How to Plan Honeymoon Trip in India

how to plan a honeymoon on a budget

Honeymoon is the initial step of newly wedded couples towards starting a new relationship by understanding each other and developing an everlasting bond.

It is not just the idea to enjoy some days as a holiday; rather, this is a good opportunity that enables two strangers to come close in terms of arranged marriage and strengthen the feelings for each other further in terms of love marriage.

The essence of a honeymoon in India lies in the fact that it creates a way for successful married relation with deeply adorable feelings for each other. These romantic getaways are like making each other feel special experience.

Apart from this, a proper discussion would also enable the couple to decide on the best places to be visited and ideal activities to be enjoyed during that session. It is because the honeymoon is the moment that cannot come back.

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Steps to Planning a Honeymoon Trip

Before going on their honeymoon trip couples can check the following key tips to make their honeymoon memorable for a lifetime.

  • Plan Together As Your Dream
  • Fix Your Budget
  • Choose Honeymoon Destination
  • Fix Honeymoon Trip Period
  • Plan for Honeymoon Suits
  • Honeymoon Activities
  • Booking Travel Agent or No Agent
  • Smart Packing
  • Honeymoon Shopping
  • Final Check

Plan Together As Your Dream

When it comes to planning for a honeymoon trip, the couple should always consider each other's preferences. In this way, the honeymoon would not only leave memorable memories; but would also develop a feeling that the other partner respects the choices of the better half one. Planning together for a honeymoon trip plays a key role between couples in order to give preference and value to each other choices. This makes a better start to the couple's new life.

Fix Your Budget

Fixing your honeymoon trip budget is the most important step that saves your hard-earned money. If you plan perfectly then you save more money on the unnecessary expense that can you use for other activities during the trip.

You can choose your accommodation, transportation type, and sightseeing places as per your budget.

Choose Honeymoon Destination

How to pick a honeymoon location, is the first question that comes first in a couple's mind. Everyone dreams to celebrate their honeymoon at the best honeymoon destinations. India has a variety of honeymoon places like hill stations, desert places, beaches, etc. You have to select a minimum of 2 or 3 from various types of honeymoon destinations. Finally, you can choose one that fits all criteria of your honeymoon trip planning.

You should do online and offline research on the chosen destinations for the reviews that give you all positive and negative feedback on the destination. The Internet does not tell everything about the destination so ask about the place relatives or friends.

Fix Honeymoon Trip Period

How many days the minimum required for your honeymoon trip should be decided before going on the trip. You should plan for extra one or two days that will provide you better time space during your honeymoon period. How many things to do at the honeymoon destination, sightseeing places, adventure activities, etc. will decide your honeymoon trip duration.

If you plan your honeymoon trip for a few days then it makes your honeymoon very hectic and you will not be able to enjoy it fully either your honeymoon or the tourist place's beauty. So plan accordingly.

Plan for Honeymoon Suite

Choosing the best honeymoon accommodation is also a good key to making your honeymoon romantic. What type of honeymoon suite you will prefer luxurious, romantic, budget, etc. on the basis of the budget.

India has a variety of romantic honeymoon suites for couples at Cruise, Heritage Havelis, Resorts, Houseboats, and Hotels. If you choose Kerala or Kashmir for your honeymoon then you should enjoy the best houseboats of that destination.

You should choose your honeymoon accommodation on the basis of its location which should be convenient for tourist places, and available facilities at the suite.

Things to do at Honeymoon Destination

Couples have to collect proper knowledge of the decided destination in terms of weather, available activities, nearest excursions, adventure sports options, and many other related things. After taking this information, the couple should make a listing of things that needs to be done, such as shopping, water sports, sky adventures, relaxation at Ayurveda Spas, and so on.

Don't try to cover many sightseeing places or other activities in a single day, it will exhaust you and you will not be able to enjoy your honeymoon.

Book a Honeymoon Vacation

In order to plan out for a particular destination, the couple should start making a booking for air or rail, or cruise tickets, hotels, car rentals, and trip packages well in advance. This will enable them to get a certain amount of discounts too and also help them in having the best of the best within the required budget.

Various travel agents and companies give various offers that make lots of choices to couples that they can book their honeymoon trip either way through a travel agent or not.

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Honeymoon Trip Dress Plans

Now, it is time to decide on clothes to be worn during this session and check out the necessity of clothing as per the destination's weather conditions. It purely depends on the destination you choose for the honeymoon. Ladakh-like hill stations need heavy woolen clothes, in Rajasthan you need a light cotton dress that keeps you cool and for Goa beach-like places you can use a swimsuit-like dress. You can choose a variety of night dresses for the honeymoon as your fantasy.

Smart Packing

Pack your luggage smartly and kept all essential things did not make your luggage overloaded which will give you a headache. Essential items like your documents, tickets, passports, visa information, identity proofs, etc. Electronic items like Mobile chargers, data cables, DSLRs, earphones, power banks, etc. Cosmetics sunscreen, moisturizer, lotion, etc.

Honeymoon Shopping Ideas

Along with carrying out these preparations, the soul of the honeymoon says that couples should buy a surprise gift for each other during this time period. Ring, earrings, necklace set, chain, teddy bear, and wristwatches are some of the gifts that will definitely make the other partner feel highly elated. After all, the honeymoon is the moment that might not repeat; but, small efforts carried out in this time will last in the memory forever.

Final Check of Honeymoon Trip

Finally, the couple should note down all the necessary information related to their honeymoon trip plan and pack up required documentary proofs like identity cards, tickets, and a printout of bookings made. This kind of preparation will never leave the couple in any discomfort and they would enjoy their honeymoon peacefully without getting crazy over small issues.

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