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Shri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir Dehradun

Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road Dehradun
Shri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir Dehradun
Shri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir is a temple of Hindu Lord Shiva which is located on the Dehradun-Mussoorie Road in Uttarakhand and popularly known as Shiv Mandir on Mussoorie road. This Shiv temple has Sphatik Shivling of Lord Shiva. There are many Shiv Mandir in Dehradun but it is a special one because it is a private temple owned by an unknown owner. Due to private ownership of this Shiv temple, it is one of the visiting places in Dehradun for tourists. The temple is full of devotees during the Hindu festival Shivratri and in Sawan months.

Lord Shiva Temple with Prakasheshwar Name

This temple also unique at this point because you will not find Lord Shiva temple with this name except in Dehradun. ‘Prakasheshwar’ word is a combination of two Hindi words ‘Prakash’ and ‘Eswhar’. Prakash means ‘Light’ and ‘Eshwer’ means God. Lord Shiva has thousands of name which is mentioned in Shiv Sahastranamavali. There is a name in the Shiv Sahastranamavali for Lord Shiva, ‘Prakaashaay’ which means ‘Lord Shiva is the light of knowledge’.

Private Shiv Mandir of Dehradun

Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road Dehradun
Sphatik Shivling of Lord Shiva
This Lord Shiva temple is fully owned by an unknown owner who not disclosed his name anywhere. The whole management of the temple controlled by the private owner. There are big hoardings on which clearly mention that ‘this is a private temple so don’t donate money anywhere’. You can see this statement written in the temple in many places. Although it is a private temple, this temple is very well managed and very neat and clean with all facilitates. There is no donation box inside or outside of the temple which is very common in other temples. You can see everywhere in this Prakasheshwar Shiv Mandir a notice board with written message ‘God gives money to everyone so don’t try to give money to God’.

Free Prasad and Food for Lord Shiva Devotees

Shiv Mandir Mussoori Road
Devotees with Prashad in Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road
There are no sweets or Prasad shops for offering to Lord Shiva in Shiv temple. You can just pour water on the Shiv Ling. There are many pots and water facilities for offering water on Shivling. You will get here free tasty tea and daily different types of Prasad such as halwa, kheer, Chana and puri. There is Bhandara (Langer) also for the devotees so you can get free food also here. The Bhandara is organized daily for the Lord Shiva devotees. There is free Holy River Ganga water also available hence you can get it without paying any cost.

Gems and Jewellery Shops

Shiv Mandir Mussoori Road
Gems and Jewellery Shops in Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road
Inside the Shri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir, there are lots of Gems and Jewellery shops that give you a guarantee of originality of these gems and jewelry items. There are also shops of religious books and other items inside the temple. They offering you Zodiac stones with the 100% guarantee.

Shiv Mandir Situated at Mussoorie Road

This temple is also famous due to its location. It is situated at Dehradun- Mussoorie Road near Kuthal Gate, approximately 10 km from Dehradun city. Hence you can visit this place during going to Mussoorie or returning from Mussoorie. At this divine place, you can enjoy the cool air with a beautiful green location of Doon valley which is surrounded by hills.

TouristBug’s Recommendations
  • There are lots of Monkeys. So beware of Monkeys they can snatch any food items or costly items from your hands and can be harmful to kids.
  • Shiv Temple offering you tea but you have to clean the cup after drinking it.
  • It is a privately owned temple but you have to maintain cleanliness.
The Timing of Shiv Mandir Mussoorie Road Dehradun

This temple opens at 09:00 am in the morning and closed in the evening at 09:00 pm. Temple opens daily so when you plan to visit Mussoorie you can also visit this temple and get blessed by Lord Shiva.

How to Reach Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir

Tourists who go to Mussoorie by private or own vehicles can easily visit this beautiful place and get blessed by Lord Shiva.

From ISBT Bus Stand: It is about 8 km far away from the Dehradun ISBT Bus stand. You have to book a private cab, auto or taxi for visiting this place.

