1008 Shiv Lingam Temple Salem Tamilnadu

1008 Lingam Temple of Vinayaka Mission University
1008 Shiv Lingam Temple of Salem Tamilnadu

1008 Lingam Shiva temple is a very popular Lord Shiva temple in the city of Salem. During the official visit to Vinayaka Mission University, I saw this temple. At that time I don't know about this temple but when I saw this Shiv temple I decide to visit it and found that it is very popular in the local area and also in the city. This Shiv temple has a total of 1008 Shiv Lings that why it is also popular as the 1008 Lingam temple. You will see in the temple each Shivling with a holy cow Nandi. This Shiv temple looks very beautiful from the road of the national highway.

shiva temples in salem district
1008 Shiva Temple near Vinayaka Mission University Salem

Hindu God Shiva has a thousand names mentioned in the Shiv Sahastranamavali. On the basis of this, this temple has 1008 Shiv Lingam. Each Shiv lingam dedicated to each name of Lord Shiv. There is a huge Shiv Ling about 17-18 feet. 1008 Shiv Lingam temple is actually established on a small hill so you have to go upwards like climbing on this small hill to see the main temple. As you can see the symbol of Vinayaka Mission University there is a Lord Ganesh image is there. So at the starting of 1008 Shiv Lingam temple, there is a huge statue of Lord Ganesha with the temple.

In the 1008 Lingam Temple, there are various temples of popular Hindu Gods and Goddesses some of them are listed below.
  • Lord Ganesha Temple
  • Lord Ayyapa Temple
  • Lord Venkateshwara Temple
  • Lord Anjaneya Temple
  • Lord Murugan Temple
  • Lord Ram, Laxman, and Goddess Sita Temple
  • Lord Bhairav Temple
  • Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple

1008 Shiva Temple Salem Tamil Nadu
The main campus of the 1008 Shiva temple

There are many priests in each temple of 1008 Lingam Shiva temple who follows the daily routine of the religious activities in the temple like worship, Arti, offering food to God, etc. Temple is very well decorated during any Hindu festivals like Mahashivratri, Hanuman Jayanti, etc. Various functions and activities also organized in this temple. After entering this temple you feel divine and get blessed by various gods in the temple. At the time when I visited there is not so much crowd. So I visited the temple very easily and visited everywhere in the temple.

1008 Shiva Temple of Salem History

It was a very good coincidence when I visited this temple at that time this temple building construction was undergoing. I visited this Shiv temple in 2010 year's end. After that, I did not get a chance to visit this temple again. This temple construction was done by the Vinayaka Mission University. It is not a commercial temple it is run under the Vinayaka Mission University. There is a separate department in the Vinayaka Mission University that deals with the management and maintenance of the 1008 Lingam temple. I did not hear any mythological story about this temple so I can't say it is a very old or historical temple.

1008 Shiva Temple Salem Tamilnadu
A temple inside the 1008 Shiva Lingam temple

1008 Shiva Temple Salem Timings

This beautiful 1008 Lingam temple opens daily for the devotees. So you can easily visit the temple any time and get blessed by Lord Shiva. If you want to see the full temple then the maximum time will be for this temple is 2-3 hours.

Temple Opening Time

Morning: 05:00 am to 12:00 pm
Evening: 04:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Temple Closing Time

Afternoon: 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm

Best Time to Visit 1008 Shiva Temple Salem

Visiting a temple any time is the best time but we keep in mind many things before visiting a place so if you plan to go to Salem city then the best time to visit Salem city is October to February.

For any temple, the best time to visit is the morning time so you will prefer the morning time to visit this Shiv temple of Salem. In the afternoon the Salem city temperature goes high. You can also visit the temple in the evening but the morning will be best as per my point of view.

Entry Fees of 1008 Shiva Temple Salem

There are no entry fees in the temple for entry. Normally there is no entry fee for any Hindu temples.

Facilities at 1008 Shiva Temple Salem

  • Shiva temple is well maintained by the Vinayaka Mission University. Temple is clean and all basic facilities are available in the temple.
  • There is no parking stand for parking two and four-wheelers. But you can park your vehicle in an open space near the temple at your risk.
  • The washroom facility is there and in good condition.
  • There are food stalls in front of the temple where you can take snacks and lunch also.
  • There are no shoes or slipper stand so you have to keep with you until you reach the main temple.
  • There is a drinking water facility but not much. So keep water with you.
  • There is a small shop in Prasad where you can purchase normal worship items. But you want to offer more things then you have not much choice to offer many things in the temple.

How to Reach 1008 Shiva Temple Salem

The 1008 Lingam Shiva Temple is situated in the suburban area of the Salem city Ariyanoor. It is approximately 13 km from the main city. 1008 Shiv temple is very popular in Salem so if asked for anyone about the temple then local peoples easily guide you. 1008 Lingam temple is situated near the Vinayaka Mission University on National Highway 47.

Due to Vinayaka Mission University, this place is well connected to the main city so you can easily get an Auto, taxi, or cab here. From the main city, there is the city bus service which can drop you at the main gate of Vinayaka Mission University. I was reached Vinayaka Mission University by bus and then visited this beautiful 1008 Shiv Lingam temple in the year 2010.

Address of 1008 Shiva Temple Salem

Popular University in Salem Tamil Nadu
Vinayaka Mission University Salem

1008 Lingam Temple
Srinagar - Kanyakumari Hwy
Ariyanoor, NH-47,
Near Vinayaka Missions University
Salem - 636308, India

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • I will recommend if you go to Salem then you can visit this 1008 Shiva Temple Salem. It is a good place for one time visit.
  • Tamilnadu is a very hot state then you can avoid the summer season and you can choose October to February month for visiting the Salem city tourist places.
  • Photography is allowed outside the main temple.
  • I will recommend visiting Salem city in February or March (Masi month of Tamilnadu). In Salem city, they celebrate their annual function on full moon day every year.

Nearby Tourist Places

Salem has many famous tourist places for the travelers and visitors like Yercaud, Kiliyur Falls,  Mettur Dam, Kottai Mariamman Temple, Bathrakaliamman Temple, etc.

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