri and library markets to each other. You can see the shops of Tibetan items shops, wooden items shops, sweater vendors, cane items, etc.

To increase your honeymoon memories here, you should travel the Mall road on foot with your partner and do shopping.

Kempty Falls

kempty fall mussoorie
Kempty Fall

It is the first choice of travelers, tourists, and honeymoon celebrating couples to visit this place. Kempty fall is situated at a distance of 15 km on the Yamunotri road with an altitude of 4500ft.

It is the highest waterfall in Mussoorie, the honeymoon couples can take a romantic dip in the falling water at the waterfall's foot for a refreshing experience.

The overlying lush green valleys provide an excellent option for the couple's photography that makes lovely memories for a lifetime.

Lal Tibba

It is the highest hill of the Mussoorie situated at 2438 meters above sea level. It is best for seeing the sunrise with your loving partner and catch these memories in the cameras. You can also celebrate a picnic here.

Gun Hill

Gun Hill is the second highest peak in Mussoorie that provides an excellent view of Himalayan mountain ranges, such as Bunderpunch, Gangotri, Srikantha, and Pithwara. Standing at a towering height of 2122 meters, this scenic hill can be accessed through a ropeway.

The honeymoon couple enjoys the exotic lush green view of Doon Valley and Mussoorie town by standing at Gun Hill and can catch these lovely moments in your cameras.

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Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie Lake provides an ideal picnic spot option for honeymoon couples that is situated at a distance of only 6 km from Mussoorie at the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road. Couples can carry out pedal boating to enjoy the surrounding scenic locations in a romantic way.

Bhatta Waterfall

Bhatta Waterfall is situated at the Mussoorie to Dehradun way at a distance of 7 km away from the Mussoorie.

The honeymoon couples can reach Bhatta village by private taxi, cab, bus, and by their own car then reached to the waterfalls on foot easily.

It is a picturesque spot that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hill ranges. So don't forget to take selfies here with your lovely partner.

Clouds End

Here you can see the thick deodar forest. Here you can enjoy lovely walking with your partner. Cloud End building constructed was by a British Major in 1838 that is now been turned into a hotel.

It is located around 8 km away from Mussoorie Library and serves as a comfortable staying option for honeymoon couples. It tends to offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Jharipani Waterfall

Jharipani waterfall is located around 8 km far away from Mussoorie on Jharipani road in Jharipani village. It is easily accessible by bus or car till 7 km of distance and the remaining one can be completed on foot. The honeymoon couples can visit this waterfall where you can see good flora and flowers that make it a good picnic spot.

Jwalaji Temple

Jwalaji Temple is of Maa Durga that is located at a distance of approx 9 km away from Mussoorie and stands around at a height of 2104 meters on Benog Hill. It is established amidst thick forests that enhance the glory of this temple.

From here you can view the milky white flowing Yamuna River also. Hindu couples can visit this place and get blessed by Maa Durga for successful married life.

Camel's Back Road

Camel's Back Road is a 3 km long road and gets its name due to the shape. It is a scenic place that offers a charming view of the sunset and has a life-like resemblance to a sitting camel.

The honeymoon couples can enjoy here long walks or treks in the evening keeping their hand on each other. Horse riding facilities are also available here for visitors.

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Happy Valley Tibetan Temple

Visiting this temple would increase your knowledge related to the Tibetan community culture and the Buddhist religion. It is near Mall road and you can visit with your partner on foot.

Lake Mist

Lake mist is situated on the way of Kempty Fall and about 7 km far away from the Mussoorie. It has accommodation, restaurants, and boating facilities available.

Best Time to Visit Mussoorie for Honeymoon

The best time to visit Mussoorie for the Honeymoon is from September to June. Avoiding the rainy season from July to August would be the best option. If you want to enjoy snowfalls then November to February would best time for celebrating your honeymoon between snowfalls here.

During summer in India Mussorie has pleasant weather that makes it a beautiful destination during summers. The best time for summers would be March to June for celebrating your honeymoon here.

Summers is the peak season of the Mussoorie, at this time thousands of tourists come here for visiting this place.

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How to Reach Mussoorie

The common way to reach Mussoorie is by roadways. Mussoorie has no railway station or airport. Dehradun to Mussoorie is only 35 km far away. There are lots of private taxis, and cabs available for reaching Mussoorie. You can get hill station buses from the bus depot near the Dehradun railway station. The nearest railway station and airport are in Dehradun.

TouristBug's Recommendation

  • If you want to enjoy waterfalls then you should come from September to October, for snowfalls you should come from December to January, and for trekking, rock climbing, and camping you plan to come from March to June in the summers.
  • To increase your honeymoon memories here, you should travel the Mall road on foot with your partner and do shopping.
  • Kempty fall is the most popular destination and should be visited by honeymoon couples.
  • For more details, you can read 'Mussoorie - The City of Tourist Places'.
  • For other Honeymoon places in India, you can read the Best Honeymoon Places in India.

Nearby Places to Visit in Mussoorie 

The nearest places to travel from the Mussoorie are Chakrata, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Dhanaulti, etc. where couples can go sightseeing.

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