Kiliyur Falls Yercaud Salem

Tourist Places in Salem
Kiliyur Falls Yercaud

Kiliyur Falls is situated in Yercaud, Salem district. Yercaud is a very famous hill station in the Salem district just like the Mussoorie. There are many things to see in the Yercaud such as Yercaud Lake, Anna Park, Ladies Seat, Gents Seat, Kiliyur Falls, and many more. That time I visited this place I don't know about this place so much so I visited Kiliyur Falls, the most popular place in the Yercaud. Kiliyur Falls is in the Servarayan hills. The Servarayan hills are the huge mountains of approximately 1650 m high in the Eastern Ghats of the Tamilnadu.

Kiliyur Falls Yercaud
The way of Kiliyur Falls

From the Yercaud Bus-stand Kiliyur, Fall is about 3 km far away and you have to walk there on your foot. So it is like trekking instead of visiting a place. The track is narrow and only 2-3 persons can walk on the track once. The track is not advisable for small kids, elderly people, and patients with Asthma. After the parking stand, there is a clear way of stairs. There will be approximately 200-250 stairs.

Source of water of Kiliyur Falls

Water from the Yercaud Lake and the Servarayan hills is the main source of water for the Kiliyur Falls. So during the monsoon or rainy season water level of the lake increases and more water comes from the Servarayan hills then Kiliyur Fall looks so beautiful to see.

Main Attraction of the Kiliyur Falls

The main attraction of the Kiliyur Falls is the waterfall. No extra things are there to see there to expense more time there.

Things to do at Kiliyur Falls

The only one thing can you do here is trekking. Other than trekking if you want to bathe there then water is not so much.

Best Time to Visit Kiliyur Falls

Servarayan hills Yercaud Salem
The beautiful look of Servarayan hills from Kiliyur Falls

During the summer water level of the Yercaud Lake become very low and hence the Kiliyur Falls also becomes less water. Then it looks not so good. Just after monsoon when the water level becomes more and the natural environment becomes more beautiful then Kiliyur Fall looks very beautiful. Water falling from the very high looks milkish in color. So I will suggest going there after the monsoon during August-September.

Timing of Kiliyur Falls

There is no entry gate for opening and closing so you can go anytime there for visiting this place. Going in the early morning will be the best time to go there then you can enjoy it more there. The maximum time will be 2-3 hours for traveling this place completely. The best timing will be from 08:00 am to 04:00 to visit Kiliyur Falls.

Entry Fees Kiliyur Falls

There is no entry fee for visiting Kiliyur Falls. If you have a vehicle then you have to pay for the parking stand.

Facilities Kiliyur Falls

  • When I visited this place in 2010 there were no cemented stairs to go down and the track was totally full of stones and soil. But now some part of the track has cemented stairs with railings. So it is easy to go down.
  • There are no washrooms and changing rooms so you have to manage accordingly.
  • Shops and edible items available but till the parking stand.

How to Reach Kiliyur Falls

Waterfals in Salem
Direction to guide for Kiliyur Falls

The nearest railway station from the Yercaud is Salem Junction which is approximately 32 km far from the Yercaud. Yercaud is a very famous tourist place in Salem, so you can easily get local city buses or a private taxi. From Salem central bus stand lots of buses pass at regular intervals. Yercaud is about 30 km from Salem and about one hour journey from the bus. Local tourists go there on their own vehicles or bike.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • Go there as early as possible in the morning to avoid the heat. It will be from 08:00 am to 10:00 am will be the best time to reach there.
  • If you are young, energetic, love trekking, and have time then Kiliyur Falls for you.
  • The way is very slippery so I will recommend you will wear good grip shoes or sandals.
  • Keep water or juice with you to avoid weakness during going down or coming upwards.
  • Killiyur Falls is not for small kids and elderly persons because you have to go much downwards and again coming back to upwards which is not suitable for them.
  • Take a good quality camera or high megapixel camera mobile for taking quality pictures. The Kiliyur Fall is full of photogenic scenes.
  • Beware from the monkeys and don't keep food items in your hands openly, they can snatch food items and harm you.
  • Being a good tourist, don't littering at these places and use dustbins.
  • Liquoring is prohibited so don't do this type of activity.
  • Local peoples speak Tamil but if you ask in English then you will get information.
  • If you want to purchase something from Yercaud then you can try natural oils, perfumes, and coffee powder they are good and effective.
  • Kiliyur Falls is good for nearby tourists but especially going to for just for Kiliyur Falls is not a good idea from other cities. Instead, you can plan to visit the full place Yercaud and Salem. Then it will be beneficial for you. I will suggest Kiliyur Falls for one time visit when you are there or nearby.

Nearby Tourist Destinations to Kiliyur Falls

Tourist Places in Salem

At Yercaud there are many places to see and enjoy. Yercaud is an ideal place for the nearby city peoples to enjoy a full day here. So if you want to enjoy it here you have to give a full day here. I mention some of the nearby tourist places you can visit here and in Salem. Due to a lack of time and information, I did not visit many places there. So I share this information with all of you so you can visit this place. The next time when I go there I will visit some more places.
  • Yercaud Lake
  • Anna Park
  • Deer Park
  • Ladies Seat
  • Gents Seat
  • Pagoda Point Road
  • Dear’s Cave
  • Shervarayon Temple
  • Annamalaiyar Temple
  • 1008 Shiv Lingam Temple Salem

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