Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur Surguja

Yoga Center in Ambikapur
Sanjay Park Ambikapur Surguja

Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur is popularly famous as Sanjay Park in Ambikapur. Sanjay Park is the only park in Ambikapur. There are lots of facilities for kids, youngsters, and peoples of every age group. Sanjay Van Vatika is like a mini zoo in Ambikapur. There is no other zoo also in Ambikapur. It is a very beautiful place which would provide you some time with nature and peace of mind.

Picnic Spot in Ambikapur
Mini Train for kids in Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

It is situated at Ramanujganj Road, Ambikapur. Peoples come here with the whole family and enjoy a picnic because there are Bamboo rooms for stay, a canteen for food and drinking water available. They can do boating, enjoy the mini train, etc. Sanjay Van Vantika comes under the forest department and its management was care by them. They are planning to make Sanjay Van Vatika a mini safari. They will add the Baans Baadi area in Sanjay Park which is just behind Sanjay Park and comes under the forest department.

Sanjay Park as a Yoga Centre of Ambikapur

Zoo in Surguja
Pic of the green and peaceful environment of Sanjay Park

Local peoples of Ambikapur come here in the morning and evening, for doing Yoga in the fresh and cool environment of Sanjay Van Vatika. This place provides relaxation and peace of mind from the cities busy life. Every year on Yoga day lots of peoples comes here for Yoga. Various Yoga camps always organized in the Sanjay Van Vatika in which lots of peoples participate actively.

Timing of Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

Sanjay Van Vatika or Sanjay Park of Ambikapur has opening and closing timing is different for summer and winter season.

During Summer Season
  • Opening Time: Morning at 08:30 am
  • Closing Time: Evening at 07:30 pm
During Winter Season
  • Opening Time: Morning at 10:00 am
  • Closing Time: Evening at 06:30 pm

Visiting Time Duration for Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

If you are single or a couple then the maximum visiting time duration will for the Sanjay Park 1- 2 hours only. If you want to stay more, you can stay. With family or kids, you will enjoy more because there are more things for kids.

Best Time to Visit Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

The best time for visiting Sanjay Park Ambikapur will be in the morning and in the evening during the summer season. But in winter the afternoon time will be best for visiting the Sanjay Van Vatika of Ambikapur.

Entry Fees of Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

  • There is an entry ticket of 10 rupees for everyone kids and adults. There are no entry tickets for kids below 3 years. But there is no time duration you can enjoy the whole day there.
  • The entry tickets fee is only 5 rupees per student, for those students who come to visit Van Vatika Ambikapur in a group with their teachers from the schools.
  • There is an annual fee of 1200 per person for those peoples who want to come daily to the Sanjay Van Vatika for the Yoga.
  • There is a charge for photography. For simple camera 5 rupees, for digital camera 10 rupees, and for video recording 100 rupees.

Facilities at Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

Tourist Places in Ambikapur Surguja
Deers (Cheetal) in Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

There are lots of facilities in the Sanjay Van Vatika or Sanjay Park Ambikapur. I listed all the facilities here which are available inside Sanjay Park.
  • Rare forest medicines
  • Forest medicines
  • Iron trek
  • Mini Train for kids
  • Jhula for kids
  • Water fountain
  • Bamboo Huts
  • Various birds Peacock, Owl, Pigeon, etc.
  • Cheetal and other animals
  • Yoga and meditation center
  • Boating
  • Chilled and normal water available
  • Canteen for food and snacks
  • Washrooms in many places.

Things to do in Ambikapur
Jhula for kids in Sanjay Park  Ambikapur

How to Reach Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

Sanjay Park is about 9 km far from the Ambikapur railway station and 4 km from the Ambikapur bus stand. You can easily reach there by Auto, Vikram or city bus. It is situated on the main road in Ambikapur.

Ambikapur is the last stoppage of the rail line in the Surguja district. So there are limited trains that comes to Ambikapur. You will get trains from Katni Anuppur and other nearby cities. Ambikapur is connected to various cities by bus services.  So reaching Ambikapur is not a big issue.

Address of Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur

Sanjay Van Vatika
NH 343, Ambikapur
Surguja, 497001

TouristBug’s Recommendations

  • If you there in Ambikapur then you can go there for a relaxing 1 or 2 hours with nature. For one time visiting it is good.
  • Sanjay Van Vatika is a good place for the local peoples to enjoy their weekends with family and kids.
  • Smoking, chewing of addictive things, and alcoholic drinks are prohibited inside the park. You may be charged 500 rupees for that is fine.
  • Don't throw the garbage here and there, use dustbins for the waste.
  • Don't give edibles to animals inside the park. It is fully prohibited.

Nearby Tourist Destinations

Ambikapur is a good tourist spot there are many tourist destinations in the nearby areas. I listed some of the major tourist attractions.
  • Nikunj or Mahamaya Mandir
  • Tattapani
  • Mainpat
  • Thinthini Pattar
  • Chendra waterfall
  • Ramgarh and Sita Bengra
  • Kudargarh in Surajpur District
  • Bhaiyathan in Surajpur District
  • Dipadih (Ancient Sculptors)
  • Rakasganda Fall
  • Sitabengara
  • Semarsot
  • Maa Vaneshwari Devi temple
  • Durga Temple
  • Jogimara Caves

Sanjay Van Vatika Ambikapur video

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