From the Railway station: The distance between Dehradun and Shri Prakasheshwar Shiv Mandir is 7 km. There is Mussoorie Bus stand near the railway station where you can get buses for going to Mussoorie. These buses can drop you there but there is no surety, these buses pick you during returning from Mussoorie. So it is better you book a private cab, taxi or auto for visiting Shiv Mandir.

From Airport: From Dehradun Airport it is about 31 km far away so it is better to take a cab, private taxi for visiting this temple.

Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir Video

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Buddha Temple Dehradun

Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun
Buddha Temple Dehradun
Buddha Temple of the Dehradun is an eminent example of Tibetan culture and Japanese art. Buddha Temple is situated in a calm and peaceful place far from the city's hustle and bustle. Buddha Temple and Mindrolling Monastery are one of the major tourist’s attractions of Dehradun which attracts not only Indian tourists but also international tourists from various countries such as Japan, China, Nepal, Shri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Tibet, etc. Tourists come here to see, the World's Largest Stupa of Lord Gautama Buddha and for learning how to live in the Buddhist way of life. Here you can see a large Buddhist community.  

History of Buddhism in India

Lord Gautama Buddha who was the founder of Buddhism born as a prince in the year 624 BC, in Lumbini near Kapilawaththu (Nepal). After married life at the age of 29, he left the palace and wandered around his kingdom. He saw people were suffering from old age and illness. He saw how peoples lie, steal and kill others for their short time happiness and desires. It had a great impact on his mind. Hence he decided to find the meaning of life.

Buddha Temple Dehradun
Tallest Statue of Lord Gautama Buddha
Under a tree of ‘Pepal’ in the forest of Gaya in Bihar, he found the truth of life. As per his saying the cause of suffering is desire and end of desire means end of suffering. So for the end of desires, you have to live your life with discipline and meditation. Then he spent his life teaching peoples and converting them into disciples. Lord Gautama Buddha died at the age of eighty and giving an order to his community to continue his work. Buddhism went to central Asia, China, Japan, Tibet and spread in many more countries of the world from India.

Buddhism History in Dehradun

After the Chinese invasion in the year 1959, Dalai Lama who is the Dharamguru of Tibet left Tibet. Shri Dalai Lama came to Dehradun and stayed in Mussoorie's Birla House from 1959 to 1960. That time a large number of Tibetans refugees came in India. Then the Tibet Home Foundation Institution has been established at Mussoorie for the orphan and Tibetan children by Spiritual Leader of Tibetan Shri Dalai Lama in November 1962. After it, they opened Tibet Home Foundation. There is a branch of Tibet Home Foundation at Rajpur in Dehradun which is Montessori School and 14 Homes for needy children. After some time school is upgraded for higher education and founded a famous study center of Shakya Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in 1972.

Buddhist temple Dehradun
A quote of Dalai Lama
Every year more than 500 "lamas" come to the Buddha temple to receive education, which is supervised by the authorities of the Buddha temple, they are given free food, lodging and clothes and other facilities in the temple. There are a green garden, tree-plantation and shopping complex around Buddha Temple. Buddhism was spread in Tibet from India, so in Tibet’s culture, religion, philosophy, art, and other things there is the influence of Indian culture.

Buddha Temple History in Dehradun

Tibetan Buddhist temple Dehradun
Modals of Stupas
After escaping from Tibet in 1963 and established in Dehradun, Tibetans community started the construction of a Buddha Temple which was completed in 1965. Buddha Temple or Buddhist Temple which is a Tibetan monastery also famous as Mindrolling Monastery. Buddha Temple is actually a replica of Monastery which is situated in Tibet. Kochen Rinpoche and some other monks for the promotion and protection of Buddhism religion and culture played the main role in the construction of a Buddha Temple in Dehradun.

Buddha Temple or Mindrolling Monastery

Buddha Temple or Mindrolling Monastery is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Dehradun. At Buddhist Mindrolling Monastery special emphasis given on the learning of Buddhist scriptures, astronomy, Traditional Tibetan medicines, Tibetan lunar calendar, calligraphy, and rhetoric. There are four Tibetan religion schools named Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Geluk. These schools are very important in the Tibetan religion. Here one of the largest Buddhist institutes in India is Ngagyur Nyingma College.

