About Me The Founder of TouristBug

My Brief Introduction

My name is Rajendra Singh, I belong to Lucknow. I am a travel lover and love to travel to many tourist places in India. I started this blog to share my actual travel experiences and genuine review of the tourist place without any misleading information.

I completed my full education from Lucknow city which is also famous as Biotechnology City and done B.Sc., B.Tech, and M. Tech professional courses in Biotechnology. Due to the job, I had to change the cities so I utilize this opportunity to visit many tourist places in India.

I always try to visit the tourist places near me. By profession, I am a Biotechnologist and by heart, I am a traveler. Traveling is my passion and hobby.

My Travel History to Visit Tourist Places in India 

My traveling to Indian tourist places started in childhood. My father is a travel lover and always plans every year to visit a new place to visit with family and other colleges or relatives. One of my uncles has a travel agency and they have lots of buses. We always use their buses for visiting tourist places and religious places in India.

Tourist Places in Khandwa
On Omkareshwar Path at Omkareshwar Temple Khandwa

I already traveled to many places with my parents in childhood such as Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Mansoor, Dehradun, Vadodara, Puri, Darjiling, Agra, Delhi, etc.

But I visited these places during school days so some of the places visited by my family I don't remember. But we have lots of still images albums clicked by film cameras. At that time we had no digital cameras or mobiles like nowadays, we had limited options to click images.

So I am travel-loving since childhood and love to travel to many places around the world but to date, I have not visited any abroad tourist place. Hopefully, I will visit new tourist places abroad.

My Travel Journey Begins in 2009 to Visit Tourist Places in India

My self alone travel to Indian tourist places journey starts in 2009. In 2009 I started the job search and visited many cities for interviews purpose. When I went there I also visited some of the most famous tourist places in the city. Such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Surat, Delhi, etc. During that time I visited many tourist places in India.

After getting the job and settling in one place I started to explore more the city for a locally famous tourist place near me to visit which is not known by the other people’s instead of local peoples.

My Travel Blogger Journey Begins in 2012 with TouristBug

Initially, I started a blog on Google Blogger and made a Blogspot website with touristbug.blogspot.com but later I make it a fully professional website in 2018.

I got lots of support from my genuine readers, friends, and colleges who like my posts to read and comment and also email me to review the next tourist place they also suggest me to go there.

All of the posts on my website TouristBug posted by me is actually visited by me personally then I reviewed these places and posted on my blog for your guidance.

I want to share daily new tourist place reviews with all of you but due to job and other reasons, it is not so easy for me. But whenever I got time I try to share my travel experience of the tourist place with all of you.

My Biotechnology Career Journey

I also run an educational guide website named BioTechBug, where I shared some of the Biotechnology-related information that is very useful for Biotechnology students.

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