Honeymoon in Khajuraho-The Best Honeymoon Destination for Couples

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Among India's best honeymoon destinations, Khajuraho is in the top position for honeymoon couples to celebrate their honeymoon here. A honeymoon tour to Khajuraho will take the couples on a vivacious ride to excellent Indo-Aryan architecture that depicts the love story of "Maithun Couples" in different erotic postures.

The magnificence of Khajuraho temples, the glory of ruins, and elegant example of historic art are the driving forces that impel the honeymoon couples to explore this glorious blend of simplicity with the intricacy of Khajuraho.

Its alluring caves provide excellent opportunities for honeymoon couples to dive deep inside the exotic beauty. Khajuraho Group of Monuments of Central India is something beyond timelessness that promises to take honeymoon couples on a scintillating ride.

Other than temples, Khajuraho has natural beautiful places like waterfalls, national parks, sanctuary, and other sightseeing places also available for couples to celebrate their honeymoon period. Khajuraho is situated in central India so reaching from any part of India is easy.

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Best Honeymoon Place for Honeymoon Couples

India has lots of honeymoons places to visit but the Khajuraho is the best honeymoon destination because it teaches the couples the real meaning of sexual life and honeymoon. In India society is very less opened regarding sex education, so adults or teenagers not able to learn these things.

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The newly married couple who want to learn the Kamasutra of married life must come here to see the historical real temple of sexual life. The honeymoon couple can see the various sexual sculptures postures on the wall of the temple.

Khajuraho is situated in central India and holds a variety of tourist places for the tourists or couples who come here like temples, sightseeing places, waterfalls, caves, National parks, etc. These things make it a perfect honeymoon destination for couples in India.

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Temple to Visit in Khajuraho

Khajuraho is world-famous for its group of monuments that were mainly built during the Chandella dynasty (950 AD -1050 AD). Khajuraho has mainly lots of temples for travelers, tourists, and couples to visit. At present there exist around twenty-two temples that have been sub-grouped to eastern temples and western temples.

The sexual lifestyle of the then people along with some erotic arts is the main ingredient of the sculpture of the temple walls. Sculptors of Khajuraho temples depicted all aspects of life to teach the young generation of society about sexual life. Details of some of the temples in brief given below.

1. Adinatha Temple

This temple is mainly devoted to a Jain saint named Adinath. It is prolifically decorated with chiseled figures, together with Yakshis. Inside the temple premises, there are three Hindu temples.

One of them of the Brahma, having a four-faced lingam. The second temple of the lord Vamana, which is festooned on its outer walls with a statuette of apsaras in numerous aesthetic postures. The third temple of the Javari has an eloquently carved gateway and peripheral sculptures.

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2. Brahma Temple

Temple's name is Brahma Temple but it dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is about the ninth or early tenth-century temple. Temple architectural brilliance is constructed on the banks of Khajur Sagar and made in granite stone with Shikhare, along with sandstone.

Temple has actually a four-faced Lingam was previously considered Lord Brahma. But later it found that is a Shivling. The statue of Shiva lingam is extremely beautiful and creates a pious atmosphere all around.

3. Ghantai Temple

Ghantai Temple is a small and unique Jain temple. It is now ruined condition and located at the eastern group of temples Sevagram Khajuraho. It is also named Ghanti temple, dedicated to Jain Tirthankara Rishabhanatha. It has a Frieze, which exhibits 16 dreams of Lord Mahavira's mother. Along with this, the temple also has a statue of a Jain goddess on a winged Garuda. This temple is the part of Khajuraho Group of Monuments and a UNESCO World Heritage site that was built in 995 CE.

4. Lakshman Temple

The Lakshmana Temple is dedicated to Vaikuntha Vishnu. It was built by Yashovarman. This architectural excellence is located on the western side of Khajuraho with statues of Brahma, Mahesh ad Vishnu with incarnations of Varaha and Narasimha. The exoticness of the temples comes out with the carvings made on the walls with much intricacy.

5. Kandariya Mahadev Temple

The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is the largest temple in Khajuraho with a soaring height of 31 meters and has typical Aryan-style architecture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the sanctum has a beautiful Lingam.

It is the best example of temples preserved from the medieval period in India. The building of the temple is marvelously carved with sculptures of gods, goddesses, celestial beauties, and Maithun couples.

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6. Chitragupta Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Sun (Surya). It is situated near the Jagadambi Temple on the north side and also similar to it in architecture. On the temple walls, you can see beautiful carvings of couples in erotic poses.

