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Places to visit in Mahad
Shri Vireshwar Mandir Mahad

Vireshwar Mandir Mahad is the most popular Lord Shiva temple. Vireshwar Maharaj Mandir is among the top places to visit in Mahad. Local people call this temple as Vireshwar Maharaj temple. This Lord Shiva temple is believed very old and about 1000 years but the building of the temple is comparatively new and about 360 to 400 years old. If you are in Mahad or visit Mahad then this temple is must visit place here.

Temple architecture looks so beautiful. Temple has a big statue of Nandi and for going to Nandi you have to use stairs. In front of the Nandi statue, there is the main gate of Shivling. You have to first climb the stairs and then go downstairs to reach Shivling. Shivling is situated in a small square-type room that is below ground level. Nandi and Shivling not at the same level in this temple you can notice it after visiting this temple.

Before entry into the campus of the Vireshwar temple, you can see there is a small temple of Shri Devi Koteshwari Mandir. Outside the temple, there is a small pond where devotees also take baths.

History of Vireshwar Mandir

It is believed that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also worshiped Lord Shiva here during their Era. So this temple must be constructed during or before the Shivaji Maharaj.

Facilities at Vireshwar Temple

  • Temple has a big campus for organizing functions or festivals.
  • Vehicle parking space is available at the temple.
  • Drinking water is available for devotees.
  • Outside the temples various shops for Prasad and worship items also available.

Temple Timing

Vireshwar temple opens daily in the early morning and closes in the late evening. So you can go any day and at any time here.

Temple is not so big and crowded so you can easily get darshan or Lord Shiva Shivling. The maximum time will be half an hour that have to spend here.

Best time to Visit

You can visit the temple especially during the time of "Mahashivratri" its most beautiful time. The decoration of the temple made during that time is really fascinating to see. But you would wait in a long queue of devotees to get Darshan.

Entry Ticket Price for Vireshwar Mandir

Maximum temples are free from entry tickets but also some take tickets. When I visited this temple there was no entry ticket for visiting the temple but now there is an entry ticket started for visiting this temple.

The entry ticket price of the Vireshwar temple is 5 rupees only per person for a day. If you want to take an annual pass or ticket for full-year then you have to pay 301 rupees only.

Chhabina Mela (Fair) at Mahad

Every year very huge Chhabina Mela is organized in Mahad. It is a very big funfair of Mahad that organized annually. During this festival, the Palkis of seven sisters of Lord Vireshwar come to Vireshwar temple from the nearby cities. The honor of Zolai Devi of Vinhere is considered important in this festival.

Nearby cities such as Mangaon, Poladpur, Khed, etc Gram Devi's considered as sisters of Lord Vireshwar so during this festival these Goddess Palkies bring from the many km villages to Mahad. Devotees also make a very huge Bamboo flag and carry by many people in hand. Every flag represents its village.

How to Reach Vireshwar Temple

Vireshwar temple is situated in the main Mahad and at a prominent place. Vireshwar temple is only one km far away from the ST Bus stand-in Mahad. So you can go there on foot also anyone guides you easily. You can take Auto or Vikram they will charge a nominal charge for it.

Mahad is not so big place. Mahad is 161 km far away from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune. Maximum peoples travel in Mahad by foot walking or by own vehicle. Auto or Vikrams are also available for faraway places such as bus stands, railway stations, Mahad MIDC, etc.

The Maharashtra Roadways buses are the best way to reach there from Mumbai or nearby cities to Mahad.

The railway station is also far away from here. The nearest railway station at Mahad is Veer where only a few passengers and express trains stop.

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you are visited Mahad then you can go there to get a blessing from Lord Shiva.
  • Don't wear footwear inside the temple campus.
  • You can also visit Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves in Mahad.

Nearby Places to Visit

Mahad is a small town but has many tourist places to visit such as Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves, Raigad Fort, Mahabaleshwar, and many more. I mention these names because I personally traveled to all these three places.

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