There are two parts of the Buddha Temple. The first part has a huge Gautama Buddha Statue and a second part having a stupa where Lord Buddha is worshiped. The tallest statue of Lord Buddha is 103 feet or 31 meters in height which are dedicated to the Dalai Lama who is the Spiritual Leader of Tibetan People.

Buddhist Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun
The Eight kinds of Stupas
The Buddha Temple Stupa is the largest stupa in the world and it is a great example of Buddhist art and architecture. This stupa is built in Japanese style. This stupa is surrounded by a garden spread over two acres. Beautiful art has been done on its mask. This stupa was inaugurated on October 28, 2002, for the benefit of all and world peace. The height of the Stupa is 220 feet and 100 feet in width.

The stupa has five floors in which the first three floors are full of gold paintings. These wall paintings Illustrate the Life events of Lord Buddha and painted in by using pure gold color. Each and every painting is very attractive and unbelievable. As per saying approximately 50 artists painted these wall paintings in more than three years. After seeing these beautiful wall paintings, when you move to the fourth floor of the temple there is an open platform from where you can see the very beautiful 360-degree view of the Dehradun Valley.

Buddha Temple Complex

Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun
Garden of Buddha Temple Dehradun
There are various facilities in the Buddha Temple Complex. Here you will find a very good collection of Buddhism culture, religion, literature, life, medication books in the Tibetan language which are mainly purchased by Tibetan community peoples. There is a shopping complex where you find each and everything related to Tibetan culture and Buddhism. You can enjoy many things related to the Tibetan culture at the Buddha Temple such as outfits, foods, architecture, and objects made by handicrafts, etc. There is a very big green and beautiful garden which open every day for the tourist and visitors.

Buddha Temple Place of Peace and Spirituality

Places to visit in Dehradun
Prayer wheel or Mani wheel
If you are looking for places to visit in Dehradun for a calm & peaceful place to spend your time then Buddhist Temple is the best place for you. Best place for visiting with family. Well maintained by the Tibetan community peoples. Buddha Temple is surrounded by beautiful dense forests, gardens, Stupas, Buddha statue, Tibetan shops, and Tibetan community peoples. Buddha Temple's complex atmosphere provided you mental peace. That’s why Buddha Temple is visited by thousands of national and international tourists every year.

Things to be Note
  • Inside the temple shoes and sleepers not allowed so you have to remove it before entering the temple. There is a shoe rack service for a nominal charge.
  • The parking facility is available for two and four-wheelers without any charge.
  • Temple is only open for tourists or visitors on Sundays.
  • There is no entry ticket to visit the Buddha Temple.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the temple.
The Timing of Buddha Temple visiting

During Summer
  • Morning 08:00 am to Evening at 07:00 pm
  • Lunch Break: 12:00 noon to 02:00 pm.
  • During the lunch break, Shrine Rooms closed 
During Winters
  • Morning 08:00 am to Evening at 07:00 pm
  • Lunch Break: 12:00 noon to 02:30 pm.
  • During the lunch break, Shrine Rooms closed 
How to Reach the Buddha Temple

One of the most famous tourist places to visit in Dehradun is Buddha Temple which is situated in Clement Town. Clement Town is situated on Delhi-Saharanpur which is only 4 km away from the Dehradun ISBT Bus stand.

From ISBT Bus Stand: It is only 4 km away from ISBT Dehradun where you can get a 5 No. Vikram who is going to Clement Town or you can book a taxi, cab or auto.

From the Railway station: It is 9 km far away from the Dehradun railway station so you have to book an auto taxi or cab for Buddha temple. There is no direct Bus service from the railway station to the Buddha temple.

From Airport: It is about 31 km far away from the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. So you book an auto taxi or cab for Buddha temple.

Buddha Temple, Clement Town is only 7 km from the famous clock tower of Dehradun city.

Buddha Temple Dehradun video