Maldevta Dehradun - A Perfect Picnic Spot

Maldevta Bridge at Maldevta Dehradun

Maldevta is a naturally beautiful tourist place in Dehradun that has hills, a bridge, a waterfall, a song river, farms, and a temple for tourists who come here to relax and enjoy some time in the lap of nature. It is mainly popular as a famous picnic spot of Dehradun for its recreational activities.

Maldevta is a hilly area that has low-height mountains. The famous Maldevta Bridge is near the Rispana Valley. During the monsoon season, this area looks so beautiful. Monsoon is its peak season and lots of tourists come here to visit this place. This place is so popular and scenic in Dehradun, that the local movie, video albums, and song makers come here for shooting their scenes here.

Song River is a seasonal river so it is filled with water during the rains on the hills only. So it would not be filled with water throughout the year. If you are visiting here from November to June then you will find very little water in the River and you can sit on the rocks of the River and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the surrounding area.

Maldevta Waterfall

Maldevta Waterfall is situated one far away from the bridge which can be seen in the rainy season or monsoon season. It is not a very big waterfall it is a small waterfall that attracts a huge crowd at its own peak season.

Popular Picnic Spot

maldevta picnic spot
Maldevta Picnic Spot

Maldevta is more popular as a picnic spot in Dehradun. Couples and family members come here to celebrate a picnic. To beat the heat in the summer Doon peoples come here to the pleasant environment of this place. Other than Maldevta, Sahastradhara, Lachhiwala, and Gucchu Paani also good places for celebrating a picnic in Dehradun.

Things to do at Maldevta

maldevta picnic spot dehradun
Song River at Maldevta

For travelers, nature lovers, adventure bugs, and tourists, there are lots of things to do at the Maldevta according to their choices. Maldevta is the best place for adventurous activities like trekking, biking, rock climbing, cycling, camping, and paragliding. Camping in Maldevta Farms provides you the real experience of living with nature and being free from the city hustle-bustle life.

Recreational activities, swimming, bird watching, sightseeing, and photography can be done here. If you did not want to do anything you can relax in Mother Nature’s lap with the modern facilities at Maldevta farm hotels.

Paragliding in Maldevta Dehradun

If you want to feel the real sensation of flying like a bird? Then Paragliding at Maldevta is the best option for you. From the sky, you can see the beautiful mountain ranges of the Maldevta. There is a BSF Institute of Adventure and Advanced Training (BIAAT) center that gives training on paragliding here.

At the Maldevta, Paragliding Festival is also organized by the Uttarakhand tourism department in association with other departments like the Himalayan Aero Sports Association (HASA), and BIAAT.

Maldevta Timings

It is an open area place with no entry gate or exit gate here so you can come here any time according to your convenience. If you did not want to stay here then going to early morning and returning in the evening would be a good option for you.

Best Time to Visit Maldevta

maldevta farms
Maldevta Farms

The best time to visit Maldevta will be monsoon season and just after the monsoon. At that time Song River is filled with water and Maldevta waterfall also will be in full swing. The Maldevta area will be filled with greenery and makes a scenery location for the tourist. July to August would be the best time to visit this place. During summer, the river will have no water or less water so it is better to avoid this time to go there.

You can go any time here but the Song River will have no water and also you can't see the waterfall here throughout the year. Maldevta weather is always pleasant all around the year. For celebrating a picnic you can go here anytime with family or friends. Since it is very far away from the city's busy life so for enjoying your full-day picnic here you should go early morning.

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How to Reach Maldevta

Maldevta is situated near Mahendrapur, Raipur in Dehradun. It is about 17 km far away from the Clock Tower of Dehradun. It is about 18 km from the railway station in Dehradun and 23 km far away from the ISBT Dehradun. You can reach Maldevta by City bus, Auto, or Vikram but the frequency or availability is very less for it.

The best way to reach here is by booking a private cab or by your own vehicle. Then you can explore this place more. For reaching Maldevta you have to go to Raipur first then via Maldevta road you can directly reach here.

Roads are very good and straight, there is not much up and down on the road. After the Raipur, lush green trees on either side of the Maldevta road give a breathtaking view of the journey.

TouristBug Recommendations

  • Don't go after evening far away from the bridge, drinkers will be busy here drinking alcoholic drinks on the roadside hills.
  • If you visit the Dehradun then you can visit this place. It is a good place for a one-time visit for nearby tourists.
  • There are not so many big restaurants or food shops, only small and few food and snacks shops available for the tourists. So if you want you can carry good foodstuff with you here.
  • You should keep a Travel Backpack Bag that has all the necessary things that require during Maldevta visits to enjoy the picnic.
  • If you looking for a paragliding activity you can try this place once.
  • Don't spread garbage here and enjoy the place calmly with friends and family.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit

Maldevta is situated outside of the main city of Dehradun so there are very few tourist places such as Gurdwara Nanaksar, Khalanga War Memorial, and Nalapani Fort, which are nearby to it for visit.

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