7. Dulah Deo Temple

The Duladeo temple is dedicated to Shiva. Known to be the finest temple in Khajuraho with the name of Kunwar Math, it has some of the most beautiful sculpture art in the form of Shalbhanjika. The premises have ardhamanadap, the Maha Mandapa, the Mandapa, the Antarala and the

Sanctum sanctorum with no circumambulatory passage. It also has an image of Lord Shiva at Lint of the Sanctum sanctorum entrance that is exquisitely carved.

8. Chausath Yogini Temple

The Chausath Yogini Temple of Mitaoli in district Morena, also known as Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple. It is situated at high hills of about a hundred feet. This splendidly beautiful temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is one of the earliest surviving shrines made out of granite and dates back to 900 AD. It is the circular type of temple that shows sixty-four yoginis. The temple circular wall has 65 chambers, for 64 yoginis and the goddess Devi, and an open mandapa in the center of a circular courtyard for Lord Shiva.

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9. Chattarbhuj Temple

Chaturbhuj Temple is mainly dedicated to God Vishnu. It is located in Orchha in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated at a distance of 3 km from southern Khajuraho stands the artistic remains of two temples - Lord Shiva having a pearl white marble Lingam and 11 feet tall statue of Chaturbhuj (Lord Vishnu). The honeymoon couples can experience eternal bliss and tranquility at the premises of these marvelous temples.

10. Hanuman Temple

Tourists or couples can see this temple on the way during moving to the western group to Khajuraho village. The scintillating ruins of the Hanuman temple in Khajuraho date back to the times of Maharaja Harsh in 922 AD. It has a marvelous statue of Lord Hanuman, which is 8ft high and beautifully carved. An ancient inscription is there below the feet of Lord Hanuman.

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Places to Visit in Khajuraho

Other than temples Khajuraho has lots of places to see for couples during a honeymoon trip. Some of them listed below.

1. Panna National Park

Panna National Park is actually a Tiger Reserve Park is home to several species of wildlife like Tiger, Sambar deers, Chitals, Chinkara, Sambar, Four-horned Antelopes, Jackal, Nilgai, and Wild Boar. There is a beautiful Ken River flowing across National Park which is very clean. You can see plenty of very beautiful birds and reptiles like crocodiles.

It is an absolutely perfect place for trekkers and nature lovers. Couples can spend some time here to make their honeymoon some adventurous. It is about 100 Km far away from the Khajuraho.

2. Raneh Falls

Raneh Water Falls is a natural fall on the river Ken in Panna National Park of Chhatarpur. Couples can see its real beauty in monsoon season. It is about 30 feet deep canyon of colorful rocks. It is the best to place for nature lovers and less crowded than other places.

3. Pandav Caves and Fall

This place has Pandav Falls that look so beautiful in winter. There are caves and temples near the waterfall. These places in just 35 km far away from Khajuraho. According to legends, Mahabharata Pandavs came here.

4. Ken Gharial Sanctuary

The Ken Gharial Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in the Panna, Chhatarpur.  Couples should go early morning to see the animals. Couples can see birds, deer, monkeys, vultures, peacocks, etc. Gharials with kids bask in the sun on the bank of the Ken River.

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Things to Do in Khajuraho

For honeymoon couples, there are lots of things to do at Khajuraho such as visiting popular temples, sightseeing places, watching Light and Sound Show, try Khajuraho's street food, relaxing at Ayurvedic Spas, Jungle Safari, and many more things.

Best Time to Visit Khajuraho

The winter season is the best time to visit Khajuraho. So couples can plan accordingly for their honeymoon trip at Khajuraho. The ideal months start from July and up to March month. Tourists or couples should avoid the summer season for visiting the Khajuraho.

The peak months of the Khajuraho are October to February. During this period lots of visitors come here from all over the world to visit its historic temples.

How to Reach Khajuraho

Khajuraho is well connected by the railway, airways, and roadways. There lots of flights available from Delhi and metro cities for the Khajuraho. Khajuraho railway station also well connected by the metro cities and nearby railway stations like Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, New Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur, etc. Lots of state roadways buses and private tour operators buses available for the Khajuraho.

Honeymoon Trip Duration at Khajuraho

If you thinking 'How much time to spend in Khajuraho?' then it purely depends on you, what things you want to see at Khajuraho. For honeymoon couples who come here to celebrate their honeymoon here a minimum of one week required. There are lots of luxurious hotels available where couples can stay and enjoy their honeymoon trip.

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